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  1. Hi, There are so many releases nowadays, so I might missed some. Can you please recommend me some good Harmonical beatless Ambient (harmonical meaning not a drone type, but something involving that creates a blissful texture of harmony). For instance, my recent favorites albums are: 36 - Black Soma Motionfield - The Passage Off Land - Pathways So if you can advise me something from that field or something special, I'd be appreciated.
  2. unfortunately not, I checked that one as well...
  3. Thank you, timeisart, for sharing such a nice album. But unfortunately that's not what I was looking for. It was truly influenced by ethnic instruments and possibly singing.
  4. uh thanks. I know all these albums, unfortunately that's not what I was looking for. Maybe that is "Koan - Retrospective Tapes: Crow Dancer (1993​-​1995 Selected Works)", but it doesn't sound like I remember it.
  5. 1. True. Still there are rarely 3 albums per week which worth listening (no offense producers, we all have bad days (albums)). Some weeks there are 5, but what are the odds that album was unnoticed during the week poll and get to the top during year poll? You have to admit, nearly zero. Maybe you can add them "underneath the mat", if one thinks an unnoticed album should get more attention, he can always get it from there. Just pondering over... 2. Unfortunately, you are right here as well. Moreover, this will never be fair as some artists have fan base and some don't (some more, some less). Even if the one who doesn't better than the one who does, he will lose anyway. And I don't even mention the level of shyness, promotion, media and luck factors. So how to find the most fair balance? My answer: Jury. Unbiased musicians or DJs, who know psybient well enough, running shows, supporting community, etc... like you are! Jury, whose opinion people can trust. This will resolve many problems and justice will be served. Yuri, I'm always happy to help. Just consider what I said above first, maybe there's another workaround.
  6. My two cents. We can nominate only those artists, who were in top 3 of the week poll, as there are a lot of irrelevant to psybient albums in week releases. This will significantly decrease the total number of albums (last year it was a nightmare), and increase the effectiveness of the poll. The second cent, I don't really understand the purpose of contacting artists, even you accept that it may lead to unfair competition from various artists. Maybe it's worth notifying them once it's completed? Present them with a fait accompli, so to speak.
  7. Hi Friends, This summer (or spring or autumn, I don't remember as everything looks the same to me these days) I listened to the album with a name of... I can't recall now. I put it aside, but completely forgot about it and now it's a burden in my mind. It was among releases in one of the psybient.org news week. I will be really appreciated, if you can help me to find it. It was mostly beatless ambient album, available on bandcamp, influenced by ethnic instruments and sounds. It's not Koan or rigzin. It was quite long. That's all I remember unfortunately.
  8. Well, t's complicated. For him, yes, I think that's enough. For his professional career, I wouldn't be so positive. For us, it's a sad day. Maybe it's a sign of Déformation professionnelle, so to speak. Anyway, I think his future releases will show us the true path he chose. You are right, this is my personal opinion, don't spread it out
  9. I know, disappointments come from frustrated hopes, but this is not the case. I haven't expected his album and it occurred from nowhere. Due to huge amount of releases nowadays I don't expect much from them, I just give them a listen, like I did to Fairchildren. Well honestly, I did expect something good from it, based on my previous experience with this artist. I would say, he unwittingly set a pretty high standards for himself and others by releasing high quality albums in the past. Though I appreciate the time his spent producing this album, it doesn't prove anything. Any artist knows, it doesn't matter how much time you spent making something, if it's bad, it will remain bad. I've recently been working on a track, I nearly spent 2 months and realized that it's just not groovy. It's well mixed, all sounds are neat, it has a good master at premixdown stage, but it's not groovy. And you ask yourself, you spent 2 months trying to polish what should have abandoned in the first place, do you really want to release it, do you want to throw away your precious time? It's difficult to accept this, but I wouldn't release it, because I know what will be the outcome, it's going to be just another track like billion others. I don't know whether it was the same scenario with Ott, I really don't know, but it might. Because everybody can see and hear that album is done professionally, everything is just perfect, but it's just not groovy to me.
  10. I didn't like Ott's latest album either. He's either burned out as an artist or had a bad luck moment (I wonder why all tracks in the album are so average in this case). Well his response is honest, I respect that, but it doesn't make his album any better.
  11. Artist: Wolfen Technologies Album: Golden Fractals Released: 30 November 2014 Though this album was listed in the psybient.org week news, it requires a certain attention. Please, have a listen to these easy going psyhop tracks, you won't regret it
  12. Such a lovely release. Northwinds is really something special.
  13. I personally don't master mixes, however I modify some missing frequencies and volumes of the tracks. Some labels still prefer to stick "more volume - more density" rule, that's why it's always a headache dealing with those kind of tunes. By the way, a plug-in Gagarin mentioned before (that normalizes volume level for all tracks) called Platinum Notes.
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