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  1. Gagarin, I'm not saying that DD is a bad artist, it was just an example. I can bring out more of those who have a lot of releases. The point that I was trying to make is that instead of 1 artist having a bunch of releases in the top list, it would be more reasonable to have a new algorithm to manage with the so-called top selection. For example, if an album gets less that about 50% of the total votes in the album voting, it will not be displayed. You said in some other post that artists like to see their name in the positions and it is nice to let them know that they are in the chart, but seriously, if I'm an artist, and see that I'm in the 90th position and only about 9 people have voted for me, is that such an achievement ? Like I probably said before, it's just my opinion. It's not like everything has to change. It's just that it feels a bit dumb to showcase albums/releases which have got such a low vote count compared to the top 10. Or even top 30. Timeisart, that is big things that you posted, clears up a lot of things and it seems that next year, stuff is going to be more epic than this year. Eze, Taavi
  2. Well, how many people voted for the album that was on 111 place ? Never mind, found that it is 7. But from 97-110 all got 8 votes, that means they all shared the same place, 96-79, 9 votes, same place. Also there are many artists who have a lot of releases in that list. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, but what do I get from seeing Desert Dwellers in that list for 6 times? It is also a good idea next year to look through which releases are available for voting. It says "Best album of the year" and there is for example this sitting on the 29th position: https://globular.bandcamp.com/album/up-the-xylem-elevator-the-remixes That is not an album. It's just a release. If the list was mainly about releases and not albums, then I stand corrected. If I remember something else I will edit it to this post.
  3. Too many awesome releases this week. That Touched Two remix album, 120 tracks for 10£, what the honest hell.
  4. For me it's a bit of both. It's nice to hear some signature sounds but also with variety. Like someone said, it's kinda boring to listen to two albums that sound the same.
  5. I have a thought, next time there's the year best poll, is it really necessary to post the results of the albums up to 100+ places ? Also, Happy Birthday. Great things have happened during these 2 years of activity. Let's hope for at least 20 more.
  6. I dunno if it's just me or are there some problems with the links?
  7. Fuluf

    DJs and Tracklist

    Aye, like mr. Realms said. In case of multi-layered mixing (is this even a correct term??) it is still important to post the names. It sucks in Mixcloud, indeed, but it still can be managed. Somehow.
  8. Hello Christoph from Berlin and welcome.
  9. Hello, Thought I'd post all my mixes here so they would be in the same place and I wouldn't have to spam other topics.
  10. Doing a Mike Oldfield marathon today. Currently listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPtSjmI8InE
  11. Was listening to some Ancient Realms mixtapes that I have downloaded and stumbled on this track. Amazing stuff. Also, bigups for the lovely mixes, Lorn !
  12. Started a new mix series called Divine Interventions. Each mix is dedicated to a God from various mythologies. First one is dedicated to Osiris. https://soundcloud.com/fuluf/di001osiris
  13. This is LA, bro, Black card, bro, C-class, baby !
  14. Though I agree with your post, Floyd, I can't bend my head around the reason for putting 2 mixes together.
  15. From PsyAmb podcast wröglkerglkegölsdkgsäkgspgijsegpijesh, damn it's epic
  16. Feels good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wpIE9TvgoM
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