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  1. Hi there ! Thanks for having time for the music of Simurg ! It's so important to reach ears that have taste. H.N.I.C, we discussed the same situation with the members. And we decided to go like this way. Paying is optional. We're planning to produce the full length album. And it has neeeeeeeedzz ! Shpongle, thank you so much ! And stay Shpongled
  2. 'From whole to annihilation, only one dasein.' You and I, the same are we. We are the same. Moreover, have we got the paths left untreaded for millions of years. As is everything, we are united ! Greetings psybient family ! We are proud to announce our EP album is out now ! Attar's (A Persian sufi) book "The Conference Of The Birds" guided us. If you wish, you can download the album for free with the following link : http://goo.gl/dML5TT Release Date: April 2015 Genre: New World Music, Psybient, New Age, Progressive, Psychedelic Composer / Mix: Deniz Bahadir Ozdemir Deniz Bahadir Ozdemir - Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass, Electronics, Effects, Programming Halil Ibrahim Garip - Writer, Vocals "Sinestezya" Seref Dalyanoglu - Vocals "An Kapisi" Ufuk Dogan - Vocals "An Kapisi" Keep the spirit Simurg End Times Orchestra
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