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    tuculuxu reacted to andorra in 2016/07/06-10 - Samsara Festival (EUROPE 2ND EDITION)   
    Yes very nice line-up! 
    Alchemist, let's meet there! Anyone else from the forum coming?
    I'm so happy to say that I'll be playing my Andorra live-set in Alternative Stage on Sunday afternoon 

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    tuculuxu got a reaction from Tanya in Your favorite mantras   
    There's this song by Zoungla :
    Btw, this guy is great, you should check him out!
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    tuculuxu reacted to neil (spatialize) in Whatever happened to Shulman?   
    plus labels are dying really.  Time was you could print 500 cd's and sell out easily. 
    Now it's hard to sell up to 500 cd's for niche labels, and 500 is the minimum order size that begins to produce any economies of scale.  For a while downloads have been holding out the last vestiges but with streaming washing over us I doubt we will see very many labels like aleph zero again, unless they are run purely for pleasure and the owners have plenty of time. 
    the only problem left for the modern musician is how to gain exposure in a world where everyman and his donkey is writing a tune on a computer and putting it online and people are listening to mixcloud, you tube etc.  Getting people to tune in and listen is a bit like raising up your hand out the water in the middle of the pacific.  At least labels formed some sort of island where certain artists could become visible, like an island in the pacific.
    I have suggested co-operatives labels before where artists can gain exposure through belonging to a certain grouping of artists, like affiliated artists....though each artists remains in control of their output and money...but just shares a label name.  But I have always been told that it won't work.
    Bakshish records was something along those lines (I did a couple of things with them) but I'm not sure what happened there.  I have a hunch that shanti planti is also something along those lines but I don't know much about them. 
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    tuculuxu reacted to neil (spatialize) in Whatever happened to Shulman?   
    Yaniv has gone to Australia and is not making music for health reasons and has mostly left shahar to run aleph zero on his own, but it has unfortunately ground to a halt right now. I know this because I was signed to release with Aleph Zero during this time.   But due to their sheer inactivity I built up loads of material and just had to so something with it in the end, hence my dual album release of 2015.  I think lots of artists were in the same boat and had to look elsewhere for their releases.  bluetech / hibernation etc
    It's a great pity because they are lovely guys and they did release very special music.  It's a pity for me too because a release on Aleph would have been a very decent profile raiser. 
    I really hope they don't mind me telling me people their situation but I think there are quite a few people in the chill out community who have wondered about this, borne out of love for the label.
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Swamp?   
    The internet is such an amazing thing ... One of the great points in living nowadays ...!
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    tuculuxu reacted to yiannis in Swamp?   
    It's at the end of the first post on this psynews thread. https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/70402-the-psychedelic-trance-in-its-entirety/You have to download a pdf file.
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from yiannis in Swamp?   
    Coming from Ektoplazm, I really like this album in the swampy style:
    I'd recommend this guy as well, cited by Yiannis at the beginning:
    And since we're at it, let me give you the link towards Goch:
    I'd also point you to Brujo's bowl / Beatroots who creates sounds like these.
    I guess the name is in reference to the forest style in psytrance, but slower, quirkier
    I really like the ambience of this tiny niche. I never miss an ekto album tagged with swamp! :-)
    blop blop blop
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    tuculuxu reacted to schofield in Swamp?   
    The first time I heard of swamp whomp was in reference to Dirtwire.  A cross between bluegrass and bass music.  Although maybe that's also what grass hop is, but less bassier.
    I tend to get confused by genres a little also, and have always thought that what I understand to be a specific genre may not be what someone else considers.
    This is fairly 'swampy', and probably one of the most psychedelic tracks I have ever heard (when completely straight!) :

    (play it loud!)
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    tuculuxu reacted to cobearnicus in 432Hz/440Hz   
    i think the idea of different tuning systems having different effects on human consciousness is an interesting topic, but the a=432hz idea is off base as a way to pursue that goal.

    first let’s discuss what tuning actually means. every musical note contains not one, but a set of frequencies in a precisely defined mathematical relationship to one another - this is called the harmonic series. the differences in timbre between a different instruments playing the same note are due to the number and intensity of the different overtones.

    if the lowest frequency in the series (called the fundamental - this is what we recognize as the pitch of the note) is X hertz, then the overtones frequencies are 2X, 3X, 4X, etc. separated out, these frequencies form the basis of the harmonic intervals that make up music.

    2x or double the frequency = an octave above the fundamental
    3x = an octave + 5th
    4x = 2 octaves
    5x = 2 oct + major 3rd
    6x = 2oct + 5th
    7x = 2oct + b7
    8x = 3oct
    9x = 3oct + major second

    it goes on and on from there.

    notice that each successive overtone forms a smaller and smaller interval from the overtone before it.

    notice how overtones that are powers of 2 (1,2,4,8,…) are octaves of the fundamental.

    notice how overtones that are prime numbers add new harmonic flavors to the spectrum. 2 adds the octave. 3 adds the fifth. 4 isn’t prime, thus no new harmony, just another octave. 5 is prime however, and adds the major 3rd. now we have formed a major triad just from the overtones. the next prime overtone, 7 adds a very flat 7th.

    harmonic relationships can be described as frequency ratios: 2/1 is an octave. 3/2 is a perfect fifth. 5/4 is a major third. the system where notes are  tuned to pure mathematical ratios based on the harmonic series is called just intonation.

    this article breaks it down very well for those who want to dive deeper:


    all of this however is NOT how modern music is tuned. the reason is that if you tuned a piano this way, the key of C major (assuming c is the fundamental of the system) would sound wonderfully resonant, but the further away you modulate harmonically, the more and more out of tune the music would sound. various systems were implemented over the course of european music history, until finally, they settled on our current system - equal temperament. in this system, every key’s tuning is compromised by an equal amount - essentially it’s a trade off that facilitated the new harmonic modulations composers were exploring at the expense of the pure resonance of perfectly tuned intervals.

    so we come now to my point - simply moving an “imperfect†tuning system down a few hz does nothing to improve the quality of its resonance. we might subjectively like it better, but i don’t think objectively it makes any difference. and if the premise is that it is somehow more "in tune with the universe" i think it would be better to start by tuning the notes to the other notes in the music first. this must have a greater effect than tuning them to the speed of light, the orbits of the planets, or something not obviously musical.

    so if we want a more resonant harmonic effect, i would suggest exploring just intonation instead of a=432hz. there is a link above that describes how to achieve this with synthesizers.

    indian classical music is tuned in just intonation. i think this is a big part of what makes that music so special. there really is a difference in the aesthetic quality of intervals that are tuned perfectly as opposed to the compromised, tempered intervals in modern western music.

    this page gives a list of the differences in cents, which can be useful if you are creating a custom tuning file:


    and this page will help you create a .tun file:


    be careful with this one, though, i’ve noticed that i had to half the number of cents correction to get the tunings correct. but i’ve used these two pages to create just tunings for the omnisphere.

    also, check out this video, where leonard bernstein describes the harmonic series better than i ever could (amongst other things):

    i hope you guys find this helpful.
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from SolEye in Your favorite mantras   
    Glad you liked the Adam Shaikh song :-).
    I like the Braj Mandala song, but I'm not a fan of the second one. I had a hard time recognizing any mantra in there haha.
    There a song by Higlight tribe, a quite famous French acoustic tribal trance, that features a mantra as well (didn't know there was a video):
    Higlight tribe - Free Tibet

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    tuculuxu reacted to timeisart in All times best(s)   
    From the track Photosynthesis by Carbon Based Lifeforms
    sorry, can't embed individual bandcamp tracks.
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from Jatab in All times best(s)   
    What do you mean by the forest?
    Cell is really amazing, I'm so in love with this album, especially the last song:

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    tuculuxu got a reaction from yiannis in All times best(s)   
    What do you mean by the forest?
    Cell is really amazing, I'm so in love with this album, especially the last song:

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    tuculuxu reacted to floyd2.0 in Quanta - Elements (2016) [Shanti Planti] (Dubby, Swampy Bass).   
    Artist: Quanta
    Album: Elements
    Type: EP
    Style tags: Psydub, Bass.
    Media type: DIGITAL
    Year: 2016
    Label: Shanti Planti

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    tuculuxu reacted to yiannis in Weirdly psychedelic videoclips   
    That song and video would most likely give me a bad trip if I were on acid. But it definitely is extremely weird. I quite like this one:

    I don't know if this one fits the bill, but I think it's awesome nonetheless. As are all Tool videos. The song starts at about 1:47. One of my favourite Tool tracks, the lyrics are amazing and the ending is pure greatness.

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    tuculuxu got a reaction from yiannis in Weirdly psychedelic videoclips   
    There's this Gong music video:
    Gong - How to stay alive

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    tuculuxu reacted to Tanya in Weirdly psychedelic videoclips   
    Hello to everybody.
    Would be great to collect here some video clips which are psychedelic (ish) and bizarre at the same time. Like what was that and why? %_%
    I will start with this one

    Add more!
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from yiannis in Best psybient albums/mixes for winter   
    Btw, this label is managed by Simon Heath, the guy from Krusseldorf (and in this label Atrium Carceri and Sabled Sun).
    Here is an album released on ekto for those who missed it:
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Best psybient albums/mixes for winter   
    Btw, this label is managed by Simon Heath, the guy from Krusseldorf (and in this label Atrium Carceri and Sabled Sun).
    Here is an album released on ekto for those who missed it:
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from Bakelite in Ott - Fairchildren (2015) [self-released] (psydub, ambient, chill, downtempo ...)   
    Hi people,
    Ott released a new album!

    Enjoy, I'm enjoying it right now, even though, for now, I think it's Ott making Ott :-). I hope I won't have the same feeling as with the last Shpongle album ...
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from Iacchus in Iacchus   
    Hey! I love your music :-)
    I even have the frogspawn CD in my car! I listen to it quite regularly :-)
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    tuculuxu reacted to whitedog in MoonWolf - Red EP (2015) (psychedelic, chill-out, electronica, downtempo, shamanic)   
    Experimental Shamanic musical fruits from the imaginary Shaman MoonWolf, brought to you from deep within the forest, and conjured up from MoonWolf's bag of enchantments.    This is the Red EP featuring almost 40 minutes total running time.    Also, check out MoonWolf's discography page for the other album: the Green EP.
    Both the Red and the Green EPs feature a free bonus track and printable artwork for a jewel case.
    All tracks can be downloaded individually as well (£ 1,- each), except the bonus track.  
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    tuculuxu got a reaction from Tanya in Your favorite mantras   
    I really like this one
    Adam Shaikh - Gayatri Mantra Shuffle
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    tuculuxu reacted to Tanya in Your favorite mantras   
    Hi, guys!
    Let's collect here mantras we love and would fancy others to love.
    Ideally these mantras shall be extactically touching and breath taking: let it be a piece of art, not just a traditional 108 times repeating with the same timbre and BPM.
    So it can be even Om Mani Padme Hum played that #wow style that you scatter out to the Universe with the tiny pieces of lovedust.
    If you can write a little story about this mantra, how you heard it for the first time etc etc, that would be fantastic!
    I will start with my favorite one. It's Om Namah Shivaya by Russil Paul. It is 17:30 minutes long and every second is worth listen.
    It is slow and shanti in the very beginning, but then tempo increases, energies circulate more actively and ... (no more spoilering).
    Story: Goa, Westend Club in the jungles, 10 am in the morning and a massive outdoors party is about to finish. It was powerful full-on before it and everybody understood that in a few minutes the party will finish and we will leave a venue afterwards. DJ (XP Voodoo if it rings a bell) puts this mantra on and WOW! That was so unusual and refreshing to listen to it after this crazy night!
    Just a perfect option how to finish a party: final chord on the mind&body holiday.
    I hope you will enjoy it the way I always am!

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    tuculuxu reacted to Shpongle in Where do you live?   
    Post some pics Yiannis;)   I used to be all about big cities, but the older i get the more difficult for me is to live on a crowded place...if i have the chance i still want to move up north to rural Portugal though All my life i lived by the coast, i think it's a privilege to be honest...but even though i live close to the beach i rarely go there, .it gets way too crowded, i rather drive a bit, so i'm all about "Secluded/hidden" all natural beaches, it's all about being in touch with nature.... these are two of the beaches


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