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  1. Hi Gagarin Thank you for asking. It took me three month to produce Insomnia. On Insomnia I had the idea to work on different tracks simultaneously. That's why to make those tracks more coherent to each other. Normally I produce a track and when it's finished I release it on soundcloud and then I start with another and so one. This time I wanted to start some kind of a concept EP. I began to create the concept with the harmonics. I knew it's going to be a four track EP. So for the first track I said it will be on f-minor, the second one in g-minor the third one in a- or on e-minor. The fourth should be in whatever. The other idea was to use different tempos: 80, 100, 120 and 140 bpm (in the end it became different, but that was the idea behind). So I started with the first track, just the beat and the bass and then the second track beat and bass and then the third and the last track with beat and bass. Then I went back, start with the harmonic structures, melodies and fx and then to the second one and so one ... back and forth, back and forth ... In the beginning it was hard because of two reasons: First reason was the DAW: Normally I work with Reason but I wanted to change to another DAW because you're so limited in Reason. I started to go with logic X and that was really hard in the beginning. Everything was so different. All these new plugins ... I was very confused, couldn't work like I was used in Reason. It took me many hours to get into logic but after a while ... it worked perfectly for me. The other reason was the amount of tracks ... If you work on four tracks on the same time with different harmonies and styles you really get confused. The more I worked on the tracks the better I felt and the more I get used to that kind of working. Also strange was, that I had no feedbacks on the tracks. I didn't know if they are gonna be okay because I didn't want to show them on soundcloud before the whole EP was finished. So I started to ask some people if I'm on the right path. I asked for example Floyd or Itza Dragon, Twin Shape. They really gave me very good advices. A very important aspect this time was the mixing. I really wanted to mix the best way it was possible. I had the idea of a crystal clear very well defined sound cosmos. So I did a lot of research on mixing and tried to focus on a good mix. I knew it's going to be glitchy but the main focus was on the harmonies and melodies. I use glitch as an element behind the melody structures. I'm always searching for good melodies. This time I didn't want to use too much voices like I did on my last EP Aurora. Less chants and less oriental influences was also in the concept. In the middle of the working process (I work mostly during the night) I had the idea of that "Insomnia" thing. I mean ... we are Insomnia ... we like it to be staying awake all night long ... So I started to tell some kind of a story: Insomnia: The track starts with birds, you hear nature sounds ... but after a while it is dark, you hear an owl or a coot, the sound of the night ... it's a dance oriented track which describes our nightlife ... we cannot sleep, we are restless ... and we like it ... Salvation: Salvation starts with a pure psydub part, we're still awake but ... we're tired, we lay down ... and finally ... we find sleep. We find Salvation ... the style is now different ... Morpheus: Morpheus is the greek god of dreams. Morpheus is written like a dream. Dreams are very changeable ... you are there and in a second you're somewhere else ... everything so fluent in our dreams ... I've tried to put that all in this track. Tomoshibi: is another word for "light" in japanese. Tomoshibi is the awakening track ... So that's the journey of EP: Insomnia, falling asleep, dreaming, awakening ... tata! Enjoy ... Martins Garden
  2. Artist: Martins Garden EP: INSOMNIA Style tags: dub, psybient, psydub Year: 2015 Label: self-released Official URL: https://soundcloud.com/martinsgarden
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