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  1. I listend to your list yiannis, some great new discoveries for me so thanks. Any more music suggestion... Gargarin?? Timeisart???
  2. Here's another one from Eat Static, this time its 1993. This guy really was ahead of his time. Eat Static -Kothluwalawa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrFX_0NMwoc
  3. Nice one Yiannis, some of these I have never heard so will give them a listen soon.
  4. Surely there must be tracks you rate with an incredible high regard? Ones that you always return too, ones that have a significant sentimental or nostalgic value, ones that you think have achieved something close to musical perfection? You don't need to rate them in order or anything, just share some of the ones that really touched the soul
  5. What are your greatest Psybient tracks of all time? Love to see what your guys could share. Its such a diverse, old and rewarding genre and I am constantly finding new gems, but forums like this often have the die-hards with the true eclectic and passion driven taste. I rate some of my top Psybient tracks as some of the best in all of my loved music genres and collection. A lot of musical masterpieces out there...sharing is caring! Here's some of mine . At home I have a top 50 list made, but as I am travelling i'm gonna have to go by some by memory... In no particular order; 1. Shulman - Transmission In Bloom 2. Jaia - After The Rain 3. Vibrasphere - Tierra Azul 4. Shulman - Retroscape 5. Ott - Aubergine Sun 6. Fredrick Ohr - Eating Fog 7. Man With No Name - Azymuth 8 Bluetech - The Light 9. Shulman - Staying At The Abyss 10. Solar Fields - Air Song 11. Abakus - Whole New Way of Looking At The Day 12. Nuclear Ramjet - Missing Moon 13 Kuba - Let Go 14. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Frog 15. Androcell - Vital Signs 16. Vibrasphere - Enseuno 16. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper 17. Kilowatts - Mother of a Thousand 18. Nuclear Ramjet - Near Earth Object 19. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams 20. Children of the bong - Life on Planet Earth Hope you discover some new greats from this.
  6. I have to say that Man With No Ego is one of the few 'modern' artists that has captured me like the old. Seems to have a big following as well, with Web of Life and Blinkers removed clocking up nearly 5 millions views together, which in this day and age is a huge success and very impressive. I concur that there is something special about his music, even if I cant put my finger on why. Still feel that the scene is missing some organic/analogue sounding stuff, which puts the focus on simplicity and space.
  7. The guitar solo in Dorest Perception is a 11/10 experience for me. Words cannot express... My families history is also from Dorest (UK) and when you visit this place and other places in the south west of England you find this really rich music culture and atmosphere. Psychedelics, rock, ska/reggae, drum & bass...all huge and healthy...it's not a surprise that possibly the three best musicians of Psybient ever, Eat Static, Shpongle and Ott, all came from this region (maybe others too?). So not only does this song kick-ass, but it has this great meaning to me which always puts the smile on my face.
  8. Forums are an oldskool platform now unfortunately, instead being replaced by poorer versions like reddit, or even worse places for short-term/shallow conversation like Facebook. For me I fucking love forums...it's where the true experts and deeply-passionate people come to talk, with real substance and depth. On facebook I wont find the same high quality suggestions as I do here, it's just a shame that different media forms now have now taken the centre stage when it comes to conversation... to be fair, Psybient is pretty niche...when I say I like Psybient to people, they are honestly bewildered as to what it even is (lol). We are a small (but blessed) bunch... I wouldn't get disheartened about it. I am part of forums for Trance, Drum & Bass and Trip-Hop, as well as graphic design forums and all are seeing less and less activity each year. Like others have also expressed, I may not post much, but I am always lurking and reading interviews and looking for new music. Keep up the good work I say!
  9. Fantastic suggestions from you all. Been listening to many of these today and lots added to my purchase list. Its interesting to see that around the 94-95 some of the first truly Psybient records were being released. It was kind of a two pronged approach with some of the Goa guys experimenting with slower tempos (eg MWNN Azymuth) and then also the ambient guys dabbling with more psychedelic textures and details (eg Adham Shaikh). The spacetime Continuum album has exceeded my expectations. Cant wait to get my ears on the rest of these suggestions.
  10. Any more suggestions folks? Is Mystical Experiences (1995) truly the oldest Psybient album release??? Old as fuck Psybient is so god damn good, so even if you have other 95-99 Psybient/Goa Ambient then please share my friends.
  11. One of the greatest Psychedelic producers of all time, in my opinion. There is a huge catalogue to go through, lots I still have not been through, but also lots I really love. His albums have been fantastic over there years. So how about... what are some of your favourite tracks by this Great? Can be the ambient or high-tempo stuff, either way. Here are some of my favourites Air Song This track could be the greatest ambient piece of all time for me. There are certain sounds in it which drive me crazy. Love the oriental twists in it too. Fucking 10/10. February My favourite high-tempo track... It has so many sections and ways it progresses. Not to mention the detail. Shredding tune. What are some of yours? p.s cant see my yt vids for some reason?
  12. yes word of mouth to find them, but they rarely change their numbers. They will send pretty funny texts with all the deals/strains they have.
  13. Yeah using labels as the means to find releases is for sure the way. What I find interesting though is that the collective scene is generally very individual with tastes and who it considers to be 'the best' the big player' or the 'leader' of the music. Shpongle, OTT, Eat Static, Solar Fields, CBL et al are the kind that have this sort of status and whole scene appeal, but they are the older generation really...arguably had their best days now (even though they are still quality) I wonder who will take on the role/torch and if they can produce material that will be as iconic and long lasting as we had from the late 90's and early 2000's. Astropilot was a good suggestion. The Psybient scene is so broad now and niche....you can find very specific tastes and sub scenes....but is their anyone in the new generation that is uniting us all in agreement and amazement?
  14. There are so many artists and styles now. The scene has exploded it seems to me (in the last 5 years).... but who are the best artists making the timeless records now??. Stuff that brings the whole scene together in agreement of its quality. I'm bit out of the loop currently.
  15. UK is bursting with dealers, selling all sorts. Most popular drugs are ecstasy, cocaine, acid and ketamine...and of course weed, which is delivered by car usually. Small amount of friends have been using illegal marketplaces online and with great success. You can so much variety mailed to your door and for a great price/quality. Weed is smoked by about half the population it seems, haha. Our penalties our light for being caught with a spliff so generally speaking you can smoke fairly casually around the place.
  16. Recently I have been spending a lot of time exploring and expanding my Psybient collection - Still I find that looking backwards in to the past is where I will find constantly find wonderful sounds, artists and albums and far less being released from 2010 onwards. One observation I have is that the music is much simpler and more hypnotic the further you go back; thinking of those early goa-ambient blends.
  17. Yeah a DJ set from Simon, but then says Hullucinogen (Live) on the bill, so not sure what this means regarding this act. Only ever seen Shpongle do live performance in his Shpongletron (lol) which is obviously a special thing, but still equally as excited for his DJ performance. When you say 'reporting on the show?', what do you mean exactly? Do you have example of something you mean on this site? - would be happy to do so anyway I am also curious about Tripswitch, I saw him do a album launch night for Vegabond and this release had everything from house, ambient and trance/techno. Probably depends on the time of the night he's billed, but judging on rest of the line-up and tempo I think he will be doing a more banging set than a psychill one.
  18. Going to see Shpongle again this year, and I am so excited. Also playing is his Halluncinogen alias, Trip-Switch (love) and also Kaya Project (love). Not to mention Nanoplex who have an amazing style of psychdelic/techno thing going (seen twice now) and also Gaudi who I saw Boom many years back and I loved. Basically a 10/10 night
  19. Hey man, trying to PM you but seems I cant send messages to your inbox.
  20. It says - 'video is not available'
  21. I used to feel the same way, but i'm not so sure anymore. Technology gave us more producers, but quality control went down. So many releases, so many labels and not enough quality control. Anyone could become a producer, but all the musical theory and craft with instruments (hardware) became less and less. Gonna refer to other genres again, but Trance without a doubt saw a decline in quality yet the number of releases/artists increased 10 fold. Techno kind of has a similar story. Drum & Bass, Trip-Hop, Breakbeat as well, come to think of it. We do have many good releases in the year I agree, but I feel like there is less phenomenal 'hall of fame' albums that will be remembered for decades (I don't follow scene religiously anymore so open to suggestions, please share if you think some are worthy). I just think back to the really special Shpongle albums and they are so different and bolder than anything we see today. In fact only the old guys are still giving it a worthy shot in my opinion.
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