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  1. Definitely, Johnny! I'm super into the approach used by people like Taylor Deupree. 


    My plan, though it's progressing waaaay slower than I first thought, is to make a rack centered around the Phonogene or some equivalent module. Tape recorder madness! I've got PCB's and panels to make most of the Mutable modules and rails for a DIY case. I just need time and peace of mind to actually DO all of it. I've access to all facillities including laser cutting for the case at my university, but the studies are taking up all my time and energy.... soo, maybe after the summer holidays I'll get some soldering done.

  2. eh, I guess next year the >5 releases for the year rule for listing labels should be thrown out and just list all the labels that had at least one release during the year.


    edit: although even that wouldn't work for Interchill since they didn't have a release in 2016, are you suggesting that every psybient label ever should be listed?

    My bad. Didn't remember that they were hibernating during 2016 (release-wise, anyway).

  3. I saw Yaniv DJ at S.U.N. Festival in 2013, so at least he still does that. Or used to, anyway. Not sure if he does it anymore.


    Shulman is also one of my favourite artists. Really hope he/they make a comeback at some point. And also Aleph Zero, naturally. They did some really sweet music and sounded different than most other labels out there. 

  4. The problem of timing is, as mentioned before in the thread, probably the most important thing addressed yet. I, too, lose interest if artists just spew out new tracks all the time (with very few exceptions, Ishq being one them).

    That said, I also prefer the album format over EPs, though I'm not one to shy away if the EP in question is of high quality. As a general rule I think more thought and deliberation is put into an album. It's easier to create fascinating and coherent journey over 10 tracks than over four. It's simply not enough to tell a full story.

    Not having written either EP or album this is of course only based on assumptions and observations :) 

  5. For me it's all the same. Psychedelic downtempo in various forms and guises. Sure, artists go in different directions, but if we had to give each label their own genre (as it sometimes go these days) it would be way too much hassle.


    I guess it comes down to what you consider psychedelic. For me it's the experimental quality to it and the emotions it awakens in me. Just because you use the tried and tested womps and squelches does not make it psychedelic to me.


    I usually just use umbrella terms like ambient or chillout, though. Especially if I speak with people that are not as into this kind of music as many of us on this forum are.

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