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    Noah got a reaction from floyd2.0 in Ambient Mann Radio Q37 (2015) - Mikelabella Records   
    All the Way from Heaven 036 was broadcasted on the 06 of October 2015 On http://radioq37.com/ 
    MikelaBella Records
    01 Expedizion - Psychedelic Cells
    02 Kukangherita Soundsystem - Dub To Africa (Moon Mix)
    03 Kliment - Little Frog
    04 Alba - Darshan
    05 Mahaon - Spirallion
    06 JP Illusion - Look Above
    07 Jaala - Twisted Visions
    08 Kalumet - Alupka Airlines
    09 Squatting Mobile Studio & Heterogenesis - Blue Moon Blues (S.MS Mix)
    10 Floating Grooves - Outer Space Architecture
    11 Hoehle - Malakite (Grumani) (Grumani Mix)
    12 Kukan Dub Lagan - The Re-Turn Of The Master
    13 Kukan Dub Lagan - La Vita
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    Noah got a reaction from Spinnet (One Arc Degree) in Ambient Mann Radio Q37- Summer Solstice 2015   
    We who live in a human world with human ideas, human beliefs and a human perspective have a great opportunity now to experience the Divine and Divine purpose and will for our life and time through a Greater Community awareness and through a different kind of path and direction. We need this now, for our world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds.
    Thnx To All Artists !
    Let`s Selebrate the summer!!
    01 Maha Shivarati Rudra Kala Homa
    02 Kammarheit - Ruins of The Sun (Mixing The Steps Vigil | Day 7 | 2015)
    03 Shaman`s Dream - Durga Shakti
    04 Deep Fog - You Showed Me The Way
    05 Bluetech - 667 (Kayla Scintilla Remix)
    07 Puff Dragon - Skin as Soft
    08 I Awake - Rebreath
    09 The Unification of Wisdom
    10 Supert Fata - Deep Tribal
    11 Hol Baumann - Le Feu
    12 Nada - Bambo Dub
    13 Mungusid - Escape
    14 Floating Grooves - Atrium
    15 Robert Rich - Somnium part 3 (Mixing Summer Solstice Ritual by Diann L. Neu)
    16 Floating Grooves - Galactic Glitch
    17 Maha Shivarati Rudra Kala Homa
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    Noah got a reaction from Istar Nebula in Ambient Mann All the Way From Heaven 019/2014 - Radioq37 - Ambient/Psybient/Psychill   
    All the Way from Heaven 019 was broadcasted on the 30th of September 2014 at Radio Q37
    with extra exprimental mixing sounds... Caling the Ancients!!!
    01 Ambient Mann - Mixing Secrets
    02 Dream Stalker - Under Moon
    03 Kliment VS Anjela - The Last Call
    04 Argus & Ascent - One Day In India
    05 Confidence - Epilogue
    06 Tor.Ma - While You Sleep
    07 Entheogenic - Timeless
    08 Astronaut Ape - Alive
    09 Atrium Carceri - Great Old One
    10 Zero Cult - Heartwork (Suduaya Remix)
    11 Lunecell - Om
    12 Sephira - Serenity
    13 Ambient Mann - Mixing Secrets
    14 Desert Dwellers - Dragon`s Mist (Kaminanda Re-mist)
    15 Whitebar - Auric Sight
    16 Desert Dwellers - Seeing Things (Kaminanda Remix)
    17 Globular - Paranormaloid
    18 Dessert Dwellers - New Generation
    19 Momentum - Armylian (Sygnals Rmx)
    20 Ambient Mann - Mixing Secrets
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    Noah got a reaction from Istar Nebula in Spirituality and Electronic Music   
    I would like to tell you my experience with crystal grids, after I got my first crystal i just knew i needed more of this, and for each new stone I bought - I've noticed posetiv influence on body and soul. And when I meditate with or around Crystals I'm going faster into the meditative state. and faster in contact with spiritual family, and the universe .. When I got more and more stones, I chose to take the stones with me in events where I had a gig and i lay out a crystal grid with about 10 kg of crystals. It also has done a lot of influence in big posetiv degree in very many who were present .. People are more open in their mind whether they are conscious of it or not conscious, I noticed particularly that people did telepath through this grid.. It opened up a door to the other side also, where it just oozed posetiv and happiness, it was like aw thank you for last time feeling from the other side.. it was a great experience. this helped people to get open the inner part which has been depressed for so many generations.. I belive this is what the ancient sivilisations did to getting higher frequency.  I played my set on this event. and people got a great revelation .. It was also beyond my control, although I had great impact that it would happen. Strongly advise getting stones in to events out there. Crystal does vibrate and the same does we and same with music, this way we can help echoder to get higher frequencey..
    here is  little bit about crystals and a link.. 
    Crystals can be used to change and enhance the vibrations of outdoor areas, such as gardens, sacred groves, leylines. They are equally good at enhancing indoor vibrations in a home, temple, meditation room etc. Crystal gridding is done by creating an energetic force field through a network or grid of crystals placed at strategic locations within the area to be enhanced. For example, you can set up a crystal grid in your meditation room to enhance spiritual vibrations in the room and to go higher in your meditation. Crystals have the natural capacity to amplify energy, and thus are perfect to increase good energy and positive vibrations. But that is just one possible use of crystal grids. 
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    Noah reacted to Gagarin Project in DJs and Tracklist   
    Some of the DJ's have the old habbit of keeping the tracklist private. While i respect this approach, i think if a DJ decide to put a mix online for a "free listen" they shall put full tracklist, this is the simplest and the most effective way to thank to the artist. Having no time is no excuse, Having 1-2 unreleased tracks is also no excuse, as partial playlist is better then nothing.
    what is your opinion ?
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