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  1. Hi :)


    Finally, my album demo is done!


    At the moment this is a soundcloud playlist, but I'm looking for a label to help me to fund the mastering. 

    If I dont find one, I'll go for a crowdfunding campaign. 


    Here are those tracks :



    If you want to listen to this in a live set, I'm playing there: 

    21.07 - 25.07 Forest Soul Gathering #1 (Portugal)

    07.09 - 10.09 Hadra Trance Festival 10 (France)

    Love & Light, 


  2. I mostly use short room reverbs on my drums. It's really efficient to glue all the drum tracks.

    Also, try to put a compressor after your reverb, it can really make your snare sound bigger. :)


    (And don't hesitate to play 3 or 4 different snares at the same time, if you're looking for a big snare hit.)

  3. I love big knobs. :)


    TC Electronic make a good passive volume knob :


    I've been using it for 7 years, still handy and not much crackling. 


    Otherwise, to answer your question, maybe me most important trick I know about mixing is "all is about balance" : balance between instruments levels, spectrum occupancy and spatialization. Set a priority list in your head and don't be afraid to cut useless frequencies. 

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