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  1. According to Matt facebook posts there's 6 new releases coming in next couple of months. PLUS there's 4th main ishq album coming soon which is named "Meadows"
  2. This is one of the first Matt Hillier's ishq releases with his friend Jake Stephenson (together they also form "Colourform") who sadly died around 2004
  3. Whoah. This is pretty diverse! Nice influences from different genres. And I dig the artwork!
  4. This is incredible! I heard it before, but re-listening today and this is sooo psychedelic. You can feel mushroom influence here.
  5. Hey. Great stuff. I like it all, but it's all more traditional balkan beats. I am after more bassy and more psychedelic than this. Have you heard Amsterdam kletzmer band btw?
  6. yes actually Swing and Tango vibes are often mixed with Balkan. I love liquid stranger Thanks.
  7. Yes I know Floex, he did soundtrack for Machinarium right? Great stuff. Not really balkan, but has few nice instruments
  8. Thanks guys. Here is some more:
  9. I noticed that Dubtechno vibes slowly making it's way into psychedelic world I've seen SMBH by Occult released today on Merkaba Music, and I am a huge fan of Yagya for a long time now.
  10. Sunflower is last years release. Ishq just split his bandcamp into 2 accounts now. So it looks like some releases are new.
  11. A bit of glitchy psyBreaks https://soundcloud.com/eurythmy/creamy-behemoth
  12. Some festivals I personally enjoyed: Lost theory, Ozora, Tree of life
  13. You didn't say when are you planning to come, festivals are usually happening from May - September in Europe
  14. Although not strictly psychedelic, but still very good
  15. Hello All. My name is Yuri. I am Russian, born in Latvia, living in UK since 2005. I work as Web Application Developer. I've been listening to Psychedelic ambient and psychill since 2003-2004. I was 17 years old, and I was picking psilocybe semilanceata back at home and naturally started researching everything that is related with psychedelic culture, heard Future sounds of ambient vol3. And shortly after heard Shpongle. Became crazy Shpongle fan until they released 4th album. Was listening to Shpongle all day everyday and it was like a religion for me for a while, then suddenly my obsession stopped when 4th album was released. These days I am mostly listening to Matt Hillier's music and sacred bass/glitch inspired psychill. I do listen to psytrance, nothing cheesy, nothing too progressive, sometimes dark and forest but not manically. I do listen to other genres as well including idm, balkan, dub techno, etc etc. Whatever sounds interesting can work. I heard about psybient.org in it's early days naturally through social media, and my friend Nick Gabriel, then started following iurii on Facebook to get all the latest updates. Best.
  16. It is also a bit difficult because a lot of Albums that came out recently and I think are amazing, will fade out in a bit. They need a time to settle down before I can truly say that they are good.
  17. I love my Sennheiser hd-25. So far I haven't heard anything better
  18. I know peaking goddess collective, but it's not what I am looking for
  19. Thanks andorra, I know Hmmka, but it doesn't have any Balkan motives in it. This is kind of vibe I am after, but with psychill elements
  20. Yes there are some good Balkan / gypsy tunes here, thanks
  21. I know Kaminanda, Govinda and Slackbaba guys, it's great music, but not exactly what I was looking for. I am looking for distinctive Balkan motive with Carinet, Violin and Harmonica
  22. I love the hypnotozing effect of loops and multi layerness. When music drifts you away so much that you can empty your mind from doubts and worries. Much of Matt Hillier's music is like that. Elve - Emerald is great example. For me hypnotising effect is very important in faster genres too.
  23. I would love to hear psy balkan music. Something energetic like ott but with Balkan, gypsy and swing motives. Is there anything like that? I am probably looking for something similar to this but more glitchy and more psychedelic fx. https://michaelfraser.bandcamp.com/track/django-style-adham-shaikh-remix and maybe like this, but less like glitch-hop https://sonicturtle.bandcamp.com/track/rug-rippin-spoonbill-respoon-remix
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