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  1. Agreed, recent releases were amazing, a lot of great artists.
  2. Nice find, I'll try it out and see how it works inside a DAW.
  3. Haven't seen it mentioned so here's Paulstretch, software for stretching audio to extreme measures while staying in tune with the original. Great for experimentation and pads. http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/
  4. Ahhh I always love checking these out. I'm eager to see what they've selected.
  5. I absolutely agree with the idea that DJs must provide track lists when they use other artists music. Give credit where it's due, it's much more laborious to produce that track rather than just mixing it. It's the least the producers deserve. Besides being selfish to have those great tracks for yourself as much as possible is just a shitty way to go about it. If it's your own music you're mixing I don't care what you do, though ideally I'd still like to be able to check them out.
  6. Luigi Tozzi - I'll Be Your Mirror (Live Mix) x3no - Silent Circle
  7. Alternatively, change the https to http int the url. At the very least the embedded youtube videos show up again that way.
  8. Hah indeed. It's my fathers absolute favourite . I personally consider almost everything from their inception to the very end of 70's a masterpiece.
  9. You can't find the exact meaning of it whilst you're trapped in this body, you just can't access it. It's all about the experience and learning to be a sovereign being. Besides many other things Yeah and even all the people who got a DMT breakthrough experience, they might have accessed it in some form, but when you come back you barely remember anything, cause you're-- errr, sort of not allowed to. So just enjoy the fact that life and consciousness will remain somewhat of a mystery on planet Earth . But to give my thought on few things that probably matter a lot and we (in my opinion) are supposed to discover and learn is sovereignty, discipline and mindfulness. And these are just related to an individual, I'd not take my chances with the collective ones, other than to reconnect with this wonderful living breathing organism we call Earth. But again, just my current opinion. Or maybe it's just 42, or maybe there's none, what do I know
  10. Pink Floyd - A Pillow Of Winds ^^ And right after that will play Fearless, which is no doubt my favorite song from Meddle (ye I like it more than Echoes )
  11. I definitely try to get 10 hours down, but sometimes 8 is enough. Ever since I started sleeping on the floor with some blankets (to simulate the soil and grass) I get much, much, MUCH better rest. It also made me realize how bad a bed is. Very good for the spine as well, muscles too rest better that way. Unfortunately I tend to stay up late, which is something I want to change atm. Going to sleep with the sun and getting up with it or before it rises is so much different then getting up late. It's like the day is twice as long and you get done everything you need with more energy.
  12. It's very nice, I like the patterns the matrix makes. Although the bit rate can't keep up to make a clear image when there's a lot of spheres moving quickly on the display So uploading and rendering the video at even higher resolution can give it more clarity, which would make this EPIC! But it's also very very demanding. (Maybe Vimeo can give better results?) Anyways, I still subbed
  13. Wow, I need to thank you for mentioning these. I am surprised these slipped by my sights since they look like nice quality plugins for free.
  14. With samples from movies and such I often don't worry too much about the noise, I remove some but there's not much you can do about it without becoming the equivalent of a heart surgeon. And it also depends where the sample sits, by that I mean the position of the song. There will be a difference between including on the beginning, in the middle of everything happening or in something like a more quite bridge section or middle8. But generally I roll of the lows, since it's usually just useless rumble down there, remove some hissing highs but not too much to make it sound very dull (unless it's what I'm going for). Sometimes it helps to use a de-esser but Iacchus already said what the problem is then. If the noise is really invasive I just search for a better one. But it's always very individual and EQing and Mixing is always a big boogeyman for novice producers. So lot's of experience, producing and learning is always the best technique . (that's why I'm here sucking up the precious knowledge from other more seasoned producers, muhaha)
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