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  1. I voted for 3 EPs because I was allowed to do it and couldn't choose only one ^^ - 2nutz, because kLL sMTH and because those 2 tracks are the best (yeah I would have vote for this one if selection was limited to one check) - Gaddy, because Digital Whomp and because the tracks are tight - Sixis, because Sixis and because the tracks are some next level psychedelic glitch...
  2. ROB-O-TEK is back on Digital Whomp with his best work to date! The Mexican producer is telling us some wonderful stories through trippy sounds and epic compositions. Always starting with some enchanting and organic introductions, he then draws beautiful and intriguing soundscapes, progressive skanky grooves, emotional melodies made with analog synths and glitches, and lay them all on some raw beats and powerful bass. Grab your copy for FREE or name your price: http://digitalwhomp.bandcamp.com/album/rob-o-tek-rob-o-dub
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