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  1. i understand your point. are you sure they didn't do a re-master for last album on VINYL ?

    i think Kalya did it for his release.


    indeed it must be adapted for vinyl.

    yes I am not 100% sure, so maybe I am wrong, but I vaguely remember seeing one of the west coast usa psy glitch artists mentioned they use this service (forgot the name) they basically do like a fast food on demand vinyl pressing. Now I also think that's what Bandcamp will do.


    I have that Kalya Scintilla vinyl btw, it sounds pretty good :)

  2. Hmm I am not so happy about it to be honest. Desert Dwellers and a lot of others use these modern services which simply print vinyls out of your digital files, so there's not even a separate vinyl mastering process. It just the same as digital file but even worse as you need to turn around record every few tracks and it is more difficult to store it.

    I would prefer them to do a specialised mixing and mastering and maybe even initial recording just for vinyl taking into account slightly different frequencies that vinyl record can play out better than or worse


    There are other reasons, reasons that are not as artistic and much sadder, having to do with how long it takes to produce different kinds of albums.  Below is an email exchange I had with Jacqueline Kersley, Matt Hillier's significant other and most enduring musical partner.  I don't feel bad sharing it because it was prompted by the Upcoming Releases page of this site, and has to do with public issues of artist economic survival in a world where most online people download artist releases for free rather than pay for them.


    Hi, Jacqueline; Joe Dees here again.  I hope I'm not bothering you too much with this letter.  I just have a quertion or two to ask you, if you don't mind.

    I frequent this site to see what's in the pipeline:

    There are several releases listed ase upcoming for you and Matt.  Besides Indigo Egg - Aten, which I have coming (with a digital dl, you said...;~), they are: 
    Ishvara - Magik Square Of The Moon (I've been hearing rumors of this one for quite some time now)
    and 4 by Ishq:  Abstracts 1, Light and Space, Meadows, and Vignettes.
    Further down it mentions 3 unnamed albums by Omni Vu Deity.
    My question is: which of these are, or could be, actually coming down the pike from you two, and which ones do you not see happening?  And do you have any firm or tentative timeline for any of them?
    Just (very) Curious
    Joe Dees
    Hi Joe
               many thanks for the email and interest .To be honest its quite difficult whats planned next or will be released
    as we are both stepping away from some aspects of music releasing and into some new avenues and label ideas but
    those are not fully formulated yet.
    Magik square of the moon is still a planned release but we decided to hibernate Virtual for some years possibly and when we have a better situation here to work longer on releases .
    Omni vue deity releases are part of the remaing Virtual releases but as mentioned those have been stored for release maybe in a few years when we will complete the Virtual world series of albums and bring Virtual to an end.
    The focus here is on now new music , styles , labels and some very different forms of music but largely electronic.
    Ishq Abstracts 1, Light and Space , Vignettes are releases planned for a new label called i7x which will appear sooner than later and shifts Ishq into contemporary minimalism as well as semi classic minimalism and even electronic minimal works +ambient but quite different from much heard to date from Ishq.
    Meadow is a very long planned album by Ishq started in 2000 a week after Orchid was released, its a double album and of material that harks from that period and again we sat on it until we can fund the time needed to spend 6 months just on that one release as its very much in the old Ishq style .Thats the next main full Ishq album but probably a few years off , maybe less.
    There is a lot planned but we kind of had to shift focus a bit here and also start work outside music as streaming and downloads just killed our ability to sell enough works to fund longer periods of writing and the more intense and deeper albums like the 3 main Ishq releases which took months and years to make so things shifted , thats also why we hibernated Virtual in part as those albums can take months to make and its impossible to sell enough music to pay for our living costs and recording time now as so few people want to buy music .
    We are streaming 80,000 tracks a month on Spotify now and earning £70 from that but we are selling 90% less than we were in cd form and download since 2014 at the same time ! so we saw massive increase in listeners and a massive death of our income and ability to fund making music , time is money in a sense and its become unsustainable for many artists now sadly.
    So we basically retired from all digital music upload except bandcamp private accounts in the future and direct downloads and were looking at an Ishq app for streamers eventually that we run so it will lead to positive things and some nice physical musical artworks and vinyl also but when we can fund it. 
    Hope  that helps , sorry if thats a bit deep at the end but thats where we are basically  , expect lots of music best wishes



    Well no doubt main ishq releases are amazing, but I learned to appreciate all the albums in between and this was my main message here. I realised that they need to be approached more like a paintings than musical albums

  4. When ishq started releasing a lot of albums, that didn't sound as musical as his previous more new age work, I was a little bit upset, I was waiting for ishq music more like Orchid, Sama or And awake to trip to. But as time passed and I listened to it more I got into it a bit more, and recenlty with a release of last 2 virtual albums (Strange nebula and Moonship) I finally got it. So I wrote a little bit of thoughts to exmplain his virtual series to other people who are attached to his early ishq releases.

    Matt Hillier is Cornwall based electronic music artist, he makes music for 20 years, he is best known for his new age ambient releases like Orchid or Sama but today we are not going to talk about them.

    Music of Matt Hillier has many similarities with other art forms and particularly with paintings. When you first visit an art gallery, usually you like bold and familiar paintings. Maybe it’s a sunny landscape or a portrait of a beautiful person. It’s simple, it’s familiar. But as you dive deeper into a world of art and it’s history you start to appreciate finer details. Maybe this painting is unusually abstract for it’s period of time, or maybe it gives you a feeling of being home, or being alone or being content. So a painting can act as a storage, a flash drive or a time crystal of sorts, containing a whole spectrum of emotions and memories that you never had. These small details and intricacies come hand in hand with refined taste to art. But it’s not just art actually, even take a simple beverage like tea for example. First you like big and bold taste of black tea with milk and sugar perhaps? But if you keep exploring different teas and tastes and how it makes you feel you can easily discover whole universe here. Different states of mind that different types of tea can bring you to.

    Now if we come back to music of Matt Hillier. As you dig deeper into his discography you are quick to discover some releases that are not musical as such, they are a sound collages or sonic paintings made of various sound forms, each form can send you to a different location. From underwater wonder to deep space exploration and beyond. Experience life from a perspective of a plant or an insect, or completely unimaginable, yet to be discovered lifeform. It is all here available to you if you allow it, with your headphones on.

  5. Shulman is soo good, his mix of using analogue and digital instruments is spot on, and production skills are high. I love his las Alive albuim in a car on repeat. Really hoped he would come to Tree of Life 2013 but he didn't :( Aleph zero and their natural born chillers was one of my go to tripping music for a long time :) Hopefully Yaniv will come back to producing some more music

  6. Album all the way also. It feels more of a story rather than some random tracks together as few mentioned here. And also agree on overdoing it. Grouch suddenly released few big compilations of unreleased tracks, Kuba, Abakus, even ishq sometimes... although I still buy all of his music :D

    But Spatialize, if you are saying it will take you 3 years to release next full length album.. in that case I would prefer you to do EPs as I would like to hear more of your music after last 2 releases! :)

  7. My parameters are:

    Capacity: ~200ppl
    Location: London
    Sound System: preferably has one in place
    Budget: £200 - £700 (Depending on venue and soundsystem/facilities in place)
    Time: 6pm - 12am
    Date: 22 or 23 of April 2016
    Event type: Psychedelic Ambient. Conteprorary electronica. IDM. Projection Mapping.
    Bar/License: Not neccessary required
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