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  1. Ok money is important, and I am not rich, but in this case money is not even a problem. It's just a lack of decent venues, and if there's a decent venue they won't allow me to organize anything on weekend as I don't have any track record for organizing parties
  2. Sorry guys didn't check on this forum for a while; I gave up in the end after many unsuccessful attempts. I will gather my power soon and will start looking again for a venue for Spring. Any pointers much appreciated.
  3. Matt Hillier released plethora of music this year. I arranged some of my favourite tunes that came out in 2015 into this amateur mix. Enjoy
  4. Leaving earth to form a new civilisation on Earth 2.0 My first ever mixing experience, I am not a DJ, I just buy a lot of music and like to arrange it into mixes (maybe this is who dj is..) 1. Woob - Lost Odonna 2. Ishvara - Iqqoa 3. Woob - Horizon Vector 4. Woob - The Great Divide 5. Aeonics - io 2.3i 6. Solar fields - Until we meet the sky 7. Ishq - Sama 8. Don peyote - Blue lotus 9. Don peyote - Between worlds 10. Ishq - Cloud forest 11. Elve - Tree memories 12. Ishq - Urasvati
  5. I have visited 2 workshops this year. 1 on building with Cob and one on building with strawbales. it's an amazingly inspiring topic, and the crowd it attracts is as open minded as the crowd you can find on psy festivals.
  6. Me and my friend are running this page, it needs a little bit of updating tho. https://www.facebook.com/InfiniteDreamParticles/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums
  7. Lyrics can be very psychedelic! https://ishq.bandcamp.com/track/forever So that is not true. I noticed that for me there are various effects that i identify as psychedelic. - One of those effects is when multiple melodies are layered on top of other, your brain tries to focus on all of them, which creates a dissociated effect simmilar to binaurial audio/hemi-sync I guess. - And any effects that creates an image of spiralling, or fractalness, or put's me in a certain space (reverbs).
  8. I am not a producer or a dj, so I don't use monitors at home. I listen on bower and wilkins VM1. It's 5.1 set, but i switch to stereo when listening to music. I run it through yamaha receiver using spdif or hdmi depending on a source. I've been looking at yamaha 5 monitors few times, but never got around buying them.. http://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/bowers-and-wilkins/vm1.shtml
  9. Thanks for sharing insight into your venue organization process Юра
  10. I have 3 artists in mind that I am definitely bringing in. And I cannot pay them less. It's not going to be fair. If I would be assembling only DJs it would be much cheaper and easier.
  11. Thanks, I am curious what whould your planetarium charge for 8pm - 3am times, and if they have PA. But just for curiosity sake. I doubt I would organise a prty there, as it will mean paying for UK artists travel, that's something I can't afford for my first small party.
  12. Yeah I don't think I can spend more. Say a venue is 600 3 uk artists about 200 - 300 each for a set = ~700 logistics + flyers + sitting space = 100 If Venue doesn't have PA that's another expense. So roughly £2k to organise a small party, fine.. But I doubt I can get more that 200 people to come. That's £10 each = £2k and I am even. Well fine, I can go even if party is great, and everyone is happy, but it just feels like a broken model..
  13. There's an issue with this Campaign Organizer's account. Our team has contacted them with the solution, it's a simple fix! Please ask them to sign in to GoFundMe and check their account.
  14. Love his music Still listening to Interstate on regular basis
  15. Hello all. Recently I've been trying to organise a small ambient party here in London. I was going to spend around £600 - £700 for a venue, but I found it very problematic to find one. It's either too expensive or they don't want to host chill party on Saturday night as this is not their format. I would like to use this topic to discuss some Venue ideas, reviews and recommendations. The ideal venue if I had unlimitted supply of cash for me is a Dome, something like a planetarium, where you could project video on 360 ceiling. With some comfy pillows and rugs to sit on, and many varieties of teas and snacks for sale. I can organise teas and snucks and even a sitting area myself, but the venue is problematic Please share your best venue experiences in UK or outside of it.
  16. Beautiful preview track from upcoming erothyme album
  17. Downtempo : * Shpongle Live 2008 @ Roundhouse London * Ott @ Tree of life 2013 * Ishq @ Cosmo festival UK Uptempo: * Grouch @ Tree of life 2013 * Enichkin @ Ozora 2011 * Xenomorph Live @ London UK 2012?
  18. What about Don Peyote? Blue Lotus is amazing, I purchased it. Reminds me of Between worlds
  19. Really enjoyed Hinkstep from last week. Woob was great also, a combination of best tracks from last few years..
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