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    Psilopylot got a reaction from Trala Lama in Essential tips, plugins and VST   
    Nice find, I'll try it out and see how it works inside a DAW.
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    Psilopylot reacted to andorra in Essential tips, plugins and VST   
    Aaand it's finally also available as vst plugin!
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from Gagarin in What's going on with YouTube links?   
    Alternatively, change the https to http int the url. At the very least the embedded youtube videos show up again that way.
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    Psilopylot reacted to Shpongle in What are you listening now?   
    Echoes is a masterpiece!
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from Shpongle in What are you listening now?   
    Pink Floyd - A Pillow Of Winds ^^
    And right after that will play Fearless, which is no doubt my favorite song from Meddle (ye I like it more than Echoes )
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    Psilopylot reacted to neil (spatialize) in a Man got to eat   
    Since using Bandcamp and self releasing the music income now pays for music gear....software, synths etc. So it has become self supporting which is nice.
    It's a little bit easier these days to combine creativity with a normal job as music technology is that much more immediate. For a few hundred quid you can stuff a pc with a fully functioning studio in a few hours. Back in the Atari / sampler / synths days putting a studio together was expensive and time consuming. Now you can lob a loop from Ableton into a sequencer and it will time stretch itself instead of spending a good couple of hours lining up a loop in a sampler. My first sampler had 8 mono samples, 30 seconds of mono sampling time and cost me £500 second hand. Do we appreciate this? Probably not, it probably just pushes our expectations up.
    In general there are very very few people making a living from music nowadays. Even Philip Glass worked as a taxi driver and plumber while he wrote music for 18 musicians. Then within that larger music industry you have to realise that psy chill is a very very small niche. I think part of Ott's success (aside from writing very good stuff) is the fact that dub music has a certain crossover element. Dub and reggae is very popular with a broad range of people beyond the psychill community. He can tour America and play with other dub or dubstep artists as well as the psychedelic festivals. Good formula that.
    Life did throw up the opportunity a few years ago to work more solidly on music. So I took it. And I can say that immersing yourself in something is a very worthwhile thing to do in life, particularly if it's something that you are really interested in. I definitely took my productions up to another level. Through teaching myself and asking questions on forums and now I know my way around the gear I can easily write good sounding music around a normal job (but then again I don't have children). But in terms of sitting down all day every day to write music, my experience is that it does suck a little bit of the magic or of it. But it also has its own rewards.
    But that sense of achievement can be achieved in plenty of areas of life. Doesn't have to be music. Plastering, being a waiter, understanding finance... There's a joy in life from applying yourself to something and seeing the rewards. For sure. It makes more sense to throw that type of energy into something that you know will allow you to live well and enjoy your life.. But well...music has a beautiful lure. It may not be the sane or economic choice in life but, well, when that groove finally slots together, you can't beat that feeling.
    My advice to anyone starting out in creating music is to enjoy the creativity more than the production, and allow the production side to gradually build up as you finish tracks. You can write /arrange good tracks without decent production (you can!) but you can't write decent tracks that connect with people if you've spent 10 years obsessing over compressors and limiters.
    I hardly ever thought about production for years. I just made music. But when I heard Ott Hallucinogen in Dub I started to look more at that side of things. Ott definitely raised the bar in psychill..and I thought my music was pants in comprison. I had crap monitoring, terrible eq habits and hardly knew how to use a compressor... But you know what? It turned that Ott was listening to my first album (Dryads Bubble) in his car for ten years. For me that was proof that electronic music is still about creativity and expression... and not production values.
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    Psilopylot reacted to Lorn in psychill is dead ?   
    This is probably the biggest reason some might say psychill is dead. I for one would prefer to see psybass go into its own direction and separate from psychill.
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    Psilopylot reacted to floyd2.0 in psychill is dead ?   
    no music style ever dies, it's evolving, it's as simple as that to me.
    people who say things like that are a bit short sighted i think
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from Gagarin in are there any man who find the meaning of life?   
    You can't find the exact meaning of it whilst you're trapped in this body, you just can't access it. It's all about the experience and learning to be a sovereign being. Besides many other things
    Yeah and even all the people who got a DMT breakthrough experience, they might have accessed it in some form, but when you come back you barely remember anything, cause you're-- errr, sort of not allowed to. So just enjoy the fact that life and consciousness will remain somewhat of a mystery on planet Earth  .
    But to give my thought on few things that probably matter a lot and we (in my opinion) are supposed to discover and learn is sovereignty, discipline and mindfulness. And these are just related to an individual, I'd not take my chances with the collective ones, other than to reconnect with this wonderful living breathing organism we call Earth. But again, just my current opinion.
    Or maybe it's just 42, or maybe there's none, what do I know
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Pink Floyd - A Pillow Of Winds ^^
    And right after that will play Fearless, which is no doubt my favorite song from Meddle (ye I like it more than Echoes )
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    Psilopylot reacted to yiannis in Psychedelic Society Revisited: On Reducing Valves, Reality Tunnels and the Question of Psychedelic Culture   
    I've just finished reading this essay: https://www.sociedelic.com/psychedelic-society-revisited-on-reducing-valves-reality-tunnels-and-the-question-of-psychedelic-culture/It deals with McKenna's claim that "culture is not your friend" and whether his ideal, psychedelic society is possible. A Spanish psytrance festival experience is taken into account. Very interesting read.
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    Psilopylot reacted to yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from Lorn in EQing   
    With samples from movies and such I often don't worry too much about the noise, I remove some but there's not much you can do about it without becoming the equivalent of a heart surgeon. And it also depends where the sample sits, by that I mean the position of the song. There will be a difference between including on the beginning, in the middle of everything happening or in something like a more quite bridge section or middle8. But generally I roll of the lows, since it's usually just useless rumble down there, remove some hissing highs but not too much to make it sound very dull (unless it's what I'm going for). Sometimes it helps to use a de-esser but Iacchus already said what the problem is then.
    If the noise is really invasive I just search for a better one.
    But it's always very individual and EQing and Mixing is always a big boogeyman for novice producers. So lot's of experience, producing and learning is always the best technique    . (that's why I'm here sucking up the precious knowledge from other more seasoned producers, muhaha)
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from mcthfg in New mcthfg video   
    It's very nice, I like the patterns the matrix makes. Although the bit rate can't keep up to make a clear image when there's a lot of spheres moving quickly on the display 
    So uploading and rendering the video at even higher resolution can give it more clarity, which would make this EPIC! But it's also very very demanding. (Maybe Vimeo can give better results?)
    Anyways, I still subbed 
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from andorra in How are this stings made?   
    Wow, I need to thank you for mentioning these. I am surprised these slipped by my sights since they look like nice quality plugins for free.
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    Psilopylot got a reaction from andorra in How are this stings made?   
    Well the most obvious thing is that the strings do not reach out into higher frequencies. So either using the right waveform or filter settings will give you a good start. Also the strings are two sounds in my opinion, the higher one goes higher as the lower (more bass-y) goes lower in the progression, so you need to keep that in mind. It has longer release, which makes it overlap itself, there's also probably some lfo modulation (maybe for velocity?) with speed that alternates, or it's phasing (but I don't really think it actually is phasing) or it's just the effect of unison. The waveform could be from a wavetable plugin, but I can't really tell, though the harmonics aren't very even. Maybe the the lower one is a saw that has a stable low pass (no keytracking) with a sine wave that is one octave lower to provide bass, but I'm just speculating. I'm pretty sure you could get this sound if you were to use serum, it's just a very capable and flexible plugin. Also definitely use unison for this one, play around with it. Also, of course use a nice reverb, but that's probably very obvious. And lastly maybe chorus can help you to achieve this sound. Overal though your best bet is to look at this sound in spectrum analyzer and spectogram and see what the harmonic information is and use that (and your ears of course) as a guide.
    Maybe some HG Fortune's plugins could have some wavetables that could sound alike, or any wave-table plugin. Honestly I think you could achieve this in many substantive synths like Sytrus, or additive like Harmor, all you need is an option to manipulate the oscillator more precisely. But it's definitely all about having the right wave form, separating each sound into it's correct frequency range, using correct spatial tools (unison, chorus, reverb and etc. (also the lower frequencies could benefit from being more mono)) and just tweaking it a lot.
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    Psilopylot reacted to andorra in How are this stings made?   
    Hi! And welcome to the forum
    I can't listen the sample right now but I'd start with DSK Music instruments. Most of them are free and can create quite nice orchestral sounds. Some DSK plugins are what I use quite often
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