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  1. https://www.soundcloud.com/fuluf/di040chronos
  2. I would add Netsu and Suduaya. Have fun in Japan!
  3. Whoa, digging a bunch of stuff this week. Good fun Balance, Drrtywulvz, Ekaologic, Master Margherita, Nango Manchay, Red Sun Rising, UCP, VPG and Wolf Tech all have great releases imo. Couple of individual tracks on other releases too.
  4. Advanced Suite and Dense are my picks this week in addition to the Shanti Planti VA.
  5. Kaminanda, IooN, Side Liner and Perfect Blind get my vote this week Also: Taktyle and the Gaia VA as well Also2: Nanda
  6. Quite a few interesting stuff this week. In addition to what you already mentioned, the Ligand remixes get my vote. This. Didn't really understand why this re-master was necessary since the original release didn't come out that long ago or whatnot. Was the original mastering done poorly then or what? There are good tracks on it, but dunno, this move flies straight above my head.
  7. Maiia is good fun, Koan is a decent listen. Sundial Aeon is cool as well. Zoungla takes the cake for me this week. Always fun to listen to his music.
  8. In addition to those already highlighted, I'd say Scion, IMD and Elkin Sergey are quite decent.
  9. Dense and Stefan Torto are my picks. Astropilot Music VA is also decent. Need to have a listen to other releases now.
  10. That the original album is epic. Didn't find the lit/fire emoji that all the cool kids use these days to express their euphoria
  11. Sheesh, seems like I have been slacking with the updates. Nonetheless, newest one here
  12. Well Takkra is up on Spotify, Youtube and I think I even saw longer previews on the Iboga Soundcloud page.
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