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  1. I would share my space but it's really messy right now and I still need a stand for my Nord. I just moved so everything isn't in its right place yet. Will post once I get my shit together
  2. For home listening I use B&W P5 right now. Really nice sound, imo. They are closed which makes them good for using during transportation (that's also where I use them most). I'll agree with the above post, though. For live Sennheiser HD25 seems the way to go and studio Beyerdynamics seem nice. Good price and good sound.
  3. I'm rediscovering Ishq - Orchid tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1p_vwGuOgY
  4. I always enjoy Master Moreno's work and this album is no exception.
  5. One of the best acts I've witnessed was Dirty Hippy & Evil Oil Man at Boom last summer. Those two guys rocked the floor so hard I couldn't believe it. Perfect mix of uptempo and downtempo tunes making it one of the accomplished live sets I've ever heard. Other than that Master Margherita's live set from the same night was really good as well. Both sets stand to me as totally next level dancefloor music. A runner up and possible shared first place goes to Carbon Based Lifeforms a couple of years ago at a little farm in my home town. Pure bliss from the two Swedes. They returned to the farm last year (with Solar Fields as well) where my partner and I had the pleasure of warming up for the two acts.
  6. I guess I should do an introduction as well. It's about time. I'm Mikkel, born and raised in Denmark, now living in Copenhagen where I try to promote the (non-existing) ambient culture. So far it's moving forward, although slowly. I am also one half of the Mønsterhed duo. As of right now we do DJ sets with all kinds of chilled music and my partner is a skilled VJ and content creator for his medium, so we're looking to branch into audio-visual performances when I can pull myself together and make some music for it. My connection to the site is that I sometimes help out behind the scenes on Psybient, doing proofreeding of the larger posts and also published a couple of interviews through the site (those with Easily Embarrassed and Carbon Based Lifeforms). I've been here on the forum from the start, so to say. Ambient has been my preferred style of music for a handful of years now. I think I stumbled upon CBL in 2009 or 2010 and I was hooked from there. Since then my taste has evolved into more beatless terrain, favoring stuff like Matt Hillier's work and the output of 12k Music. However, I still have a fondness of Ultimae and the like Hope to make some good friends on here.
  7. Beatport is in my opinion one of the shittiest platforms. Overpriced, only 50% goes to artists/labels. Stopped shopping there many years ago. However, that is irrelevant to the topic. In any case I agree with many of the points made in the article posted by Gagarin (this one: http://kernelmag.dailydot.com/issue-sections/staff-editorials/12136/spotify-royalty-payment-model/ )
  8. Dont forget Lost Theory. Also in August. I think I'm going to be around for that.
  9. Unless of course you have the key locked Which then again is only viable within a certain pitch range before artifacts start to appear
  10. I do somewhat disagree, yannis. Not that that's a bad thing. We all have our preferences I like that it for me is blank canvas to project whatever I'm feeling onto. I always shy away from vocals or music that "wants" me to feel something specific. If it's well enough made I will feel whatever the artist intended without it feeling forced, if you catch my drift. These days I also tend to go for less psy stuff and more "classical" ambient, like the output of Taylor Deupree, Virtual and Ishq and some of what A Strangely Isolated Place puts out. I used to be into whomps and wobbles in chill, but that doesn't really speak to me anymore. These days I'm all about flowing soundscapes and strange (sometimes hypnotic, something upbeat) rhythmic patterns. Some of the things I like about chillout stages, though, are a completely different thing. To me chillout stages are almost living entities in themselves in the sense that they change over the course of a festival and even across the span of a day. A chill stage can be a vastly different experience at night than it is in the afternoon. The vast variation is absolutely key to a well constructed chillout environment. You've got to have the stuff to make you dance your feet off, the stuff to mellow out to and the deep and intropective "sleepy" sounding sets. And not only in music does a stage change, but many times also physically. I remember the SUN chill stage (first year) being made of hay that was slowly rearanged and spread out over the course the week. That's why it to me resembles a living, breathing being.
  11. I can only advise against comparing youtube videos. Many of them are just 440 hz tracks pitched down to make 440 into 432, thus scewing the the whole musical spectrum since it's logarithmic, not linear. You need to compare two tracks that are recorded at 440 and 432, and make god damn sure that they are.
  12. Im pretty down with the Best of release by Fingers In The Noise. Been getting into dubtechno lately.
  13. I use Traktors inbuilt key detector. I know it's not 100% accurate, but it certainly beats not having key signatures on my tracks.
  14. I read a really nice post on this subject the other day, however now I cant seem to find it. Basically the whole "432 is more alligned with the universe" is absolute bollocks. It's about arbitrary frequencies of tuning. As long as you follow the tuning, i.e. A3 is 440, A4 is 880 and so forth, it doesnt matter which frequency you choose as long as you're consistent. I'll see if I can dig it up somewhere.
  15. Hey guys. So a few weeks ago I recorded a new thing. Finally got it uploaded a few days ago. Thought I'd throw it in here as well. It's a lot of deep ambient stuff.
  16. Probably around 2009-2010, I think. Random stumbled upon CBL and was sold instantly.
  17. Connect.Ohm - 9980 Sync24 - Comfortable Void All the CBL releases
  18. Loss was nice. Heard it the other day at work. Hard to believe it's single take recorded and only around 4 instruments/effects used.
  19. Just a Traktor Audio 2. Very simple setup, perfect for traveling (which I don't really do any of, but aaaanyway). I'm sort of looking to have it replaced by an S4 if I can find one for good money. Or another X1 and a soundcard with two more stereo channels. Audio 4 DJ for example.
  20. I'm working in Live and have been since I started for real last year. I was toying around with FL Studio back when I was a small teenager, but it never really stuck with me. What about Bitwig? Just throwing it into the discussion here. It seems to have the best features of Live and some of the others in a neatly designed package. And it's so pretty.
  21. For now we use a Traktor Kontrol X1 MkII and external soundcard when playing out. It's perfectly and it's VERY transportable which is a plus. Only two things I miss is two extra channels and tempo control, however the extra channels would only be necessary when playing dancing music.
  22. Nah, never. I make sure to keep the records at the same gain when recording the mix. The tunes are already mastered. No need to twiddle with that.
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