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  1. EP | NIK MAR | TECHNIK - 01. Technik (Downtempo) - 135 BPM 02. Technik (Electro Trance) - 135 BPM - All tracks W & P: Niko Marantidis Mastered & Cover design: Pupsidelic Media Label: Pupsidelic Media Genre: Downtempo, Electro Trance Releases: January 16, 2018 - DOWNLOAD https://pupsidelicmedia.bandcamp.com/album/e-p-technik
  2. Welcome to Pupsidelic Media Here you can find music from projects Nik Mar and Pupsidelic. I also present several services i can provide you with. Thank you all for your love and support! More is coming, so stay tuned.. www.pupsidelic-media.com !! Support if you enjoy !!
  3. !! OUT NOW !! NIK MAR - Milky Way - E.P. Nik Mar is proud to present you with his 3rd EP. Listen to the Frequencies from Another World and experience a Fantastic Voyage into the Beautiful Space. It’s now time to close your eyes, soothe your soul and senses and connect to the universe and to each other! After all, we’re all children of the Milky Way.. 01. Milky way 02. Frequencies from another world 03. Beautiful space (Part2) 04. Fantastic voyage Mastered & Cover design: Pupsidelic Media Label: Pupsidelic Media Genre: Chill Out, Downtempo Release Data: 27.01.2017 Free Download https://pupsidelicmedia.bandcamp.com
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