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  1. Yep, same here... This looks like a great and beautiful library But the searching and downloading process is very discouraging.... I hope they will change and improve this...
  2. A nice little free samplepack from Halfred for those who missed it :
  3. This sounds lovely Looking forward to hear the full version
  4. Greetings from Switzerland ! hmmm... what to say Music lover for long time... I've been DJing, producing, organizing parties and performing liveacts in the swiss psytrance scene for some years... Especially between 2002 and 2012. Some may have heard about Biolive and the Timegate event... I was one of the two original founders of Biolive... But I've quit few years later in order to focus more on making music... I've also been organizing some interesting music-making international workshops events called "Primitif-Workshop" with Vincent Le Barde (Electrypnose) and others friends.. But since 2012~2013 I started to loose some interest in psytrance dancefloor music... But for sure, i didn't wanted to stop making music... But I think I had to get away a bit form the computer.. So I started to experiment more with acoustic instruments (escpecially handpans, native flutes, kalimbas,...). And now I'm happy to mix these two worlds together in a more chillout mood (you can check some of my tracks in the "demo tracks" section) I've never been really involved in the Chillout scene, but I'm getting more and more attracted to it... And I thought this forum could be a nice place for that All the best to all of you ! Spring hugs <3
  5. Hi all First post, and happy to be here ! I wanted to share some of my more or less current works. It's quite hard for me to classify my music in any genre or style... If you can please let me know The two first songs are more acoustic oriented, with a clear inspiration from shamanic healing ceremonies... The two others are more oriented to electronic and psychedelic, while keeping some acoustic instruments elements. Well enough talk.... I hope you'll enjoy Feedbacks are more than welcome ! Love! Aslak
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