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  1. Hi there, this is my latest set. Paul in Dub - A Forgotten Truth Beneath The Trees Author - Jah Live (Ollie303's Jah's On Road Mix) [FKOF 2014] Gaze Ill - Act of Change [Iron Shirt 2015] Gastly - Ashikaga [Phantom Hertz 2014] Feonix - Premonition [FKOF 2014] Epkitan - Suda Lelé [Dub Temple 2014] Khanum - Rattle Snake [FKOF 2015] Organik & DJ Variant - Thunder Roll (Matt Deco Mix) [Phantom Hertz 2015] LX One - Kingsland Dub [Wheel & Deal 2015] Sqz Me - Killah [Desla 2015] Numa Crew - Red Dub [Moonshine 2015] DyaD - Wise [Annihilate Audio 2014] Las, Mikael - Key [Innamind 2015] Chad Dubz - W8 [Unified Audio 2015] Paragon & Chad Dubz - Totem (DTR Mix) [Foundation Audio 2015] 207 & What the Funk - Goth [FKOF 2015] Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories (Damnesia Mix) [FKOF 2014] Sobie - Hollow (Morning High Remix) [ZIP Sound 2015] Morning High - Can't Be Alone (Vax Mix) [Phantom Hertz / EDM 2015] Legen4ry - Drugs of Choice (High Dude Mix) [EDM 2015]
  2. My latest mixset full of dubby vibes with strong ethnic flavor. Commit - Atlantis [interchill 2015] Matt Deco - Boom Bap [interchill 2015] Chad Dubz & Mono - SP30 [Cue Line 2015] Morning High - Cant' Be Alone [Phantom Hertz 2015] Spec - Awaken [uprise Audio 2015] Gaudi - Solaris Vision [interchill 2014] Bakir - Deep End [interchill 2013] Alert - Heavy Meddle [Oblivion Fringe 2015] B1t Crunch3r - Quantum Chromodynamics (Darj Mix) [Gradient Audio 2013] Darj - Chaos [Monkey Dub 2013] Ruckspin, Planas & Levalian - Steppin [interchill 2013] Drews Theory - Acid Vibes [Mndstep Music 2014] D-Echo-Project - Selected Cuts [Cyan Music 2013] Dubsworth - Circular Reason [interchill 2015] The Illuminated - Truth & Right [Moonshine 2014]
  3. I started DJing with all those classic Techno and Trance tracks I grow up with in the 1990ies. I called it Retrogressive Sessions and bought about 300 CDs on ebay within two years. This summer I decided to mix something new. Dub, Psydub and Dark Dubstep. For modern releases it's quite hard to find CDs, so I had to buy single tracks online. Amazon is quite a good place with huge selection. Unfortunately, some tracks are not 320 kbps. Beatport is expensive and demands taxes, but the quality is always 320 kbps. After I have discovered bandcamp, I virtually buy all tracks there. The quality is always perfect and €ash flows directly to the artist. :-)
  4. I came to Psydub a few months ago. I enjoyed Dubstep for some years, but sadly enough, most modern releases are not my cup of tea anymore. Too noisy, too shitty, without soul :-) Current Psydub has great potential and combines classic Dubstep with ethnic and psychedelic influences. Here are a few artists I can recommend. They can also be found in my mixsets. Landswitcher Akasha Experience Quanta Whitebear -Paul
  5. Hi Gagarin, thanks for your kind reply. Sure, I can post the links to the "Paul in Dub" series right here. Cheers -Paul Skyway From Earth To Babylon OTT - Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack Haack - Subliminal Leftfield - Chant of a Poor Man Rob Sparx - The Prayer (Re-Dub) Die & Break - Peace & Dub Truth - Indigo Mood Guitoud - Citizen L-Wiz - Girl From Codeine City Sounds from the Ground - The Shepherd Dub Wiser - Drums and Fire Alert - Grimoire Pitch Black - Transient Transmissions (Deep Fried Dub Mix) Vibrasphere - Northern Sunsets Kryptic Minds - Wasteland Quantum Soul - Dream Catcher Antiserum - Top Shottas Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation Two Ounces of Catnip to Cross the Acheron Skytree - The Goddess OTT - Escape From Tulse Hell Massive Attack - Karmacoma Third Ear Audio - Up In Smoke Darj - Ka'Andirah Cyrus - Manhatten Blues Vlastur - Cycladic (Dub Mix) Tes La Rok - Earth Haack - Condemned Brujos Bowl - Seeking That Place Warsa - Tungsten Spit Brothers - Violet Dub (Roommate's Remix) Dubblestandart - Island Girl (J-Star Remix) Guitoud - Conscious Rasta Coming And Going Without Ever Leaving Quanta - Day of Orin Whitebear - Depth Charge Tara Walsh - White Flag (Whitebear Remix) Akasha Experience - Stistow Llatouba Darj - Envenom Land Switcher - Lead Response Warsa - Terminal 502 Nomine - Blind Man J:Kenzo - Technoid Soulacybin - Word, Sound and Power Haack - Fading AxH - I Feel Safe Quanta - Within Creation Mishva - Civilization (Darj Mix) Chad Dubz - Ganjaman Darj - Ka'Andirah (Deafblind Mix) Bird of Prey - Atrium (Quanta Mix)
  6. Paul in Dub - Third Edition - Coming and Going Without Ever Leaving This one bridges the gap from Dubstep to Psydub and takes you on a journey to a deep, dark and twisted land. Enjoy! -Paul
  7. DJ Paul Katz

    DJ Paul Katz

    Hi folks, this is DJ Paul Katz from Germany. I focus on all modern dub styles. From Psydub, Digital Dub up to Dubstep. My sets are mostly deep with some ethnic influences. All mixes are 320kbps and tracks are paid to support the artists. Therefore you can only find my sets on mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/PaulKatz/ Enjoy! -Paul
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