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  1. Is anyone else having problems accessing the poll...??? Numerous times I have tried and just get a blank page
  2. Would like to add my set to the list, you can find it here - Then there are sets from, these are the only ones that I have seen uploaded so far... Fourth Dimension - Supercozi - Ant Nebula - Johnny Blue - Balance - https://soundcloud.com/balance-3/balance-winter-solstice-event-2016 Fuluf - https://soundcloud.com/fuluf/diws2016
  3. The BC link was put up by a company not related to the release, you can purchase the album directly from Pete Ardron via his Pink Hampster site http://pinkhampster.com/html/artistpage.phpor via iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unexpected-pleasures/id1165999421
  4. The album is quite simply stunning... I have had an advance copy for over 2 months and I cannot stop playing it. It is a perfect collection of chilled goodies that will stand the test of time. I personally think it is one of the best albums I have heard in sometime... certainly a classic in the making
  5. ~ There is a fantastic new album called "Unexpected Pleasures" due to be released on November 4th by the talented Pete Ardron (Orchid Star)... This teaser of a track, below, is called 'Blue Sky Dreams' which features vocals by Teresa Gabriel... this is one of many excellent tracks to be found on this forthcoming long player, which features world, psybient, chill out and ethno influences Also the title track "Unexpected Pleasures" can be heard in full at For those in the UK, the album launch on November 4th will be held at Cafe Cairo in London where the album will be played, in full, live and specially produced for this event... more details can be found on the event page at -https://www.facebook.com/events/699791453509879/
  6. Thank you, pleased that you enjoy the tracks... more to come in the future
  7. A little something I put together and released last week... https://diversityintheisles.bandcamp.com
  8. Hya folks... thanks Maia and Iurii for your words... I haven't really had the time to sit down and listen to this weeks choices unfortunately, but the Unusual Cosmic Process lp is quite something... plus the track I have done with Steve Crock...! For those of you who wish to listen / buy the Mystic Lounge track "Magical Dream" you can do so via this link - https://liquidlounge.bandcamp.com as the link isn't listed above...
  9. What a great weekend it has been... Firstly, I would like to thank Shoom and Goa for inviting me to play on this great celebration of the Winter Solstice, along side some of the best musicians, producers and dj's currently in the downtempo/psychill genre, from all around the world... I have heard some awesome sets through out the weekend and been introduced to new artists and music, which is never a bad thing...! And made some new friends along the way... I have only been with the channel for a year and I cannot think of a better a way to cap it off, than with this unique and highly entertaining event, it was an absolute pleasure and an honour to have been involved... Secondly, I would like to thank all those who tuned in through out the weekend and showed their support for this event, commented on the various threads, posts and show forums and gave us their feedback about the music being played and presented... that alone, makes it all worthwhile. For those who wish to listen again to the 2 hour set I contributed, you can now stream it from my Mixcloud page
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