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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for the recommendations! Unfortunately most all of that is still not what I'm looking for - The recommendations I see above are are more in the IDM type of mechanized sound - these remind me of Autechre and artists like that - interesting music, but not what I'm after.. Those albums don't have the awesome psytrance/psychill type melodies - they are more the glitchy, IDM type of dark robotic sound. I'm looking for the magical mystical psytrance/psychill sound - but dark and robotic.. Basically, what I'm looking for is music that follows the psychill formula - spiraling psychedelic melodies and so forth - but instead of being made out of organic and ethnic sounds, the sound palette would be dark and mechanical sounding. Take a track like X-Dream "OScillator" or Hux Flux "Calculus" and turn it into a psychill track, and that is more what I'm looking for.. Hope that makes sense!
  2. Hi there! By "robotic" I mean lots of weird mechanical noises and melodies like you find in the minimal, progressive, and tech side of psytrance - soundscapes that are not made of the organic natural sounds - have you heard anything by the psytrance Kindzadza? There is a lot of psytrance that sounds like this - but never do I hear downtempo like it.. I'm hoping someone makes dark, cyborg, sci-fi, super trippy downtempo.. Doesn't even have to be that dark - just way more mechanized sounding... Realistically, there is no reason one should automatically add in a bunch of fluted and flowery organic sounds just because they are making psychedelic downtempo music..
  3. As a longtime psychill/psybient listener I find that these albums mostly all fall into 2 categories: 1. The ethnic neo-hippy type music of Shpongle, Ott, Entheogenic, etc 2. The dignified spacy music such as: anything on the Ultimae label - Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Asura, etc. So, why are there no artists that make downtempo albums which are full of dark robotic compurized sounding soundscapes? Basically, imagine a psytrance album by Hux Flux, Sensient, X-Dream, or Krumelur - and now turn that into a downtempo album - I feel like the scene needs something like this and am surprised that I've never an album like it.. I have heard some tracks here and there which have that sound - Beat Bizarre "Booger Launcher", Beat Bizarre "Slowpoke Pinoke", Atmos - "Scientific Coverup" - but these are few and far between.. I would love to hear a downtempo version of something like the psytrance album by Hux Flux - "Cryptic Crunch" - but when Hux Flux did their downtempo side project "Illuminus" it was just the flowery hippy ethnochill stuff that everyone else does (very good album though in that genre).. Thoughts on this?
  4. Great, thanks! Here are some from this time period that I can highly recommend: Living Light - "Ecliptic Visions" Rukirek - "Ascending to the Stars" Illuminus - "Sweep Dreams" Ishome - "Confession" Galaxy - "Everlasting Tone" Sundial Aeon - "Analysis" Tengri - "Icaros"
  5. Hey all! First post here - I've been a psytrance/psychill fan since the late 1990's, though the past few years I have been out of the loop - I would like some recommendations of albums that you think are fantastic. This can be any sort of downtempo album - psychill of course, but also ethnic, instrumental, dubstep, chanting, ambient, etc. What are the classics of these past few years? thanks!
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