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  1. I want to look at the spiritual component of psy culture (ideas like oneness, the self as god, the divine feminine, etc) in relation to the cultural position of women and the feminine principle. I believe our culture is one of the most progressive in existence in terms of gender equality, both in terms of the involvement of women themselves in producing roles (DJs, producers, organisers, etc), and in terms of the kinds of images of and ideas about women and the feminine principle that are shared among us. So I want to look at how that works, what can be done better, and what feminist scholars (and society at large) can learn from it
  2. Sweeeeeet! I'll have a lot of fun working my way through these. I've already see the Kalya Scintilla one (he's definitely one of my ten favourite artists) <3
  3. snowdrop


    Greetings from the UK It's wonderful to be part of a forum dedicated to the chilled end of the psy spectrum. I'm deeply in love with psybass and psychill music and the people who make, mix and listen to it. Mixing it for parties and for radio is one of my most favourite things in the world, and I also produce music and am involved in event organisation. I am also preparing to do a PhD on the subject of women and the rise of the feminine in psy culture, which I'm hoping will be a cross-national study, as one of the things I most love about our culture is the way it transcends boundaries of language and border, whilst joyful differences between us remain to be explored and celebrated Looking forward to getting to know all of you beautiful souls over the coming months and years Namaste _/\_
  4. snowdrop

    DJ Chien

    Greets and much love, DJ Chien
  5. snowdrop

    Flying Lotus

    Hey Flying Lotus I am also a fan of Androcell, and need to get myself more Entheogenic! Looking forward to this also, wofl
  6. Greetings Spinnet I love your music, especially 'The Star Orchard' - what a beautiful track! Much love and respect to you, brother
  7. Yes, my mix will be live, with a pre-recorded guest mix before or after (this will now be from Continuum on Tuesday I think). Having a forum dedicated to the chilled end of the psy spectrum is really exciting, I will also enjoy watching it grow
  8. I haven't got round to watching this yet, but I highly recommend Graham St John's 'Global Tribe: Technology, Spirituality and Psytrance ' if you fancy a read http://www.equinoxpub.com/home/global-tribe/ I have actually just sent off my applications for funding for a PhD looking at women, neo-New Age spirituality and psy culture - fascinating stuff
  9. Hey, thanks Big, big respect and gratitude for what you do brother. I'll be on the mic introducing the show and the guest mix, and probably commenting on recent releases, or anything else that pops into my head But yeah, mostly just letting the music speak for itself It'll be great to have you if you make it! Peace and love xx
  10. Greetings psy tribe! I just wanted to plug my new internet radio show, new moon grooves - two hours of psychill/bass/downtempo mixed live each new moon to honour the start of a new lunar cycle. First broadcast will be on Tuesday 20th January, 20:00 – 22:00 GMT. There will also be a chatroom and articles and pieces of writing relevant to the lunar cycle and the seasons - kicking off the first month there will be original poetry and mandala art from Kat Day www.newmoongrooves.com Previous shows available at http://www.mixcloud.com/snowdrop/
  11. I recently moved from Traktor to Ableton for mixing. I started out on a Numark Mixtrack Pro which malfunctioned, but the jogwheels aren't necessary with Ableton anyway. Now I use a Novation Nocturn with Ableton whilst I figure out what to get next - I like the look of the S2 for more traditional style mixing but an Ableton Push looks like it'd be lots of fun
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