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  1. I use Valhalla's reverb plugins. They're pretty good, but I would have loved to have bought Eventide's Ultrareverb back when it came out and was affordable. Don't have a specific workflow with it yet. Depends on a lot of things.
  2. Have a good one out in the analogue world, Floyd!
  3. It means she buys a lot of records from them Also, hi Manny! Good to have you here.
  4. I know your struggle. I try, I really try not to let mine grow out of proportion. Still it's way larger than I'm ever going to buy all of them.
  5. Welcome to the board, Angela. Good to have you here! And interesting profession. I've been considering doing something like that lately.
  6. Purdy is southern american (texas and such) slang for pretty, yeah I'd go for the original as well. The remastered one didn't sit right with me. Would have preferred a rerelease instead of a remaster.
  7. I'm on Mackie MR5 MkII. Cheap low-end monitors but I like the sound. Isn't worth investing in expensive monitors with the room I'm in. The accoustics are shit and I dont have the space to fix it, but I'm content as it is right now
  8. Nope. Unfortunately not. As far I know he's working on his master's thesis or something like that. Something educationey anyway.
  9. I know I was the last to post in here, but I just had a set of mine recorded this weekend (thank god for DJM350 mixers!). It's from a small farm north of Copenhagen where I go every year to kickstart to the summer. They throw the most amazing, low-key parties with the greatest hippie spirit.
  10. Wish I was going. Finally a festival has chill as the main stage.
  11. Sounds like a lovely plan, Yuri. And financially I think you're being realistic. At least if you have to book venues yourself. The way I do it here in Copenhagen is that I found a place (international student's cafe) that was interested in the cultural aspect of doing an ambient night. They let me have a saturday every month or two (providing it didn't cost them too much money) and I could book for around £200 a night. Not a lot, but enough to give the musicians a little beer money. Also allowed me to hire a deco team and a visual artists if I wanted. I definitely think I was lucky on that one as I have no money of my own in the pot, but then again, if there's a profit I won't see a dime of it.
  12. Gotta agree on that, Yuri. Pretty neat album. However, it was released on April 30th and not last week
  13. Welcome to the forum, Nicolas. See you at Ambiosonic!
  14. We just had our latest mix uploaded and hosted by Iboga Records Check it out. It just broke 1000 plays in less than 24 hours. Will post tracklist another time (going out the door now). I did the artwork myself. Just started messing around with photoshop. https://soundcloud.com/ibogaemok/monsterhed
  15. Another Fine Day all the way! One of the best, if not THE best, album of this year so far.
  16. That's an old Virus A (not plugged in or anything). The other is a Nord Lead 1. I started out in virtual analog (digital) synths. Now I'm considering adding an analogue monosynth to the setup. Maybe a Korg MS-20 Mini.
  17. So I cleaned up and got myself a stand for the Nord. It's a small setup, but it works. PS: It's not a fucked up panorama. Just two pictures because it wouldnt fit in one.
  18. Sounds nice, floyd Good with some quiet every now and than. I'm rocking on my chair listening to an old Bluetech track and remembering why I like him so much. Dreamtime Lullaby is absolutely one my favourites of his.
  19. It's a studio in England with space shopped into the windows Normally has a beautiful view of a little lake and trees.
  20. Starting my morning with the new album from Another Fine Day called A Good Place to Be, courtesy of Interchill Records. Quality stuff! Should be released next week I think.
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