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  1. Yes, you did, believe me, i wont forget this. THANKSSSS ALOTTT! The release will be on June or July
  2. Hi man, that is so kind of you, but yes i found a label, so i had to take it down, thanks alot anyways
  3. Hey man, thanks alot, Mindspring is interested, and other too, really appreciate the help.
  4. Thanks alot guys! Im really glad you liked them. I will check out the list, i know there is alot of labels, is so difficult to choose from. Thanks alot Thanks Pax, i will check them out and send them the demo. Thanks for taking the time, really happy about the feedback. I will let you know how did it go
  5. Hi guys, im new here, i am a Dj & Producer from Buenos Aires, and i have a project called Cosmic Clearance. I just finished a new Ep, and i would like you to listen to it and tell me to which records labels you think i should send it, i would really appreaciate the help Thanks Thanks
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