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  1. A mix filled with deep pounding psybient and slow trance grooves, hovering around 90-110bpm. A good way to start the new year if you ask me! Some parts in the first 30 minutes might be a bit 'cheesy' for some people's taste, but oh well If you don't like it you can skip further! Artist: Alchemist Style tags: Psybient / Deep Trance / Psychil Date: 31-12-2015 Length: 80:37 Tracklist: 1. Reasonandu feat. Suduaya - Moon Cloud [Altar Records, 2015] 2. Lauge - Vandrigen [iboga Records, 2015] 3. Erot - Atmos (Meridiem Mix) [Altar Records, 2012] 4. Lemonchill feat. Kota - Premonition [Random Records, 2012] 5. Lemonchill - Anima Mea (Alwoods Remix) [Ovnimoon Records, 2013] 6. Specialmind - The Missing Particle [sentimony Records, 2012] 7. Cosmic Replicant - Enter The Void [Altar Records, 2012] 8. Alwoods - Rain of Shooting Stars [Altar Records, 2013] 9. Lab's Cloud - Found The Way [Altar Records, 2014] 10. Desert Dwellers - View Lanikea (Kaminanda Remix) [self-released, 2015] 11. Chronos - Sequenced Engine (Progressive Mix) [Mystic Sound Records, 2015] 12. Phobium - Towards Proxima Centauri [Omnitropic, 2013] 13. Lab's Cloud - The Kundalini Ascension [Nutek Records, 2011] 14. Lemonchill - I Missed A Heart Beat (Deep In Mind Remix) [uxmal Records, 2015] 15. Erot - Eclipse (Suduaya Remix) [Altar Records, 2012] 16. Stefan Torto - Converting Silence [Cosmicleaf Records, 2014] 17. Aureohm - Exploration [Purple Hexagon & Trimurti Records, 2015] Downloads are enabled
  2. For me it's the Gnomes of Kush one! But will have to listen to the others also
  3. A short Ambient/Psychill mix with some of my favourite tracks. Minimal mixing, maximum music. Tracklist: 1) Cell - Audio Deepest Night [ultimae Records, 2003] 2) SYNC24 - White Pixels [ultimae Records, 2007] 3) Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis [ultimae Records, 2006] 4) Lars Leonhard - Hidden Places [ultimae Records, 2013] 5) Carbon Based Lifeforms - RCA(+) [Leftfield Records, 2014] 6) Lauge - Skyer [Dreaming Awakening Records, 2014] 7) Lab's Cloud - Vibrannection [Altar Records, 2014] 8) Vibrasphere - Manzanilla (Lauge & Baba Gnohm Remix) [self-released, 2009] Recorded last night at home in the middle of the night, thought it was nice enough to share with you guys
  4. Just took a wonderful nap listening to this Kuba mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e5EDOb5NX0&feature=youtu.be&t=30m43s Anyone know the track starting at 30m40? I had it on my old laptop before it crashed, would be nice to find it back!
  5. Really nice to read about the history and coming together of this project didn't know it was a vocal of your wife. Distant Industries is a wonderful track that I feel very connected too. I played it in one of my first 'real' dj sets. I was heavy into drum & bass for a long time so that could explain the connection. Will have to check out your other works now too! Related: when is THIS coming out and what can we expect?
  6. My vote goes to "Cosmic Replicant - Landscapes Motion". It's not exactly your typical psybient and what you would expect from Cosmic Replicant: it's leaning more towards dubtechno and even straight up techno, but I like it! Track #2 would fit perfectly at 6 am at any decent afterhours party! Granted, I haven't heard many of the other releases (yet)! Will give them a listen now
  7. My top 3: REASONANDU Feat. SUDUAYA - Moon Cloud - Why? I'm a sucker for guitars combined with psybient KEEMIYO - Song for Can Cabestany - Why? that bassline ONE ARC DEGREE - Opuntias & Cactoids Why? nice and relaxing
  8. There is also has a new Ektoplazm release http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/cosmic-replicant-landscapes-motion Currently listening to some slower trance stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0ibGK4u1Lc
  9. I'll post some more tracks for those who don't know what's out there: dark, heavy bass (2008) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2b09Mx7iyE happy (2011) relaxed (2014?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMAagLR337U positive & dubby (2014) glitchy (2015)
  10. Please let there be a next edition, I'd love to attend next year. Great concept
  11. True. He has nice tunes, some also leaning towards classic stepper dub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvB0cLJWkbE Here are three favourites of mine that haven't been mentioned yet: 1) Brujo's Bowl - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI3J3_5laW4 Four years old now, but still sounding fresh Too bad he stopped making music like this. His other project 'Beatroots' is also nice, but with a different vibe though. 2) Deep Fried Dub - Often leaning more towards regular dub, with some trippy and drum and bass influences. 3) Tor.Ma in Dub - He put out so much good material last year. I highly recommend his latest two albums (self-released). The previews to his new album also sound promising.
  12. Aaah I did not, but I agree it's important to acknowledge the people that actually create this beautiful music, especially when it's given out for free. I added the full tracklist, and not just the artist, just now
  13. I completely agree Floyd, too hot right now in Belgium to stay inside too much To get into the summer vibes I'll give you this new mix: It's a bit more funky & uptempo (with some minor glitches), but still rather relaxing if you ask me I recorded it at a friends wedding party, before some serious goa madness with Agneton & Persistent Aura later that night. bpm from 100 -> 90 -> 70/140 -> 75/150 -> ... Will record a real 100% pure psybient and ambient mix next!
  14. The whole release is on repeat here, can't decide which track I like the best All the same basis, yet very different!
  15. Last night I was playing around with a few 'new' tracks I added to my DJ folder. Mostly deep Psybient & Slow trance (100-110bpm), with a nice drive to it. I'll post the track list later when I 'finish' this set. Bonus points if you can guess them already http://www.4shared.com/mp3/NZ_NAjwece/Deep_Psybient__Slow_Trance_Pre.html (streaming & download possible) It's still a bit rough, but oh well, better to share it with some fellow psychill lovers than gathering dust on my hdd
  16. For me it's CBL so far: finally saw them live this summer at Boom. Pure bliss in a perfect setting! The Kaya Project jam was also very nice, and Aes Dana also know how to get his tracks to the next level in a semi-live set-up!
  17. Free fruits that is! Straight to DJ folder!
  18. Playing at BOOM would be a dream come true for me ^^ maybe in 2018 or something?! One can only dream! Anyway, I also hear a big difference between soundcards and offcourse mp3/flac. I love my Audio 2: playing a well-mastered FLAC over it on a big soundsystem just does something wonderful to your soul. It's not even that expensive. On a good soundsystem you can not only hear but also FEEL the difference.
  19. Currently I'm using a Vestax VCI 100SE midi controller with some custom mappings + Traktor Pro 2 + the Audio 2 soundcard (just like Mønsterhed). It's pretty simple but effective. Also you don't need to haul around with flightcases like with an s4 or s8. (pic from the web) Might get an extra effects panel when I get a few more paychecks ^^
  20. I made a playlist with some of my favourite chill out sets from the last few years (yes I also included one of my own haha)
  21. Nice, I really like ASC/Sam KDC/... reminds me of the "good old dnb" times, but with a different flavour.
  22. 1. I Import the track. I always try to use the same 'Project Rate' as I recorded themix in (44.1, 48k or 96 kHz probably). You can select this in the bottom left corner. 2. Select the whole track (CTRL+A) and click on Effect --> Amplify. Here you can fill in the 'New Peak Amplitude', most of the time I just use 0 dB. This amplifies the volume equally over the whole track, with the highest peak matched to 0 dB. Most of the track will obviously still be well below the 0dB limit. 3. I check if there are parts that need extra adjustments. For example in the picture below I would select the left part of the mix and increase it's volume a bit (or decrease the volume on the right hand side). Sometimes I do adjust the volume of smaller fragments. It's the same method but this time only select the fragment that you want to adjust. You can also zoom onto specific parts by selecting them and pressing CTRL+E (or regular zoom by holding the CTRL key while scrolling withyour mousewheel). This makes it easy to do some finetuning. 4. Repeat step 2 when needed. If the volume is still too low, you can start looking if you went 'into the red' during your initial recording. Select your loudest peak and adjust the volume of it manually down a bit. There are plugins to found the loudest peak but doing it by hand works just fine. Then again Amplify the whole track to the desired level. That's it, really easy actually
  23. That's the sensible approach that I also take: just record the mix in low volume, and boost the volume afterwards (without clipping) via Audacity. Normally I don't fiddle with any of it except for the general volume. When doing a recording of a 'live' gig it can be a bit more tricky since normally I only record internally (in Traktor), which means you lose all the adjustments done via the main mixer.
  24. Ancientrealms: Deep in Mind indeed has been making some very sweet stuff, Bicycle day is another favourite of mine, a bit emotional and mellow in the beginning followed by a nicely driven beat But I actually came here to post the debut album of Nibana, some top notch psybient that I just discovered (from the "Best of r/Psybient 2014" poll). The quality really took me by suprise! So many good tunes released the last few months, I should start making some new mixes!
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