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  1. I listen to it in both when sober at work and when specially tuned %) and -as the result- want to dance/meditate/do yoga. Yoga in headphones especially, oh yeah. I would not do any choice between sober or flying high,since this music works as flashback catalysator for me sometimes, and simply makes me travel within inner and outer Space without any substances. Handy!
  2. Spinnet, can you advise some more tracks like Dancehall Girl? Super track! Non-stop for the 3rd day)) (rap ish stuff is not obligatory though))
  3. I like Elegant, Snapshot, Dispersion, Dimension.. Basically I would prefer light background, since it's impossible to read white on black for me, Our current theme is great too, imho!
  4. I enjoyed new Mr Bill New Sattyananda was also interesting to check out, but he became so gloomy and dark recently..
  5. Herbie Hancock rules! Will check his Rock it thing then, thank you. (it's great to meet psy persons who also knows Herbie Hancock ) I'm not good at future funk though. But you should check Naked Funk project. Their not like yours, but they are good for those who loves funk and wants to get acquainted with this funky side of music too!
  6. Would you lead me by the example?
  7. Zorzi, great! welcome to our sect of funk lovers (just a tiny sect, two of us, as by now) what about these two pieces?
  8. I would agree with Xpander. In some ways Ableton and other stuff is more affordable and available now for people, hence so many people kinda 'write' music now - more releases etc. But 85% of material is so simple and musically primitive.. I don't deny I became more picky now. and the stuff that makes me boring now, could sound WOW 2 years ago.
  9. Thank you That's interesting, it's not THAT instrumentally funky or big beaty, but it is funky in terms of electronic - cool! Electrocado project make the same and Mr Bill a bit - this glitch-pop style.. Very fascinating in terms of music - much more captivating than 4/4 straight bass kick psychill
  10. Gordon, Thanks can you please advise the artist? something went wrong with the coding...
  11. And another tune from the Russian artist who is basically famous for his cosmic/psybient works. He has been always experimenting with different styles, and on his last album, issued by Mystic Sounds in 2016, he included this funky track. It sounded really refreshing given the fact that the rest tunes were traditional. Check it out (now, my funk soul brothers) I hope he will go further with his funky experiments
  12. Hello, guys!! Are you into this music? I like percussion line, big beat obviously, groovy mood and purely positive energy in this style. Let's share our favorite tunes! I will start with this tune!
  13. A bit of latino (very bit) here In common during all these years of listening I opened more jazzy-funky ambient things, since salsa-lation psybient is soooooo rear And only talented composers like Ott, Posfort etc are ready to create the fusion of these objectively different-leveled music. Maybe someone can make a psychill (or even trance one) remix on this tune? ) I'm just begging!!
  14. Not yet these Sphongle and Ott tunes above are the only ones I'm familiar with too.... I'm listening to salsa-latino tunes anyhow, but they are not psychedelic the way we want them to be.
  15. a few months ago I spent quite a time searching for 'salsa psychill' in different words. Great to see some new tunes here and other fans of psychedelic salsa vibes!
  16. oh yeah, Rage against the machine and Korn are great Any photos of corpse paint on you available??? )
  17. yeah, same here)) like a side thing to enjoy from time to time, while fundamental vibrations are concentrated in a very opposite style(s) of music. In common, apart of a few expections as well, this music makes me funny and turns my 'snobby' part on, especially black metal screaming, dead corpse with the outlook, satanic things etc. 14 years ago that was serious and #wow, I was deep in it, but now it's like 'omg, what is in their brain to make them play this music and promote this culture'. I mean vibes of this music are pathetically low, negative, agressive for me. Sympho power metal does a good job in these terms, since musicians are highly skilled, the energy is pure, uplifting and positive, and even lyrics sometimes is deep. Same with Metallica etc. It's like morning full-on comparetively with the dark braincore hi-tech trance... (which I don't like either for the same reasons))))
  18. What is your common feeling and 'detached observer' reflexion when listening to heavy/trash metal music now, Yiannis? apart of teenage vibes nostalgie
  19. haaah, one more metalhead amongst us detected))) it's great to know we are not focused on electronic music only! Different parts of our brain require diverse vibrations provoked by different sound! Cool! I would say... Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Stratovarius, Behemoth, Vader.. a bit of Metallica (really a bit).. and I still love Rammstein pre-Mutter things.. but I'm not into this music so much now. I used to listen to it 13-14 years ago and stopped following their releases afterwards....
  20. Like this post if you used to listen to heavy/death/sympho/melodic/black/trash metal. or still do!!!
  21. Psy Version is awesome!
  22. great! Strong, groovy and atmospheric!! thanks you, tuculuxu
  23. Astropilot & Friends - Soul Surfers [ Altar Records ] Have been enjoying it non-stop during last 2-3 days. Very nice!
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