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  1. For your listening pleasure, here is my set from Dragon Dreaming Festival 2018 played on the Earth Stage Saturday morning 9-10:30am.


    Dragon Dreaming is perched on the banks of a pristine lake, which acted as both a spectacular back-drop and also refreshing place to swim. The site is without doubt one of the most beautiful in Australia.


    The festival itself has matured into a truly beauty-filled gathering. It was a super clean festival with many delightful moments. This is becoming one of my favourite festivals in my calendar. I hope I get to play there again in years to come.

    Much love!


    Downloads active and tracklist at the Soundcloud page.


    Best served chilled in a high-fidelity listening environment.


    Mixed with love especially for YOU!





  2. For your listening pleasure...


    This set was recorded on the 15th of May near the Molonglo River as a back-to-back set between Ant Nebula and I. We try record one set a year together, which we have done managed to so every year since 2014, except we missed last year.

    The cheeses were varied, the tapas high quality and the wine was red.
    This set was requested by and recorded for the Auditory Relation Podcast.
    Mixed with love especially for you!
    Best served chilled in a high-fidelity listening environment.

  3. This chill set was played on Sunday 8 April at the Freeway Bar in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The weather was warm and the coconuts sweet and cold. Thanks to the Urban Ethics crew for the invitation to play.

    I was billed as 'psydub specialist', which I then thought important to flavour my set...
    Mixed with love specially for you!
    Best served chilled in a high-fidelity listening environment.

  4. For your listening pleasure, my set from Earth Frequency Festival 2018

    Earth Frequency is a festival that captures the essence of Australian festivals from what I feel was a ‘golden period’ around the turn of the millennium. It is a festival that is done right - proper permissions and a deep connection to country and the local community. Stellar line-up, amazing organisation, peerless care of the artists along with great attendees made this one of the best festivals I’ve been to in years. 

    This set was played in The Sanctuary 7:00-8:30am Saturday 18 March.

    Mixed with Love especially for you!

    Best served chilled in a high-fidelity listening environment.

  5. With all the work going into my new practice I have not shared a new set for a little while, and since tomorrow I leave for Sri Lanka and Thailand (another month of yoga), I felt it timely to release some new music.

    This is an improvised set I recorded recently.

    Downloads and set list available at the link.

    Best served chilled in a high-fidelity listening environment.

    Mixed with love especially for you 2764.png


  6. Hi,


    So I have come to see the wisdom in making one thread in which I place my sets, because I don't wish to spam other DJs by making 20 threads a year. That said, I enjoy sharing music and also receiving feedback, connections and generally playing a small part in our beautifully refined subculture. So I will post the sets I record and share into this one thread for the rest of the year.


    Anyway, this set was recorded at the request of Chromanova.de and was completely improvised. Normally I release my sets after they have been streamed, but on this occasion I will make an exception because this set has quite a few very recent tracks which I quite like (a long with a few older tracks, of course). 


    Set list (along with the story behind the set) is on the Soundcloud page. Its set to 'private' because its not for general sharing, but this forum is a place to share the tasty tunes we come across.

    Free downloads are enabled, however in harmony with the values of our scene, if you like what you hear, please support the artists <3


  7. Hi Vitruvian,


    welcome to the forum !

    i would like to suggest you to add tracklist to your mix. 

    It is the minimum you shall do to thank producers for their time.


    Thanks - track list added. I had uploaded the full track list on the Mixcloud version.


    My gratitude for the producers takes the form of always purchasing the music I play - I never download them for free. But I do take your point. :-)

  8. Hi everyone,


    This is my first mix posted here. I would love some feedback.






    1. Balance, Gaia

    2. Ajja & Cosmosis, Marimbad

    3. Birds of Paradise, Wingspan

    4. Koan, When Silence Is Speaking

    5. Bumble, Ab'scent

    6. Master Minded, Magic Touch

    7. Living Light, Hidden Mission (Govind Remix)

    8. Unknown Reality, Crystals

    9. Ambientium, Fall [single]

    10. Louis-David Roquefere, Suduaya (Jungle Heartbeat)

    11. Mindex, Maritime

    12. Lab's Cloud, The Kundalini Ascension

    13. Dhamika, Sound Therapy

    14. Birds of Paradise, Skyward Eye (Album Mix)

    15. Supersillyus, Touchy Subject

    16. Crystal Vibe, Shift Of The Ages [24]

    17. Crystal Vibe, Ancient Technology [24]

    18. Crystal Vibe, Pandora [24]

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