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  1. For me the best live stuff I've seen is from Jean Michel Jarre.
  2. Could someone please explain to a dumb Estonian how can I access the Beat-D-Fender releases. It's always "new EP released" and such but I have never seen a place where I can actually purchase/download it :|
  3. I'll raise you this, Floyd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9Gg2SQk4JE
  4. T/L looks cool, I'll listen to it when I get back home.
  5. Sounds good, Alchemist. Managed to ID 2 tracks. Success !
  6. Can't wait to hear something from E-Mantra that is even better than this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHkrlE4sB5s
  7. Got to love them fruits, mmm..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Erga-kgcuNA
  8. It has been a while since I've ran from the other side of the house to quickly check the name of a tune playing on an Internet radio.
  9. Hello, The Psybient,org event calendar is almost updated. If there are some inconsistencies with the dates, please let me know. http://www.psybient.org/love/trance-festivals-list-calendar/# Cheers.
  10. I myself voted for Dublicator, Erot, Master Margherita and Pulse Mandala. Although there were quite a lot of releases this week and therefore the competition was relatively high, I felt like these were the ones that stood out the most.
  11. Bought a few tracks from the release, loving them so far!
  12. This for me is the absolute best thing I've ever heard.
  13. New one from here. P.S: Yggdrasil is an awesome mix, mate. Good job https://soundcloud.com/fuluf/undiluted-time
  14. Well in my opinion if you play something which has questionable quality, like you said pirate mp3s, CD rips and so on, it is important to play with the equalizer in order to get the best out of it.
  15. Sounds perfectly fine by me Edit: Also it is nice to hear so many people from different countries have voted.
  16. What I would add to that is knowing your tunes inside out is also essential. What I mean by that is what's the tempo, when's the breakdown, how long is the intro, does the tempo change at some point during the track and so on and so on. Concluding this, before you play something out live or something, be sure you have listened to the track a few times beforehand :>
  17. When's the deadline for voting by the way ?
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