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  1. I was wrong that days, I had badly thought that 8 audio tracks will not be enough This device is absolutely awesome! Doing some lo fi psychedelic midtempo on it:
  2. I was always jealous of my colleges having impressive amounts of layers. Now I don't care, if maximum sixteen sounds good, why should I force myself to have 32+?
  3. It could be a small chance for the beginners like me that are not connected with any label to show myself to the world. I am into it!
  4. check it, complete Artemis storyline, learn glyphs, learn how to use portal and we will be able to make a meeting somewhere there
  5. Live from the Uroczysko Festival based in southwestern Poland
  6. anyway, after one year from game release No Man's Sky get 1.31 patch called Atlas Rises. check this out, because it is awesome: https://youtu.be/5328iuzHw-w
  7. you are doing everything right, there is something wrong with the page. if you will remove 's' from https:// in browser and not change rest of the address the videos from youtube will be visible. you might be also interested in this game, it's called Everything and you can be everything there: from bacterias to entire galaxy, and you can flow free through the levels of reality. You can also hear what different things want to tell you, or listen Allan Watts quotes hidden everywhere. Have fun, and remember to remove 's'
  8. couple of my photos here: https://johnnymandrake.imgur.com/all/
  9. yes, after Foundation update you can build bases on the planets (exactly: colonize small existing one and build buildings, make side quests, start farming etc). after Path Finder update you can also have the exocrafts, buy/repair another ships and collect (and after that you can use them depends on purpose you wish). They are updating the game and it's started to be even more fun than only exploration. We are all waiting for the next update!
  10. I saw it once for a while. I thought it will impress me more And also I think that personally for me I need two or three Octatracks to perform live acts as I want
  11. check the S8 controller promo video: (remove the 's' from https in the browser to see the video)
  12. you are going to buy full track, but it is divided in four stem files (for example: drums, ambient, vocal, leads). you can download free program to create this kind of files here: http://www.stems-music.com/stem-creator-tool/ I did it once with my track, just to try (it's created by NI and compatible with Traktor), it's real fun, but unfortunately there is no psychill tracks created in this format but I think it give huge posibilities in remixing! wish to have psychill tracks in this format to play sets. I think Rinkadink play his own track in this format with two D2 traktor controllers.
  13. Beautiful mapping and video done by Vortex Virtual Division on Decodethecode's complex string art mandala with my music
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