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  1. That's a great read, and very interesting for anybody interested more in the business-side of things. I love Bandcamp and everything they do and stand for.
  2. Manny! - Good to see you here. It's Don - from Ascendant Welcome.
  3. Yes, the writing has been on the wall for Beatport for some time now...
  4. Great - thanks for the kind words. It was really great to be able to team-up with SOMA.FM to do that special release.
  5. Currently using NI's Replika and D16's Sigmund. In the past I've also used the Uhbik Delay from U-He to great effect. These in addition to the built-ins with Logic & Live.
  6. Cheers guys - thanks for the comments!
  7. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Edgar Froese's passing. We did a version of Tangerine Dream's "Love on a Real Train" in his honor. It debuted yesterday AM on SOMA.FM.
  8. I have not tried those Korg legacy packs, but have owned the hardware back in the day. I really liked the Wavestation once you got away from the factory presets - lovely sounding pads. I miss that one. I spent last summer slowly starting to get back into hardware - both synths and fx - and one thing I found is that if you take a soft-synth and use a hardware reverb and/or delay on it, it goes a long way toward improving the quality of the voice - regardless of where it comes from. Having said all that, the best advice ever comes from Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue): "Use the drum machine you have." It's a fantastic metaphor for using the tools at your disposal to get rolling, learn them inside and out, and see where they can take you.
  9. Voxengo develops top-quality plug-ins and it just so happens they offer a few freebies to get your feet wet, one of which happens to be a stereo-width plug-in: http://www.voxengo.com/product/stereotouch/
  10. Thanks. Hopefully people here can look to it as far as arranging and layering, but if you like it too - win/win!
  11. Headroom (IMO) varies depending on the arrangement or density of a track. Starting with a kick @ -10 or -12, depending on your workflow seems a good start though.
  12. If you're worried about the occasional "over" I don't think there's anything wrong with having a limiter on the master fader and having it at zero to stop them. It's also a good way to whack on some level if you're bouncing out a pre-mastered ref and you just want to hear it with some gain applied. Just remember to back it down when you are creating your final pre-master bounces.
  13. I've just picked up an Eventide Space. I'm sorry NI Reverbs... huge difference in quality, depth, and transparency. Wow. Highly recommended.
  14. If you check the first track here (Remains) https://synphaera.bandcamp.com/releases- it's pretty much what you describe: sustained bass, warm pads, atmosphere and sequences. The main thing is to, in your arrangement, make sure you aren't doing too much in any given frequency range. Make sure you spread the material out over the full range. You especially don't want too much overlap in the low-mid (mud) or the high-mids (harsh). Also, make sure to concentrate on your source sounds before you apply FX or else you're just taking a not so great sound and making more of the same. The other thing is, some sounds, you'll want to use your FX inline, other times on a send, to get different depths in your sound field. Delays work great in both places, but an analog delay (say Minifooger) or any "colored" delay (VST) on send can be a great way to glue sounds together - so you can have a wide variety of sources, but they'll all sound like they're in the same "space" if you do little tricks like that. Best advice though, use your ears and follow where they lead.
  15. Usually I start with a concept or an idea of an arrangement, and then get some sounds together. If it's an Ascendant track, we almost always have a conceptual idea down first, and then try to realize that through passing a Live session back and forth and then I'll start to create an arrangement based on the parts we've got and then we fine-tune. The main thing I find is that if I have an idea or concept, it's getting to the emotional core - that feeling you want to have when you're listening to the track - and then don't let go once you have it until it's done.
  16. We are treating Synphaera as a real business and a real label. Open to other artists, absolutely.
  17. We get all kinds of comments with Ascendant, but with this track in particular, we've had comments of people having all sorts of reactions to it, spontaneous and otherwise: https://ambientascendant.bandcamp.com/track/glass-desert-4 (I don't know why this track specifically. There was no different intent or anything.)
  18. With Source Transmission we found ourselves exploring the birth of the cosmos, and the origin of all things. With Æthereal Code, we wanted to explore what comes next, so as remnants of the initial Source Transmission emerge from the cosmological drift, a new epoch begins with the assemblage of the Æthereal Code, which are the repeating frequencies, patterns and resonance - the very code - that is the fabric of space, time and matter. And there is another album coming to complete this trilogy. But we'll save that for now. If anybody has any questions or comments, we'd love to hear them. As always, we couldn't do this without you. Here's a great review if you'd like to read more.
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