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  1. I recently finished work on mastering the new compilation album from Interchill Records, there are some real stunners on it!





    1. The Egg & Az-Ra - Orangenie
    2. Noodreem - Firebird (Rising From the Ashes of Time Dub)
    3. log(m) & Laraaji - Oregano in E Minor
    4. In the Branches + Bluetech - Behind the Sky
    5. Adham Shaikh - Into the Deep
    6. Dirtwire - Blockchain (Interchill Extended Mix)
    7. Az-Ra - Scorpion Tales
    8. Organismic - Ultrafiltration
    9. Eat Static - Elegua
    10. Sinepearl - Intertwined
    11. Stereo Hypnosis - Waiting Waves
    12. Atmosphere Factory - 11 Apsaras (Live)
    13. Kaya Project - Forgiven (Hibernation's Chilled Remix)
    14. The Heart is Awake - Re
    15. Loop Guru - The Third Chamber Part 1 - 9AM Distant Train
    16. Gus Till - Smokey Moon, Sweating Stone
    17. Wåveshåper - Autonomous Phenomena (Zaibatsu Mix)
    18. Krusseldorf - Circuit Boarding
    19. Liquid Bloom - Whispers of Our Ancestors (Erothyme Remix)
    20. Ishq - Sakura
    21. Master Margherita - Night Bird

  2. RMS is a terrible measure of perceived loudness. If you are going to "pre-level" your tracks before mixing (why not just use your ears when you do the mix, a lot more fun, no?), then it would be far better to use something like the Integrated BS.1770 measurement in LUFS, (as it takes frequency response and micro-dynamics into account), and then only when scanning the loudest sections of each track (not the whole track).

  3. Ah maybe you are right, I know Gio's been very ill the last couple of years so has maybe knocked the Makyo on the head.


    Don't know anything about a Vibration Part 3 but that would be very cool! Pad II is one of the best things I've ever been involved in, deserves to be far better known!


    Jinniyah is a totally different kettle of fish, really, but I shouldn't really say any more. These things usually take months, it may come out by end of year but no guarantees. It is absolutely stunning though, a real change of direction. :)

  4. Makyo project is not finished, AFAIK, but just wait till you hear the Jinniyah, it will blow your mind, not chilled at all though... ;)


    There was Padmasana II a couple of years back, which is my fave Gio release of all time, incredible album, but I haven't heard about plans for any more. Been lucky enough to master all the physical releases on Dakini since 2010's Drumspyder album, been an absolute pleasure.

  5. How... just how do people use rotary mixers?  


    I don't DJ, but I can't even imagine doing a live set without faders.  How do you spin a rotary encoder fast enough to DJ with?  


    That Condesa Lucia is maybe the sexiest mixer I've ever seen, but I'm amazed that people are making the encoder thing work in a live setting.   


    I've never DJd with a fader, so I have no idea how those people do it. :)


    It's actually quite easy, you chose two tracks and turn the knobs to fade and blend them, it's certainly not rocket science.


    Had the Lucia a while now, still in love!

  6. Leave it to the mastering. As long as the mix sounds great, you are working in 24 bit, and there is no clipping (digital overs) you are good to go.


    I tend to limit ambient music far less than pumping dance floor stuff.


    I bought Limitless when it came out and haven't looked back. Before that I was using Elephant for about six years, but Limitless blows it out of the water. It's much more transparent at the same gain reduction/loudness level.

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