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  1. Thanks for including Zubzub on this list - we hope you enjoy it :-)
  2. Hey Folks! Delighted to announce that the new EP from Zubzub, "Psy-Curious" is out now. You can get it from either http://www.zubzub.co.uk or from http://www.zubzub.bandcamp.com. Check out our back-catalogue, which has all been significantly reduced in price. For those that don't know, Zubzub is one of many bands formed from the mighty Ozric Tentacles (others, of course, including Eat Static, Nodens Ictus, Dream Machine and Moksha, to name just a few!). Zubzub is the creation of long-time Ozric's former bassist, Zia Geelani. Zubzub are one of the leading live psychedelic dance acts in the UK, with music spanning many genres and an awesome reputation earned on the live circuit that has seen multiple performances at the likes of Glastonbury and Glade and headline appearances at Hadra (France) and the upcoming Eclipse Festival 2016 in Indonesia. You can hear any of our music from our long career at our bandcamp space and, of you like it, please buy it and continue to support independent music! :-) Onwards and Zubwards :-)
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