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  1. Look, sorry for de-railing thread, I wibbled nonsense^ & I'll come back to delete post above. The album's great & lots of world class music makers involved.
  2. Ah I just rambled here sorry. I apologise for being critical of stuff in a spiky way & I'm sorry for offence. Great musics^ no doubt.
  3. "state2" Ah I'm just making stuff up as I go along eh - I think everyone in the world should imagine that the police read every single txt, email, social media post, with the internet lasting for ever and anonymity obviously impossible - I mean even curser hovers, access to everything deleted, really fucking easy remote invisible access to mobile phones as recording devices and laptop cameras even if they appear switched off to user. I mean we all appreciate this already yeah? So for one thing it's really fucking stupid for anyone who would ever like to travel overseas to say they EVER took drugs - like we all know that USA visas are refused merely for past - like fully decades ago admission. Just plain irresponsible for artists to chat like they live in a free world for an interview. But also, there's a sort of fuck this thing about being more open - like coming out of the closet and being prepared to roll with how it plays out. Mostly tho we should pretend we're stealthy ninjas, a resistance in a police state - never using tech to communicate about stuff that is pretty much sacred - in fact not even paper or abstract images/props - like we just share our empty head spaces with one another in joyful celebration at the wonder of being an alive part of the cosmos experiencing itself. Ha soz, I'm not helping - I guess everything is right here&now wherever that might be. I think I was thinking of a hard to read bit in the bytes cover too - I sit in space one and contemplate space two I think it said
  4. Re:formats tho...I have an "AGPtEK" 8gb MP3 that takes 64gb micro sd (size of a little finger nail) - works & hi-fis ok - does need plugging in every 50-70hrs tho. Anyway, vinyl I'm over cos it just becomes heavy clutter or rare to worry about, cassettes? I really like t idea that kids can just find a boombox & good to go - much safer setting than via phone. But it's hard to find personal tape player now & restrictive about range of music to take away - I dunno tho - less chance of glitch than digital files/players so far? I've had mp3s fall apart in storage but WAV seems +5yr reliable so far, so I've gone with that. I archive cd & still crave records but nearly over compulsion to own - which I think was more about wanting to keep it safe more than anything - real world collection defo sucks if ever time to live overseas tho I know that much. iPad system is crazy to try and add files to - but possibility of being useful for making/playing esp with that ableton new link thing if works ok. I'm hopeful just iPad mini & prob one of the NI sound card things to take on road to share one day - esp via my surly long haul trucker - steel frame touring bikes for all sorts of win I say Anyway, I'm day-dreaming of maybe one of those pioneer usb players - CD esp CDr just not up to job of transit and use. But half feel like it's disrespectful truly not to even try vinyl turtablism skills - even just as prod technique - all more than a decade away for me I guess. I did play a few queer space uni parties one time, a single outdoor event, evening runs 'djing' in a veg cafe & then bought time to be on local radio - I think at the time I just wasn't into any adverts so I rather pay each week for a slot on the radio than alternatives - it was just AM station but felt more real to me than posting mixes up online or giving away someone else's music via sound cloud or wherever. Anyway I stepped up before I had sufficient skills & then there was a big flap about moving overseas again - really not feeling bar scenes at all - and I think I'd feel bit better about making my own music first before easing into showcasing finds - all really years and years away and well I dunno it might be ok in t end but well I resisting easy reflex to be critical - it's all just because music is a bit important to me I guess. MixMasterMorris said music was his life, his connection like a lover almost. Right now, esp after a break-up this week, music single closest thing/friend for me - just recently I'm getting passionate about career tho too - uni hoops and trying to focus are part of vanishing too for now I guess. I'm like pretty much the shyest person I've ever met unless I'm drunk and I gave up ever more than 2drinks already - never ever mix with state2 carry-on I, well not just me say. But yeah, potential to transfer tunes hand-to-hand I feel and pretty much our whole culture could be almost invisible online - except to collect music - band camp is neat t way u can surf collections - but unreal how few folk pick up on some 5star stuff even from big names. Anyway that really is me. Over&out. Also I feel a bit stink for Ott diss - he's called me much worse online tho & Shpongle app SiP says Ott turned down offer of opening the red rocks gig with an "ego" attitude response about how he'd rather oh I forget what but sounded rude if tru.
  5. +1 for ALL state2 experiences and soundtrack to occur offline+1 for paper/fabric based static artwork. All animation/visuals to be presented as background ambience never as focus of state2 experiences. Ah I guess because it's easy enough to get drawn in and our heads are set up to look for connections so it's stimuli overload. +1 Remember stuff about sussing mindset & setting out before any state2 experiences. Internet/online world should be unplugged. +1 for music first - as a soundtrack to a dance/chill in the woods/beach - not assume our screen habit is beneficial. Also, none of us has all the answers I'm just thinking out loud. Everybody go learn Mindfulness skills though - empty head is where it's at. "Science-fiction" An off world perspective can transcend race/cultural/gender/sexuality divisions? We are the aliens or something. But also it might be a terrifying concept to perceive hints about aliens in music/packaging - I've spun out to eat static before. I rate bits of Gel-Sol and he's making a sci-fi concept album. I used to really like ScienceFiction parties at Brixton. Less woo/dropping-of-critical-thinking with futurology perspective too. Ah different music for where folks at, arc of state2 experience etc. Playing out must be super tough to make sense of it all - chapeau to folks that brave spotlight - I'm half thinking online distribution of WAV files for solo/group experience elsewhere is more useful setting for peak+ especially type things. Maybe gatherings are more about a single dance area & a cafe/relax space that's mostly horizontal - not sure I'm really feeling where a third/fourth/etc space fits into it all - unless it's a unifying thing then I'm up for that. Oh I have an empty Twitter, mixlcloud & easy enough to find band camp - but mostly thinking offline is t way to go - I just turned single too - hope to catch up one time. Also I used to post in a couple of other places but easy finds - ah one place has disappeared and another - in fact don't bother I've hardly ever said anything more than a couple of pages worth reading in my whole life - I'm just half wishing I was better at 'connecting' or fitting in sometimes. Some days I feel sane in a crazy crazy world out there. Music is my sanctuary the song goes I think.
  6. I didn't mean to have a pop - I guess more where I'm coming from is that what's happening in someone's head might not fit very well into words - so if the makers vibration is coming from the biggest sense of self too then there's less key clash. Or if it's being or cosmic and what not words can really a person out of moment or something - also, I'm only just figuring stuff out but verbal cognition is I think at this stage correlated with reappearance of perception of neuropathic pain which may otherwise be absent in a silent empty head state2 experience.
  7. Hi - this post is cheeky but also, it feels like from here, with positive intent also. It seems folk like Disco Gecko are inspired by a wide range of music. I remember a great MegaDog gig with BancoDeGaia live performing including the saxophone player from PinkFloyd's wish you were here album and I notice on this compilation here there's a track with Inuit singing on it - which, on the soundcloud page is considered to be a creative commons recording. Are you able to explain a little bit about the translation services that 'ethno' producers working with lots of material from a culture that they have no contextual understanding therof, nor even a vague grasp of specific meanings of words, utilise to ensure that a) the vocal does not include any sentiments of negative intent and that "b" there's no accidental Burrough's cut-up technique blunders whereby an unintended meaning is communicated due to a lack of thorough appreciation of source material. I'm sure you're well aware from a legal perspective that original artists as well as commercial control have a right of veto over artistic context. For instance, can you explain the process of consultation with the Inuit song-holders to do with seeking consent, perhaps for a song used in sacred rites, to have elements both removed and added to their song and replayed in the context of a venue seeking to maximise profit from the sale of alcohol? Also, can you explain the further investigation beyond an online tagging about Creative Commons from an un-related sound archivist - to ensure that the original artists gave informed consent and waived all rights. Finally, can you add any words to the ongoing request from the indigenous populations of the world, not to have their art culturally misappropriated? I guess bonus points for a perspective on whether or not 'ethno' snippets are targeted rather than samples from major record label artists, in part, because there's just much less chance of being hit with cease & desist legal letter for unauthorised use of another artist's music. ooh and given your love of Disco - what are some good leads to explore this really diverse, psychedelic culture?
  8. I have so many gaps in my listening, it's not even funny - lol I think Laraaji did some laughing workshops? http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/jul/08/laraaji-brian-eno-of-laughter anyway, I only have the re-issue comp of his cassette releases, but felt like exploring a bit more of his music today, starting off with this track - sounds like a cd to order already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hes0hRY9v8 edit: woah, he's made some incredible! music - defo keen to investigate more : ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87E2ZRy21V8 editx2: no doubt it's the sort of stuff 'psybient' international touring "DJs" are already show-casing, but if somehow it's slipped thru the gaps, then can I suggest a CD by Audio Active & Laraaji (!) It rocks my world to find such a rich seem of wonderful music - thank you Laraaji *giggles*
  9. Can you explain that a bit more? I grew up raving to (happy) hardcore in the uk early 90s and I liked how inclusive the scene was. It sounds like you do not wish to attend events with these people? I kinda like some popular stuff at times - for instance I think the Skrillex/Justin Bieber track is decent! The bassline is fire I reckon - those beats are treats to my ears
  10. I was critical here in a spiky way about Ott music - which is great. I'm sorry for leaving up fr so long here.
  11. http://massappeal.com/thundercat-and-monopoly-paris/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Bitly&utm_content=Photo&utm_campaign=ParisTribute "Sometimes a eulogy needs no words. Thundercat—L.A. bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and acclaimed producer on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly—has come forward today to share an instrumental composition dedicated to the victims of the Paris shootings." - also Recloose with his Hit it & Quit it radio show is always worth a listen over&out
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ScYz9sNaQk ^first watch for me just now of this video for a FlyingLotus tune - worth a click! I'm a random nobody and not much use for finding music, but the beats of that track remind me a little bit of Dabrye styles - believe it or not, I took some of Dabrye's instrumentals along to soundtrack a day at the seaside amongst music from ISHQ and MarkPritchard. Anyway, very surprisingly to me, the Dabrye beats worked sublimely. I guess freaks hide out in all sorts of unexpected places. I think that's one of the things that DJ culture used to be about - years of digging thru music to find the good stuff - sadly for psybient/psytrance fans it's mostly just cross fades between this weeks releases from a really restricted pool of music. I wonder what a true school DJ would make of someone standing on stage for claps, pressing play on music they didn't make, and that anyone off the street could find within 10minutes of browsing online.
  13. I like this track by KingBritt feat Bahamadia - I think it was the bbe recs comp series of 'Instrumentals' that first drew me in to investigating the scene a bit more. Then a few years of following connections to explore more of the soul/funk/rock/jazz stuff that was sampled in amongst the beats - but much better sources of info out there than me. https://bahamadia.bandcamp.com/track/transcend Also, I don't mean to cause offence but I'm aware how social identities can be bundled up into what music we most like. I'm just trying to send out a gentle reminder that 'our tribe' means everyone on the planet and movements are global not exclusive. I'm a bit undecided about lyrics mostly - conceptually I don't really like how they interrupt a sort of timeless listening thing, but now and again a voice even in a heightened state feels welcome. Also I've had fun out 'dancing' sometimes, moderately tripping, and enjoyed the percussive element to how rap lyrics can work - equally some turntablists blow my mind compared to the slow cross-fader blends of "DJing" within psybient. I think I'm most drawn to the idea of wordless music that doesn't need a translation to communicate and is able to transcend illusions of borders.
  14. Can I ask though, have you ever listened to any FlyingLotus, or did you decide that because he might be connected to hip-hop culture - the superficial element of which you find it hard it relate to - then it shouldn't be investigated. That kinda looks a bit like a prejudicial attitude. But hey, there's a line about us being here to see each other through not see through others and for me for instance, I used to be a bit closed minded about HeavyMetal but it's interesting to explore areas where there might be resistance. RobertAntonWilson wrote about 'reality tunnels' and how it was sometimes useful to spot them and then take off the blinkers to see another possible version of reality. As a broader MUSIC community, I think we could benefit from lifting up our blinkers and exploring areas that we've previously considered off-limits and playfully dropping any petty genre laws that prohibit us from enjoying a much wider sense of community and plenty of really incredible music that we've missed out on. http://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/flying-lotus-interview-youre-dead "I think people think I fuckin’ take acid and do DMT every week. Those moments aren’t as common as people assume. I do psychedelics maybe once or twice a year, if that"
  15. Ah everyone has different preferences eh and that's cool. The songwriter from Oasis for instance said about how much he hates hip-hop and that he thinks 50cent is an idiot. I would encourage everyone to dig a little into the culture of turnablism, sampling and some just straight ahead incredibly psychedelic music at the heart of that scene. I mean sure there's a whole culture of weed smoking and enjoying beats, but there was cross-over to all sorts of other scenes - for instance some Graffiti artists were into listening to their progressive/fusion sounds as they painted vibrant trippy murals all over their city. Also, it's wrong to make an assumption about the content of all of the lyrics - for instance there was an early blend of disco and hip-hop culture that's made with such positive intent. As well, there's so much to learn from the production techniques and the kinds of records that were sampled. Plus I've heard hip-hop described as black CNN - and there's a voice given to express ideas about the state of it all - I mean surely even just as weed smokers everyone is a bit concerned to see such racism by police and so many people locked up in jail for committing no crime at all. There's a PBS documentary about alcohol prohibition times that is context for how utterly futile the war on drugs is - or at least the war on undesirable elements of society as it becomes. Embarrassingly, I'd not really investigated hip-hop culture in much detail until I turned 30 and there's some brilliant stuff in amongst. At a very basic level psy community should at least explore NinjaTunes/BigDada with label head already giving talks out in Boom and being open about liking LSD. Similarly it's rude not to tuck into FlyingLotus - he makes beats for rap artists and at the same time, along with Shpongle, writes instrumental love songs to DMT! Beyond that, there's honestly some great stuff - how about rare cuts by Bahamandia & Ursula Rocker if interested in hearing more a female voice in amongst it all. Ah it's not for me to give out every lead, but there's so much goodness within hip-hop community - or even beat makers of footwork/jungle fusion styles that it's really missing out to avoid it all, let alone not really fitting in with the whole psychedelia open-mind sort of thing.
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