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  1. On the festivals we usually have two stages: psytrance and chillout. With my friends we don't usually use neither psychill nor psybient. We say "chill music" or "chillout" and only throw in "ambient" if something's really slow (most of the time beatless but with few exceptions) but it's equally descriptive as "dub", "oriental" or "bass". So yeah, for me, psybient is de facto a sub-genre of psychill music. And that's how it goes around in the world, with few exceptions, of course. I haven't met a DJ that focuses solely on strictly beatless and ambient music but some of us do play ambient sets once in a while.
  2. Yeah, what you are looking for is more similar to dark ambient / experimental industrial music. Something like Coil, Nurse with Wound or Deutch Nepal. It was my first choice for *the* psychedelic music. I don't want to go off topic too much but there are more then two styles of music that you've mentioned. As a DJ I'm promoting lesser known world/tribal fusion music from the psychedelic scene. Adham Shaikh, Makyo, Suns of Arqa and stuff like that. Also, Ganga Giri and Highlight Tribe although those are faster. The defining feature is mixing psytrance/psychill-specific sounds with live instruments (or samples of those) making a very interesting blend of sounds. Man, people go crazy when I play this music and there are not that many DJs promoting that sort of music. I don't know why. It's much more accessible to casual listeners and it's a great introduction to the sound of XXI Century psychedelia. Having said that, I was pondering on the same question. Why there's not that many darkish psybient? Probably because of the function on the scene (resting after tripping hard on the main floor) and the fact that artists travel a lot and tend to blend music from their travels into their projects. A lot of good music comes from Asia and people sit around temples, meditate and get inspired by oriental sound. More darkish albums from the psy-fusion genre would be Suns of Arqa - Sacred Sacred (especially second half of the album) or something like Dubsahara - Genosis. Check it if you don't mind oriental flavour. Being on the scene for some time now, I'm pretty sure that sooner or later some talented person is going to try making something you are asking for. If it's going to be good, then it may be another "big thing". Patience! And keep asking
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