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  1. yes I am not 100% sure, so maybe I am wrong, but I vaguely remember seeing one of the west coast usa psy glitch artists mentioned they use this service (forgot the name) they basically do like a fast food on demand vinyl pressing. Now I also think that's what Bandcamp will do. I have that Kalya Scintilla vinyl btw, it sounds pretty good
  2. Hmm I am not so happy about it to be honest. Desert Dwellers and a lot of others use these modern services which simply print vinyls out of your digital files, so there's not even a separate vinyl mastering process. It just the same as digital file but even worse as you need to turn around record every few tracks and it is more difficult to store it. I would prefer them to do a specialised mixing and mastering and maybe even initial recording just for vinyl taking into account slightly different frequencies that vinyl record can play out better than or worse
  3. So far purchased Bad Tango and Steve good from this week, will check others
  4. Sorry! I once wanted to make music until I realised that I simply cannot invest so much time in that pursuit, I however admire and respect all the musicians, it's a difficult and time consuming hobby/job, salute!
  5. I do have them on vinyl and I think it sounds a bit worse on vinyl than on cd to be honest (codex VI). But I am planning to upgrade my turntable with new Groove Tracker subplatter and will report back then
  6. Well no doubt main ishq releases are amazing, but I learned to appreciate all the albums in between and this was my main message here. I realised that they need to be approached more like a paintings than musical albums
  7. When ishq started releasing a lot of albums, that didn't sound as musical as his previous more new age work, I was a little bit upset, I was waiting for ishq music more like Orchid, Sama or And awake to trip to. But as time passed and I listened to it more I got into it a bit more, and recenlty with a release of last 2 virtual albums (Strange nebula and Moonship) I finally got it. So I wrote a little bit of thoughts to exmplain his virtual series to other people who are attached to his early ishq releases. Matt Hillier is Cornwall based electronic music artist, he makes music for 20 years, he is best known for his new age ambient releases like Orchid or Sama but today we are not going to talk about them. Music of Matt Hillier has many similarities with other art forms and particularly with paintings. When you first visit an art gallery, usually you like bold and familiar paintings. Maybe it’s a sunny landscape or a portrait of a beautiful person. It’s simple, it’s familiar. But as you dive deeper into a world of art and it’s history you start to appreciate finer details. Maybe this painting is unusually abstract for it’s period of time, or maybe it gives you a feeling of being home, or being alone or being content. So a painting can act as a storage, a flash drive or a time crystal of sorts, containing a whole spectrum of emotions and memories that you never had. These small details and intricacies come hand in hand with refined taste to art. But it’s not just art actually, even take a simple beverage like tea for example. First you like big and bold taste of black tea with milk and sugar perhaps? But if you keep exploring different teas and tastes and how it makes you feel you can easily discover whole universe here. Different states of mind that different types of tea can bring you to. Now if we come back to music of Matt Hillier. As you dig deeper into his discography you are quick to discover some releases that are not musical as such, they are a sound collages or sonic paintings made of various sound forms, each form can send you to a different location. From underwater wonder to deep space exploration and beyond. Experience life from a perspective of a plant or an insect, or completely unimaginable, yet to be discovered lifeform. It is all here available to you if you allow it, with your headphones on.
  8. Vinyl has resurrected successfully and is here to stay. I am buying more and more vinyl every day even though I was never a vinyl listener during it's first or second waves
  9. Healing ritual, immersive listening experience
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