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  1. Nice list! To me vinyls are beautiful objects that create a real connection so some piece of art. It's true that over time, I developped a real connection with some albums I only possess in a digital version, but having the object in hand, taking the time to listen while observing, feeling somehow engaged by changing sides or vinyl every 20 min or so makes it much more lively than mere mp3s. It also creates a sense of completeness as far as an album is concerned. I believe it amounts to it being a complete piece of art instead of a simple collection of various songs.
  2. Dear all, it's been a long while I haven't come or even posted anything here. Listening to this song made me think of this topic. Unfortunately, nothing new here, but that's alright :-). Gayantri Mantra once again. Found it on the new Kalpataru tree: https://kalpatarutree.bandcamp.com/track/gaia-tree-dub Hope you'll like it :-)
  3. Last minute call. Unfortunately I can't make it anymore :-( Oleg, if you'd like tickets, I have a couple at early bird price (€110 for 2 tickets). Tell me quickly please!
  4. I should be there as well, only with my girlfriend. Would love to meet some of you forum people :-)!
  5. There's this song by Zoungla : https://zoungla.bandcamp.com/track/anahata Btw, this guy is great, you should check him out!
  6. tuculuxu


    Especially since a single album does not stick to a single specific subgenre ... I guess all these genres are not that important, but it's also nice to get to know a little better different examples of the different styles, just to discover the impressive variety of a genre that is not that big in the end (I mean psychedelic trance). To me, the most important is of course what the music makes me feel ... And in this regard, swamp has definitely a good name :-).
  7. tuculuxu


    This guy did a lot of research! I'm impressed. Thanks for the link. I thought I was kind of obsessive, but this guy has reached another level ... If he has listened to all the albums listed in his document ...
  8. tuculuxu


    The internet is such an amazing thing ... One of the great points in living nowadays ...!
  9. tuculuxu


    Dunno ... But a very quick search led me to discover this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swamp_music That links to other types of swampy music, blues, rock and pop. Makes me curious, I'll explore that soon. For instance Baby scratch my back by Slim Harpo. Lol and an itchy back is a great pretext to feel the blues. (After listening to the song, I couldn't really explain the difference between blues and swamp blues ... while it's sensitive in downtempo) Maybe it was simply linked to Louisiane bayou? Could you share the link that gave you this threat idea? Looking at the artists you mentioned in the beginning, I'm wondering whether you simply skimmed through ekto swamp section, but since you selected a good set of albums, I guess you found the info elsewhere?
  10. tuculuxu


    Coming from Ektoplazm, I really like this album in the swampy style: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/frog-prog-swamp-stories I'd recommend this guy as well, cited by Yiannis at the beginning: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/bogtrotter-catawompus And since we're at it, let me give you the link towards Goch: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/goch-terrapin I'd also point you to Brujo's bowl / Beatroots who creates sounds like these. I guess the name is in reference to the forest style in psytrance, but slower, quirkier https://brujosbowl.bandcamp.com/ I really like the ambience of this tiny niche. I never miss an ekto album tagged with swamp! :-) blop blop blop
  11. What do you mean by the forest? Cell is really amazing, I'm so in love with this album, especially the last song:
  12. There's this one as well, not sure it's psychedelic once again, but close at least :-p Hifana - Wamono
  13. I love this thread! What was that ...?? Haha And Tanya, I guess you're right for the death metal, after having posted the clip, I watched it again and thought exactly the same (about the Norwegian death-metal) :-) I'm not sure it's psychedelic (but it's no big deal because I'm not sure what is psychedelic anyway...), but a guy called Cyriak has developed a technique that makes very very interesting patterns. Here are two video clips made by him: Eskmo - We got more Bonobo - Cirrus You can check his artwork there: http://www.cyriak.co.uk/ Try this link as well :-) http://www.cyriak.co.uk/lhc/lhc-webcams.html
  14. Haha, clearly, I like those disturbing videos! Especially when I like the music as well. Ok, I didn't know Tim Blake, he apparently has some solo albums too http://www.allmusic.com/artist/tim-blake-mn0000594932 Here is a weirdly psychedelic clip by Flying Lotus - Ready err not. A clip to which Otto Dix could have contributed!
  15. Chris Cunningham collaboration with Aphex Twin resulted in quite weird stuff (and even wtf...): Rubber Johnny (very very weird) Windowlicker (the first dialogue is really funny) Come to daddy
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