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  1. Happy new year to everyone , with much love & harmony !
  2. Original post from Phanendra Das , I transmit , with much love and respect . Dear Global Family In those difficult recent days, and the harm and pain that is happening to many people in many place around the world, which we are all, directly or indirectly suffering from. We would like to share with you, and hope that you also SHARE in return, our Video that was "shot" with one peaceful Camera for one devotee's face, in many different spots around the world, to illustrate in a visual way, and also with the meaning of the Sanskrit Mantra: BABA NAM KEVALAM, that WE ARE ALL ONE, that LOVE IS ALL AROUND US, that we all have to live in PEACE & HARMONY, together on this planet, and therefore we should ALL UNIT, and become ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. SHARE if you CARE …
  3. The all album of The Bhaktas is magical and neutral rythme , for me really good to meditate . To name one track : Hare Khrishna(feat Jai Uttal & Krishna Das) because Khrishna Das voice always bring me far inside https://soundcloud.com/thebhaktas/hare-krishna
  4. https://iketa.bandcamp.com/track/valley original and magical
  5. recalibrating melodies felt in love with this ... https://soundcloud.com/calibratesound/dreams-align
  6. with pleasure Yannis the full album is really deep , sweet and original ! His project with Panama red look really promising also https://soundcloud.com/panamasiebzehn
  7. Deep Forest - Sing with the birds (official)
  8. Deep Forest Ft. Oyme - Oyme's Song (Official)
  9. The Album from SIEBZEHN & DIE QUELLFRAU - SHAMANIC FLIGHT , I love this soft mixing of Shamanic spirit and beautifull ambient shapes ,refreshing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8vdMiyhlUI
  10. Nice journey with AuroraX ! https://soundcloud.com/aurorax
  11. Hello friends , I would like to share this really special mix with you , Performed this december's new moon @Shamanic Hadra's party . I wish you a nice Sunday . Love . Dj SolEye https://soundcloud.com/k-5/dj-soleye-aka-kalifer-aum-gaia-new-moon-opening-mix-shamanizm-by-hadra-2015-12-11 Would appreciate feedbacks here or directly on soundcloud Tracklist :
  12. Hello family ! I'd like to share this Downtempo mix with you 2h15' of trance downtempo feedbacks more than welcome !
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