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  1. That makes sense, since Connect.Ohm is Cell and Hybrid Leisureland Most of the Ultimae catalogue would probably fall in your taste, beachmaster. Maybe 36 would be up your alley as well. http://3six.net/music Maybe Lauge & Baba Gnohm as well? They also have that slightly cold, northern vibe to their tracks. And if you're into deeper ambient then Ishq and Sinepearl are pretty solid artists.
  2. Check out the people from Sunday morning (last couple of names on Saturday). That's when the video was shot. Maybe it was one of their own tracks, if you're lucky.
  3. Pads are pretty much the trademark of ambient but there are million-billion ways of making them. I often find myself struggling to make something that fills the mix and evolves over time. How do you guys go about it? So yeah, general pad discussion is open for business!
  4. That's actually pretty neat. I totally forgot they could do that. I'll have to check that out next time I play with one of those
  5. Have you tried downloading another copy to see if that fixes the problem? Maybe your unzipper fucked up somewhere along the way in a way that Traktor doesn't like?
  6. One of the biggest drawbacks for iPad DJing for me is the inability to use FLAC files, since Apple don't support it on any of their devices. My whole collection of files are in FLAC.
  7. Even though the S4 is getting old it still does the job pretty well. It does everything I'd want a controller to do with regards to 4-deck mixing, but I wouldn't want to drag it around to gigs out of country. Locally, sure, but that's about the extent I'd use it to. I've considered two X1's for 4-deck mixing but would need an audio interface with 8 outs and they don't grow on trees if you don't want it to break the bank.
  8. I use the same set. It really doesn't get simpler.
  9. Definitely! Once I get around to actually writing something again I'll pester him for those impulses. I either seem to never have the time or the creativity these days. Hopefully that won't last forever, though
  10. If those are free to distribute, would you mind sharing them? Eventide makes the prettiest sounding verbs!
  11. A mix I made recently. Diving into jazz and experimental tunes. Tracklist on soundcloud
  12. Ultimae Records is missing under "label of the year"
  13. Good tips! Will remember all that (I hope!)
  14. Heh. I think that's the first time I've been called that. And no, that's not what I said. Don't twist my words. I was referring to the punters. At least in Europe the scene is "dominated" by white people. Can't speak for other places, since I haven't been there, but from what I've seen in pictures of the American festivals it's a bit of the same, though more commercialized. Also, comparing turntablism to mixing ambient is like comparing apples and bananas. Doesn't make sense. The goal of turntablism is to showcase technical skill and blend snippets from tracks very rapidly. If you did that with ambient it would be absolutely horrendous. There the goal is to make the transitions as smooth and un-noticable as possible. It's two completely different schools of DJing. One doesn't hold higher merits than the other.
  15. Yes. The psy-culture, be it psybient or psytrance, is a very "white" thing in general. However, I don't think there's even a grain of racism to that. More of a peculiar happenstance. Apparently, many thin, white people drift towards this kind of music. More so than other people do, it seems. By your logic we could make the psy-scene a fat-shaming community since there aren't a lot of overweight people present at events either. I agree with yiannis. This whole idea is so far out. I joined the psychedelic community for the music and as long as people treat each other well I couldn't care less about 1) the colour of their skin, 2) where they are from, 3) what culture they come from. It's not like people in the scene are unwelcoming to people of colour different than their own. They can join us and have a blast if they want to. Thing is, evidently they don't and there's nothing wrong with that.
  16. I think Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians deserves an honorable mention. Made in 1978 and completely blew my mind when I heard it for the first time. Since then he has remained as one of my favourite composers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCkd46hcRag
  17. Boom festival is hands down my favourite. Their bookers really know what to look for with regards to forward thinking alternative music. Both at the chillout dome and the alchemy circle. The main stage is just the same semi-crappy psytrance as all the other festivals. And as Gagarin says, Ambiosonic is such a nice festival. Very small but very friendly vibe.
  18. I believe ambient will be my go-to genre for many years to come. I feel like I'm drifting deeper into beatless and experimental territory as time passes.
  19. Various stuff from Porya Hatami. Got a lot of his stuff recently. I think his 40% summer sale is still going. Code is "poryasale" noise.poryahatami.com/music
  20. I've given it a few more listens and can now thankfully see beyond my disappointment. There's still elements of some of the tracks (and some whole tracks) that I dislike, but I'm warming up to it. It's not his best and definitely not the best album of the year, but it's decent.
  21. I'm honestly not feeling it. Have given it a few spins by now and it just doesn't captivate me. I probably went into it with too high expectations but it doesn't even come close to the epicness and coherency (is that even a word?) that Mir had.
  22. Listening to the new Sysyphe album, The Cities of Silver Trees . Trying to decide if I like it or not.
  23. Paul, just a kind suggestion. Do not play MP3's. Always go with lossless formats when you're playing out. There may not be a difference at home, but there sure is one once you get a sufficiently big sound system.
  24. I agree with the above poster. I'd much rather have an artist experiment instead of doing the same sound for 10 years. If you know exactly what you're gonna get, whats the point? I want music to push my boundaries and make me think. On that note, I'm also moving in a more experimental way sound-wise at the moment, I think. I've been listening to and playing a lot of pretty "easy" psychill the last couple of years. Now's the time to get messy!
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