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  1. Hi, Im sure someone will be able to provide a list here, although im almost sure there must be one on this site. But you could also try asking at reddit.com/r/psybient. Users timeisart and PazuzusPetals will surely be able to assist. namaste
  2. what andorra said... i cant add much else. track is captivating and sound quality is 10/10. give us more!!
  3. This last show was my first time tuning in. I really enjoy the live radio + live chat combination. I've seen this done in different situations (genres) but with psybient is a first. Would be nice to have more people involved. namaste
  4. OZORA 2015 Party Pictures Enjoy! Hope I posted this correctly, please advise in case I did something wrong.
  5. Rainbow Serpent is on my bucket list!!! The way they have their recycling organized, big +
  6. Thank you!!! Lovely mix, I already know most of the artists on it, was lovely to hear you blending them so sweetly. Also, thank you for posting your sets on Soundcloud, looking forward to more. If I may ask, you also use Ableton right?! namaste
  7. I already listened a few times, I like it and feels like its growing on me. Of course i wanted more dub from him but if this is what he decided to do, im ok with it.
  8. I was waiting for someone to mention Tor.ma in Dub. Jatab nailed the album that took over my ears recently (Mara'akames Gathering). Love his music! Love all others that were mentioned too, also got to know a few new names. Thanx guys. I'll be playing a Psydub DJ set soon in my city, not many are into psy music but many love dub around here (I got tired of the traditional Dub, listened to loads of Scientist, Lee Scratch Perry, etc) so I'll try to get them hooked. Will blend some electro dub too. DJs share your mixes. namaste
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