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  1. As a listener and music collector I like Bandcamp the most. It provides free streaming, and the ability to buy albums and individual tracks - somewhat - directly off the artist. Artists can choose their pricing, including giving tracks away free. I really like this micro-payment model, and it would be nice if this could be expanded for example via direct peer-to-peer payments (avoiding paypal fees for the artist). I don't think Spotify has all the artists I'd like, but I've never really checked to be honest. The ~160 kbps streaming is not for me. I prefer to have the lossless formats on my hard disk or media player.
  2. Most of the time I sleep around 8 hours, but I feel best rested if I can get 8h30 of sleep. It depends on multiple factors though, for example when I was still a student and was going through exams, I had to sleep allot more to get all the information processed and stored in my head. On a regular day with no real studying I could do with allot less sleep. Now I get up around 8h in the morning, yet often I still feel sleepy since it's still pretty dark outside here in Belgium. The sun only comes up after 8h30! In summer it's allot more easy for my mind and body to get up early, and I often step out of bed with a big smile! Damn winter and the strange human-made clock that doesn't correspond to the seasons, at least during this time of the year.
  3. Ah yes Kuba - Mura brings back good memories Been really diggin GMO & Dense the last few days: Both their 'harder & deeper' psybient such as this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PefFxd-2IY0 aswell as the more atmospheric/laid back atmospheres found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FfiQ9QX6x8
  4. Nice breaks, yet still very relaxing Opening track for my NYE set ^^
  5. I'll post one of my first mixes that I played for a live audienc. There are multiple downtempo styles inside, not only pure psybient. New material coming soonish
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