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  1. Probably the best software emulation of the Ms20 filters I have come across is Cytomic the Drop... worth checking out if you haven't already!
  2. Thanks for sharing your insights Spatialize... I have been recently considering looking into MainStage as I use Logic Pro X for 95% of my production needs... up until now I have been doing the standard exporting stems and single tracks to Ableton and chopping them all up to remix / mash up live, but frankly am finding this way of doing things a bit boring... Being able to load up pre-saved Channel Strips from Logic X into Mainstage would be great. Like you I think the midi capabilities will be what seals the deal or breaks it... anyway, thanks for starting the thread - you've got me thinking about MainStage again so I'll investigate into it and add to this thread as I stumble across gold... : )
  3. These days I rely heavily on SonicCharge Echobode and Permut8 (I'm a big fanboy of all SonicCharge plugs, and would highly recommend them if you haven't tried them... Echobode is cheap and versatile, while Permut8 is a bit more difficult to get your head around but well worth it) I often prefer using delays using hardware just for the tactile tweakability. I have a Roland Space Echo pedal (Re-20) which I use live and use in the studio when I want to get Dubby... I also use some hardware eurorack delays from my modular system (Mutable Instruments Clouds in looping delay mode + Alright Devices Chronoblob)
  4. Greetings fellow travellers, I know this is the DJ mixes forum and still not sure if it's the right place to post Live Sets, but here we go anyway! Here is the live set I performed at the Chill Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016 in Australia: Here are some links to my music and my FB page also: https://alayasounds.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/alayasounds/ Enjoy : )
  5. Artist: Alaya Sounds Album: Mountains Flow Type: EP Style tags: Psybient, Electronic, Neurodub, Ambient Dub Media type: WEB Year: 2015 Label: Self Released Official url: https://alayasounds.bandcamp.com/releases Artist url: https://www.facebook.com/alayasounds
  6. Hello All, Great to finally be part of the psybient community... to get started I'd like to share a mix I crafted a while back which explores the deeper ambient side of dub... Best enjoyed with a never-ending cup of tea, some kaleidoscopic goggles and high fidelity headphones. Enjoy X
  7. Hello All, I am Manny, from Australia! I have been exploring conscious, downtempo psychedelic/ambient music for about 15 years as a listener / DJ / producer. I am irrevocably drawn to this style of music due to it's unique capacity to echo sounds which remain inexpressible through words, sounds which are inexplicably synesthetic and sounds which inspire deep reverence for the environment through which we move. For the past few years I have been exponentially learning more about the craft of producing music and recently released my first EP: Alaya Sounds - Mountains Flow EP. It is available for free download on my bandcamp page so do check it out! I have also been crafting DJ mixes at home and at festivals in Australia. I have my original productions and DJ mixes up on my soundcloud page should you be interested to hear them. Glad to be here with you good folk!
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