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  1. Synphaera Records is a electronic record label focused on longevity and the quality of our artists/releases. Our first release “Æthereal Code†from Ascendant broke through and was highly acclaimed by reviewers and fans across the globe. https://synphaera.bandcamp.com/album/thereal-code Synphaera Records is seeking out new artists to become part of our 2016 lineup and beyond. We are looking for artists in the genres of electronic ambient, downtempo, and deep techno. We are currently putting together a compilation for our new artists to showcase the amazing talent Synphaera Records has to offer. If you or anyone you know would be a good fit for our label, please have them contact us directly at [email protected] Cheers and thanks! -S1gns Of L1fe & Phase47 (Synphaera Records / Ascendant)
  2. Looking forward to checking this out. Congrats on the release and thank you for posting this. Cheers and all the best, -S1gns
  3. Yes yiannis, I have to agree, this record is different than our last full length release. However, take as much time as you need! Phase47 and I like to think that we evolve with each new album...learn and continue to explore and grow. I hope you continue to find new sonic gems and special moments hidden within. Cheers, -S1gns
  4. It's almost like our own mythology as a band has mimicked our musical artistry from a technical standpoint. Working together, Phase47 and I have only become more efficient and precise as producers. Our workflow has become much more streamlined and our ability to translate our musical ambitions through our releases has only gotten better. Proud of our new record and equally excited to bring forth our new record label, Synphaera Records, into the psybient arena. Nothing but good things coming from us! Stay tuned.
  5. Greetings everyone, I thought I would give a proper introduction and not steal any of the spotlight from my partner Phase47 on his thread. My name is Chris, and I'm one half of Ascendant. My earlier work was created under the name S1gns Of L1fe which I still keep as a personal moniker. These days though I'm 100% Ascendant. Along with producing, I'm also owner of the forum Ambient Online (www.ambientonline.org). To my knowledge, we are one of the largest forums out there dedicated to ambient music and it's producers. We have the most friendly and welcoming community I have ever seen so stop by sometime and check it out! I also host the podcast (The Ambient Online Podcast) where I interview a new artist every other week and feature music from the community. You can check out the archives on my SoundCloud page. Really excited to be here and continue the journey with all of you on the psybient forums. Cheers and see you around! -S1gns
  6. Phase47 and S1gns Of L1fe have entered the building!
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