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  1. Prefer to buy from bandcamp to support the artist or label directly. Hard to find / out-of-stock titles from eBay.
  2. No lyrics is definitely a plus for me as well in qualifying a track psychedelic, at least in the electronic music camp - psychedelic rock might be a different question but I suppose the OP was not referring to that. Timeisart I think you hit the mail on the head by referring to a trip to a place were "you would't normally go". To me this is a key element - I used to listen to John Williams, John Barry, etc. (orchestral soundtracks), which did take me places: to the "world" of the movie. But that's not very personal, does not come from your imagination, but kind of already laid out for you. So I'd expand your "definition" with "inspires the imagination to construct and go to not yet explored places".
  3. I second your take on this, Monsterhed. The original is somehow warmer (dare I say more organic sounding) than the new version, which is more impressive but less personal. Is it because I got used to the original? Change of times (mastering practices)? Stronger need to impress the crowds listening to tracks of recent years with a brighter sound? I don't know. It is still an amazing album.
  4. I've listened to the entire Forgotten Future album (actually just purchased the 24-bit flac) - to me this music is on a whole other level. Yes you can hear the Ultimae influence and the production quality is superb but what gets me is the extreme uncategorizableness (is that a word?) of this release. It feels psybient in general but has pure ambient tracks and also lots of acid sounds but no trance. Gets epic in 4-5 tracks but again, no trance. Vangelis comes to mind but there is no new age. Spacey psy, yes, but what about track #9 that to me is closer to some Rone tracks than anything psy. Even John Carpenter's minimalism seems to show up here and there. My point: listen IN FULL to get an accurate picture of this album. I was debating between it and Keziah's Angel, but when it comes to the "new" in "best new release of the week" imho forgotten future passes with flying colors and leaves me wanting more (luckily 3 more parts are coming, this one is the first of a 4-part series, according to their website). Gets my vote for awesome feel, production quality, and especially, character/originality.
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