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  1. sounds good! I agree with Gagarin -- i also prefer the vibe in the beginning the best. I like your other tracks on SoundCloud as well, especially the new Dub one, TÄṇá¸ava Dub [update 2] KEEP IT UP!
  2. If this is your first finished track and you have only been producing for one year, then CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, mate! Very nice track! Personally for my taste I think your snare might have a bit too much hi-frequency on it, and i would like to hear it drop out sometimes so the melodics would stand out more during the first part. This is of course just personal preference. KEEP IT UP!!
  3. thanks for listening. Gagarin! i'm relatively new to producing psybient tracks and having a hard time discerning what qualifies as psy dub vs. psychill .....
  4. thanks for reminding me about DARBUKA NUT! it's been sitting on my hard drive not installed - gotta check this one out very soon!! CHEERS!
  5. Hello Psychillers! Here is the full-length PSY DUB / PSYBIENT remix of my new track - THE LUCKY ONE feat. Natalie I hope you like! I made the original version in an urban pop style, then did four remixes of the track in 4 more styles including this version. Cheers! Prizm Prime
  6. hey raul - really wonderful and lovely! I like the way you've got the sounds layered and textured - DEEPLY CHILLED and wonderful work! KEEP IT UP! Prizm Prime
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