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  1. Have you tried active noise cancelling earphones/headphones? I have a pair for when I'm driving in my very loud van, and they're amazing!
  2. I think CBL is an excellent choice Also, (Val)Liam, for similar reasons.
  3. Hi tribe, hope everyone is safe and well ❤️ There's obviously been a lot of DJ livestreams and virtual gatherings appearing over the last couple of months as we can't meet in person for the time being. I was just online for some of Gandaky Tribe's Elemental Alchemy livestream festival, nice to feel connected to other people listening to the same music at the same time If you've tuned in for one (or more) of these things, how was it for you? If you've hosted one or done a set for one, how did it go? What translates well from in-person gatherings to virtual gatherings? What doesn't? Interested to know your thoughts Much love ❤️
  4. Hey all! As some of you already know, I'm doing a PhD and I'm researching psychedelic music culture, visionary art, and related sparkly things ^.^ I sometimes come across books and articles by academic and non-academic writers exploring this area that are available open access, so am sharing them here in case anyone else is interested in reading them! Everything I post is something that's provided food for thought for me, anyway! I've posted a couple of these before as separate threads but thought I should put everything in one thread from now on for tidiness. So here's my recommendation for today - I've owned this book since it came out in 2012 and it's one of the most centrally important books for my research, but didn't realise the whole thing is now available for free on the author's ResearchGate. In case you're wondering, no it's not only about psytrance!
  5. What a useful database, thanks un1ty
  6. An interesting 22 pages by Giorgia Gaia on the cultural histories of chai, charas and changa and their relationship to processes of 'self-shamanising' and alternative spiritualities in psychedelic culture. https://www.academia.edu/10895416/Chai_Charas_and_Changa_-_Psychedelic_Gnosis_in_Psytrance_Gatherings Enjoy
  7. You're very welcome ^.^ I will continue to post stuff as I come across it. I'll start a new thread for each I think. Was it this book that you'd seen, by any chance?
  8. I don't have anything specific planned as I'm only now getting into the in depth search of literature directly related to the music and arts culture's I'm interested in (visionary and psychedelic). My search is based around the question "what might be understood as the 'politics' of visionary and psychedelic arts cultures?". This is tending to throw up stuff relating to psytrance and related genres as 'spiritual technologies' (as in the linked article); the idea of the psy festival as a 'carnival' of protest against dominant ways of making sense of the world; and the evolution of new ways of understanding the self, community and the wider world. Basically I propose to link to whatever open-access articles and resources I find that are relevant to the slower tempo genres and that seem like they might be of interest to the psybient.org community. And yes, fraggle as in Fraggle Rock No probs Iurii, hoping that I'm over the worst of my period of illness and will now be able to connect more regularly with like-minded souls Yes I've seen the documentary. I found it very interesting. It's a really accessible summary of a lot of the arguments I'm working with for my thesis, and even though it's obviously very America-centred, I think the themes it brings out are more or less universally applicable to psychedelic and visionary arts cultures. The only thing that doesn't really apply to my interests is the whole theta wave / entrainment thing, which I think is more of a psytrance phenomenon (though obviously the experience of collective ecstasy on the dancefloor is very strongly related to the kinds of ideas, themes, meanings etc that we find in psybass, psychill, etc). I actually just finished reading another article which demonstrates the radical potential of online psy community forums (as opposed to groups on mainstream social media like facebook), which made me smile and think of psybient.org as I was reading it It's called Weaving the Underground Web: Neotribalism and Psytrance on Tribe.net, by Jenny Ryan.
  9. Hi fraggle friends ^.^ I thought this might be of interest to some of you - Professor Rupert Till, at Huddersfield University here in the UK, has made his chapter from the Bloomsbury Handbook for Religion and Popular Music (ed.Christopher Partridge and Marcus Moberg, Bloomsbury: London) available to view for free on ResearchGate. It includes a history of ambient music and its relationship with ancient forms of spirituality, mysticism and religion (i.e. meditation and ecstatic states), and most interestingly from my perspective he explores how ambient music has been positioned at the boundaries between the religious/spiritual and the secular. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318563122_Ambient_Music If any of you find this interesting/enjoyable please let me know and I'll continue posting similar stuff as I come across it - and I'll be coming across more and more of it as I get further into my PhD Big love and all good vibrations <3
  10. Tbh I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be with the Desert Dwellers or Kalya Scintilla remix albums, but I'm gonna give them another go. Hope your hiking trip went well, gah I'd love to see the Colorado mountains!
  11. Only had time to listen to one thing off this list, glad it was this, really enjoyed it
  12. No probs G Thanks for the tip on Comisar and JuJu Beats too, will give those a listen.
  13. Oh my goodness Lobe is so gooooood! Had a quick listen to Bluetech, Zonra and Subset, looking forward to getting the time to go deeper with them. But seriously, Lobe! Where have these guys been all my life??
  14. The new Land Switcher is Also had a bit of a listen to Noetik the Alchemist - pretty deep, will give a deeper listen when I'm not feeling all sinusy
  15. Iacchus is INTENSE! I wasn't particularly keen on the other tracks on the Ion Driver compilation, all a bit too atonal/dark/glitch-heavy/ambient for my tastes. All sounds very well produced though! Vinny Vortex appears to have gone deeper and slightly darker with the album than he did with the recent EP. I like it
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