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  1. Hey folks, The new ambientsketchbook record is available for download now.
  2. The new ASb record delves deep into contemporary social and political upheaval, exploring increased alienation, global warming, screen addiction and the burgeoning encroachment of social media into our daily lives. It emerges simmering with tension, tracing slow-burn builds and searching for a still point at the centre of the chaos. Encompassing glitching electronica, pure ambience, tense post-rock and several more unusual genre diversions, ASb Goes Dark surfs a black tide of dense guitar distortion which ebbs and flows throughout its 12 tracks. Dive in here:
  3. Hey all, hope you all enjoyed the excellent new Ambient Online compilation (https://ambientonline.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-online-compilation-volume-9-part-one). I am honoured that the track produced by Ontol and I opened the album. In fact our collaboration worked so well that we ended up making an album. We took some of the material from my recent album The Expanse as a base and built and twisted some beautiful new structures from there. Check it out; name your price as always. Happy listening!
  4. Hey all, The new ASb album is out now on Bandcamp. Name your price. Happy listening! Lee
  5. Hey all, my new EP is available now. It features three beautiful, drifting ambient guitar tracks. Check it out!
  6. Hey all, my new album is available on Bandcamp now. Name your price while my free download credits last (which won't be long!) and spread the word if you like what you hear! Thanks for listening. Lee
  7. Hi all, The new ambientsketchbook album is out now. Check it out below, name your price, spread the word. Thanks for listening. Lee
  8. Hi all, For those whose tastes drift towards the post-rock/prog/metal fringes of the ambient spectrum, here is my latest project. Name your price, share and spread the word. Happy listening!
  9. Hey all, I have just released a compilation of some of my favourite ambientsketchbook tracks. Name your price. Also check out an interview I did with highwiredaze.com: http://highwiredaze.com/the-beautifully-strange-music-of-ambientsketchbook Cheers, Lee
  10. Hi everyone, My new ambientsketchbook record features 14 tracks of blissful ambient guitar. Name your price and lose yourself in 'This Beautiful Machine'.
  11. Hi all, The new ambientsketchbook album, 'Magick' was released 9th October 2015. In less than 24 hours it became one of the most downloaded albums in the ASb canon. Check it out here and name your price:
  12. Hello all, My new record, 'Their Voices Like The Ocean' is available now on Bandcamp. Name your price while free download credits last. It's my most song-oriented release to date, blending shoegaze, ambient, post-rock and electronic influences with washes of vocal experimentation. Enjoy, download, spread the word. Thanks for listening! Lee https://soundcloud.com/ambientsketchbook https://ambientsketchbook.bandcamp.com/
  13. Hello everyone, My new album Flow is available now from my Bandcamp page. Name your price. Listen, download, spread the word. Enjoy! Thanks, Lee
  14. Hi everyone, I have recently released an experimental new EP entitled 'Equals'. It features six tracks laced with and partially constructed from found sounds and ASMR recordings, and has an increased vocal presence. It is available from my Bandcamp page. Hope you like it. Lee
  15. Hello all, I have released a compilation focusing on ambientsketchbook albums 6 through 10, entitled 'Phase 2: Serenity to Building Bridges'. Check it out here: Thanks! Lee
  16. Hi all, The latest album from ambientsketchbook is out now on Bandcamp. It's called 'Frontiers'. Check it out below! Thanks Lee
  17. Hi all, I have just released two EP's of ambient guitar drones. The first, 'Ones & Zeroes', showcases four slightly longer, dreamier tracks while 'Revelations' features five shorter, more varied pieces. Check them out here: https://ambientsketchbook.bandcamp.com/. Thanks to all who have a listen:
  18. Hey all, My new album Celestial is out now on Bandcamp. Name your price here (free download credits are diminishing rapidly though!). Two hours of new music; 20 tracks of melancholy, textured ambient across two volumes. Thanks to all who check it out. Lee
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