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  1. The set was recorded at the brand new Zodiak club in Brussels on the 7th of October ("RevealZ" party) in the Cosmic Eden room. Some transitions could have been done better but there are some killer tracks anyway that I hope you will enjoy! Inside you will find somewhat Glitchy and Dubby vibes, with allot of recent tunes and a few unexpected twists and turns. Not restricted to one genre, but always with an emphasis on the low end of the frequency spectrum. Especially in the second part of the mix the tempo tends to pick up a bit, touching upon some psychedelic drum & bass and other funky vibes! https://soundcloud.com/alchemist_sc/revealz-live-dj-set-zodiak-club-2016-10-09 Tracklist: 1) Androcell - Frog Pond [self-Released, 2016] 2) Stimulus Timbre - Garden of Rest [self-Released, 2013] 3) Digital Skunk - Taking Wing [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 4) Psyentifica - Queltami [self-Released, 2016] 5) Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis (Gaudi Remix) [Leftfield Recordings, 2016] 6) Blue Lunar Monkey - Metta [Tycho Records, 2011] 7) Seamoon - The Center of The Mandala (528 Hz) [Merkaba Music, 2016] 8) Apriori - Facture VIP [Triple Drop Productions, 2016] 9) Atom Session - Autumn Glider [self-Released/Ektoplazm, 2016] 10) Pitch Black - It's the Future Knocking [Dubmission Records, 2016] 11) Kaya Project - Shifting Sands (Kukan Dub Lagan Remix) - Kaya edit [Tribal Shift Records, 2016] 12) Dub Size - The World Is A Fine Place [Dan Dada Records, 2016] 13) Mystical Warrior - Passage To Dub [Dan Dada Records, 2016] 14) PlusStepper - Digital Horns [Original Dub Gathering, 2015]‎ 15) Androcell - Smile on [Altar Records, 2014] 16) Sixis & Expedizion - Awakening World (Bloop Remix) [shanti Planti, 2015] 17) Sixis & Expedizion - Awakening World (Sixis Revision) [shanti Planti, 2015] 18) Xeno - Elevenwoods [into This Wired Abyss, 2015] 19) One Arc Degree - Jupiter Transit [blue Tunes Chillout, 2015] 20) Hinkstep - And A Song For You [Ovnimoon Records, 2013] 21) Bryocon - Subside [Triple Drop Productions, 2016] 22) Carbon Based Lifeforms - Proton / Electron [ultimae Records, 2006] 23) Sixis - Wandering Deeper [Addictech Records, 2015] 24) Silicon Slave - Corporate Furry [beanstalk Records, 2016] 25) Kalya Scintilla - Acacia [Merkaba Music, 2016] 26) Blue Lunar Monkey - The Unknown [Altar Records, 2016] 27) KEEMIYO - Serendipity [Altar Records, 2016] 28) KEEMIYO - Fractal Universe [Altar Records, 2016] 29) Unknown Reality - Fresh Fruit [self-Released, 2016] 30) Astral Waves, Sufi's Life & Merlin - Le Rêve Eveillé [Altar Records, 2015] High-quality downloads are enabled on soundcloud. Also thanks to =ҒLΦɎD= for the pic.
  2. Favourite tracks = "A Great Silence Is Spreading" and "It’s The Future Knocking". The Kaminanda remix of "Invisible Chatter" (released earlier) is also great
  3. Yes, can't wait for next year either. Really curious to see in which country/location it will be for the 3th edition! I had so many amazing experiences at Samsara, it is hard to put it all into words. Music-wise I enjoyed the set of Gaudi the most together with the whole Ultimae records showcase on Saturday (Cell, Sync24, CBL, Solar Fields, HUVA Network, Aes Dana, Miktek, ...), but actually every day was a nice music journey. Some personal highlights: dancing to Carbon Based Lifeforms on the Mainstage at sunset under a rainbow, doing staff spinning workshop(s), watching the crazy fire shows at night, talking to all the lovely people, ... The Radio Tilos stage surprised me also very much. I didn't expect to stumble upon Long Arm playing live in the forest, let alone a Acid House party on the first night! Basically the festival had a great variety of music, making it sometimes hard to choose between stages, but this is luxury problem! I liked the fact that it was a rather small-scaled festival, with only 2000-3000 people (if I could have a guess). There were no cues at the showers and most people had a nice camping spot in the shade and/or in the forest. The small scale also meant you would literally bump into your favourite artists walking around the festival. While I enjoyed the festival allot, there are also some potential points for improvement: - I found it a pity that, during the first few nights, the mainstage and surrounding area was very dark at night. You could not see the beautiful UV/fluorescent decorations that were hanging right above your head. The blacklights and lasers were not turned on until the third or fourth night of the festival, and even then not so bright. The same for the videomapping. It looked great, so why not let it start sooner? - Similarly, it was a bit of a shame that the mainstage booth was not opened yet the first two days and DJs had to play on a small table/stage. (Although I suspect this had to do with some technical difficulties) - having the ability to pay with cash at the small shops (and not only that plastic card) would have been nice - unclear rules of the security about entering the festival with your car and/or your own food and drinks (one day allowed, the other not) I do understand not all of the above was the choice of the organisers, and the police & fire brigade also had a say in this, so just something to take with you for the next edition You can find some of the pictures I took here: http://imgur.com/a/Un1Fn. I did not include all of them, and they are not of super high quality, but it should give you a general impression of the festival!
  4. Nice and chilled vibes Perfect as background music during work
  5. Listening to this right now while doing some work on the computer. WOW All I can say haha! Only at track #6 right now, but I feel this will be quite a ride! Temporary favs: #2 (Release), #6 (Back in the Game)
  6. Track 4 and 5 are also my favourites. I really like the sound design on 'Frog Pond'! Will definitely play it in future sets Some of the other tracks are sometimes a bit too much 'into your face' if you know what I mean...
  7. Hello guys, Last weekend I had the chance to play at the "United Spirits" gathering here in Belgium. This is the result: a gently evolving set starting with Psychill and Psydub, going into more roots-oriented sunny Dub and to conclude some heavy steppers. Tracklist: 1) Hang Massive - Once Again [self-Released, 2014 re-issue] 2) Supersillyus - Charade [Gravitas Recordings, 2016] 3) AtYya - Sixth Serpent [iboga Records, 2016] 4) Sergio Walgood - Timeshift Lapse [Psyderweb Records, 2013] 5) Supersillyus - Enigmagician [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 6) Living Light - War of Consciousness (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Dub) [Desert Trax, 2015] 7) Shpongle - The Stamen of the Shamen [Twisted Records, 2005] 8) Geoglyph - The Philosopher King [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 9) Ultramorphic - To Live By The Sea [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 10) Grouch - Soul Provider [self-Released, 2013] 11) Grouch - Drowning in Dub [Enig'matik Records, 2011] 12) Tara Putra - Euro Bongs [Purple Hexagon Records, 2015] 13) Hang Massive & J Rokka Ft. Victoria Grebezs - Marine Migration (Gaudi Rmx) [self-Released, 2016] 14) Kanka - Doodidoo Dub [self-Released, 2015] 15) Dub Dynasty feat Cologne - Footsteps Dub [steppas Records, 2016] 16) Dub Dynasty feat Cologne - Footsteps [steppas Records, 2016] 17) Brain Damage meets Vibronics - Letter Dub [Jarring Effects, 2013] 18) Alpha Steppa feat Prince Jambo - Mix Up Fix Up [steppas Records, 2015] 19) Alpha Steppa feat Prince Jambo - Mix Up Fix DUB [steppas Records, 2015] 20) Art-X feat The Roots Addict - Wada [ODGPROD, 2016] 21) Art-X feat SoulNurse - City's too Ruff [ODGPROD, 2016] 22) Dub Dynasty feat Cian Finn - Blessings Dub [steppas Records, 2014] 23) Dub Dynasty feat Cian Finn - Blessings (Original mix) [steppas Records, 2014] 24) Alpha Steppa feat I-Sarana - The Eternal River [steppas Records, 2015] 25) Alpha Steppa feat I-Sarana - The River [steppas Records, 2015] 26) Mr Zebre - Anthem [Rootical Attack Records, 2014] 27) Ondubground - Step 4 Yah [ODGPROD, 2014] 28) Dopus Ei - Dreadlock Diaries [unreleased] 29) Art-X feat The Roots ADdict - From Midle East [ODGPROD, 2016] 30) Nibana - Our Eyes [Maia Brasil Records, 2014] Best enjoyed on a bass-heavy system or headphones I think! High-quality downloads are enabled.
  8. Hmm I will be ordering a X1 MK2 to use alongside my VCI-100SE. That way I get a bit more room for playing with effects/loops. Currently I have to press a little bit too much buttons at the same time to get where I want to be (or even use the mouse to select the effects). I'll let you guys know how it goes
  9. It was amazing, THANK YOU GUYS! One love <3 Is there a separate thread or subforum for festival reviews? If not I'll post my experiences here.
  10. Nice Small update: I still have plenty of room in my car! Pick-up possible in Belgium, Germany (Aken, Köln, Frankfurt, Neurenberg, ...) or Austria on the 4th/5th of July. One to two comfy spots available. PM me if you're interested.
  11. I'm going! Would be nice to meet up with some people from the forum! Still have to decided between driving the 1300km or taking a flight. When driving I do have at least one free spot in the car! Preferably for someone with a drivers license and good vibes So far there is only one friend of me who might join but he is not 100% sure yet. Main stage timetable looks delicious!
  12. Here I am again with a brand new mix! The set starts with mellow psydub, into more active and funky stuff and finally towards more familiar downtempo and ambient music. I recorded this on 27/05/2016 on the "Into Ambient" party @ Kraaienest, Gent, Belgium. Downloads are enabled. Constructive feedback or comments on soundcloud always welcome! Tracklist: 1) Dreadlock Tales - Gravity Equals Love (Alternate Mix) [GreenTree Records, 2014] 2) Pitch Black - Transient Transmission [Dubmission Records, 2007] 3) Pitch Black - Transient Transmission (Deep Fried Dub's Battered Mix) [Dubmission Records, 2009] 4) Vlastur Meats Nibana - S.P. [Melusine Records, 2016] 5) Quanta - Uprising (Lubdub Remix) [shanti Planti, 2016] 6) Green Beats - Dub 180 [Nutek Chill, 2015] 7) Ishdub - Roots (Green Beats Remix) [Kupuri Music, 2015] 8) Ohuican & Nahuatl Jaguar - Sobre 4 Aguas (Deep Fried Dub Refried Remix) [Dubmission Records, 2015] 9) Dub Size - Beyond The Sky [sUBBASS, 2015] 10) Astral Travel Agency - Natural state [self-Released, 2016] 11) Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Bioscape remix) [Purple Hexagon Records, 2016] 12) Easily Embarrassed - The Capital [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 13) Easily Embarassed - Smooth Operator [Mystic Sound Records, 2016] 14) Master Margherita - Kaldaf Funk (Saz mix) [MikelaBella Records, 2015] 15) Gnomes of Kush - God's Gift (Hibernation's Sparser Remix) [Tribal Shift Records, 2015] 16) Ishdub and Pablo P.G. - PGish [Nutek Chill, 2013] 17) Supersillyus - Enigmagician [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 18) Living Light - War of Consciousness (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Dub) [Desert Trax, 2015] 19) Shpongle - The Stamen of the Shamen [Twisted Records, 2005] 20) Geoglyph - The Philosopher King [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 21) Ultramorphic - To Live By The Sea [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 22) Ajja & Cosmosis - Aquamarine [Peak Records, 2014] 24) Illegal State of Mind - Distractions [sUBBASS, 2015] 25) Dr Roots, Nya & Master Margherita - Time to Dub (dub mix) [MikelaBella Records, 2008] 26) Flowertz - Ancient future [self-Released, 2015] 27) Aes Dana - Alkaline (feat. MikTek) [ultimae Records, 2015] 28) Hol Bauman - We are analog [ultimae Records, 2008] 29) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Verdens Største Satellit (Remastered) [self-Released, 2011] 30) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Structures (Remastered) [self-Released, 2011] 31) E-mantra - Echoes of an Empty Room (Hotep remix) [Altar Records, 2012] 32) E-mantra - Silence (RMX 2016) [Melusine Records, 2016] 33) Aes Dana - Leylines (Remastered) [ultimae Records, 2015] 34) Sync24 - DOT [ultimae Records, 2007] 35) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Nordlys [self-Released, 2011] ... Artwork by Andolsek Eugene. The last part of the set was cut off, and some EQing did not get into the final recording, but I hope you enjoy it anyway ^^
  13. You mean the "Toxic in Dub" one? Yes that doesn't surprise me. He has a strong background/interest in psydub. For example, see this compilation by him: https://nutekchill.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-resistance-selected-by-toxic-in-dub It's actually quite surprising how much similar artist's and tracks I seem to share with him, especially when comparing his radiozora mix to my brand new psyDUB mix! Talking about synchronicity and all that....
  14. New "Dub Trees" album (aka Youth). Will be released in June but you can already listen to it @ https://vk.com/advsn Info @ https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/dub-trees-celtic-vedic-ftg-jah-wobble-youth-and-daniel-romar
  15. Dubby vibes Ps: Liquid Lounge, I really love that compilation!
  16. Nice Will listen to this more closely over this week, but I notice some nice dubby/glitchy tunes already. Ps: he changed his name to Wolf Tech from Wolfen Technologies?
  17. Indeed, checking out the rest of that album now! ^^
  18. Just listened to That Germind sounds interesting, some jazzy dnb/psybreak(beat) tracks are always welcome
  19. My favourites after a first listen: Veiled Clouds = deep/progressive trance, with a somewhat dark/fast vibe to it Shadow Traveler = much more relaxed, nice flowing psybient Gethsemane = nice atmospheric/emotional stuff All three straight to the DJ folder
  20. + & also some nice percussion in Mister Margherita's latest release: Time to get another funky and dubby set going me thinks!
  21. I noticed a few of his sets on the psybient.org soundcloud also. Nice selection most of the time Here is a link: https://soundcloud.com/cleofus/selector-cleofus-winter-solstice-2015 Ps: does anyone know how you 'get' to play on that di.fm/psychill channel? Wouldn't mind playing a mix or two for an online crowd
  22. +1 also some more funky reggae-influenced stuff such as this oldie: and some funky psydub ^^
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