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  1. This was more of a sound design experiment for me, I made all the sounds from scratch using only native Bitwig plugins. Learned alot. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Really gotta get in to being more active on these forums, I love this place. So I guess this is a good start. Recorded at The Railway Hotel in Brunswick, Melbourne, this was the warm up set before Nanosphere. Kept it around 85-90bpm. Snuck one of my own tracks in as well.
  3. I absolutely love bitwig! Made the switch from ableton about 6 months ago and haven't looked back. Switch was near seamless and I feel that bitwig has such a better workflow, especially when you like to bounce out midi and manipulate the audio. Very happy with it
  4. Its been a long 2 years since we last heard from Bluetech. Interested to get peoples thoughts on the new EP?
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