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  1. Thank you for such a long and detailed explanation of your music. I checked your experiments in silence album, honestly, I couldn't tell it is from you or ishq, it is just very virtual-ish! Most of virtual albums, even from different artists, sound just the same! If I am honest, I don't think it is really interesting to listen to beat-less droning on, unless maybe you are high and have super sensitive feelings at the moment. I don't understand why you would want to abandon the beats, I rather find the beats are your best music feature. They are very accurate in a very pleasant way. It is like when someone is cooking, he just naturally knows how much amount of salt to put in without even thinking about it. And really, I think beats to music, is like the heart to a body. Of course, you can have rhythm without actual drum beats. But I just feel to electronic music, it is really essential to have beats. I couldn't explain exactly why, maybe sometime later the wisdom would come to me. I am not some professional reviewer or something, but as an audience, you do have a choice as well. I actually find Arecibo Records have more interesting experimental stuff. But that is just my own feeling though. I am sure it is fun and exciting to try all sorts of things while you can, like on the edge forever, good luck with your current edge music, maybe I will like it more of your next new edge!
  2. I just came cross this music video, it is really just the one I would like. It is actually Mongolia sound with psybient, but Tibetan and Mongolia music style are quite alike, I mean on the women's side, Tibetan do not do throat singing stuff. And Mongolia's voice, not only it is very high, it somehow lasts even longer in the air than Tibetan! The psybient side music is really great. I don't understand Russian, it looks Russian to me. And the music certainly is from someone who has quite a fair reputation in the field. Even without the Mongolia signer's voice, it is great music. And together, it is just mesmerizing! If someone ask me to take a guess, I like to bet the musician would be Airform. I am sure someone here knew better than me. And thank you for such nice music, it really let your ears open wide and far away! Thanks for reading till this long, here is the YouTube link, don't be too put off by that fancy Bentley, I guess it is some kind of achievement in certain way, You need to have it to get over it! Like you need to master the rule before you break it! here is Airform's music link, see if you agree, https://mysticsound.bandcamp.com/track/toward-the-sun
  3. Somebody, actually, Ms.Marynazowa has the transcript for this music! Thank you, too!!! Macrocosm and microcosm is a philosophical idea that goes back to the ancient greeks. It says that all parts of the universe - large and small - are arranged in the same way. After one of the great philosophers had broad up the concept, other people realized that it can be found everywhere in nature. And that the same patterns repeat themselves in levels of reality. What was true back then is still true today. Important things do not only happen on a big scale. They also take place in worlds that are so small that man can hardly see them. Every life owns the universe. You're part of something wonderful. Everyone is the part of the whole,everything is linked to everything else,each of your actions will affect your surroundings, what you do on a small scale,will have influence of the whole world... Thank you all! I mean the good wonderful you all!
  4. Hi, Tuculuxu. here is a link and you can read for yourself why I reacted so, https://onelittlepsaya.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/sailor-moon-and-europe-migrant-crisis. i wrote the blog in October 20, and check in 4th paragraph, I already knew that particular somebody would do something like this. I don't think it is some sort of prophecy, but only good observation of who is who! And of course there are much more, but I am afraid not just you, but a lot of people might not be able to understand it, maybe even with the help of psychedelic stuff, but that is perfectly ok, we are different, and we are on different stage of spiritual growth.. spiritual world is very very complex and hard to understand, what seems is not what is, that is something we all need to bear in mind. So that is all for that particular matter. I would really like to respond to timeisart and all that pyramid stuff.... I do agree with him, that a lot of times the government is only chasing after the puppets in the front, and I had to say what is happened in France, has a lot to do with French society itself. From what I read from the media, the murderers are very familiar with Paris inside out, what kind of people lives in where to do what, and that left over refugee paper was very obvious a setup trap. Why would a very organized murder plan be so eager to expose its refugee connection?! Obviously it serves a purpose. To blame on the weakest and most controversial subject and that can leads up to the internal political fight within the community, aka the so called liberal vs conservative. When everyone is so busy pointing fingers at each other, the pickpocket then just got their expected moment! Only those pickpocket has super appetite. On the other hand, I don't think that super psychopaths at the top of the pyramid is some mysterious figure we can never figure out... The world is really small, and I mean it in the most real way, every community, big and small, we have the same kind types, some nice, some nasty, some in between, and the events that can change the world, it happens in every community and it has just the same impact. Now that I remember this one special music, En Voice - Hold the Universe. And thanks goodness, that music explains everything I need to speak on this subject. Thank you! En Voice!!! And thank you, youtube!!! Maybe I can only add one more piece of opinion, wonderful things can happen large or small scale, nasty, evil things are just the same!! And I rather not to speak more of it! The music really explains everything so well! I would rather talk about what I would do after such an event now. I know I am not invited, but as a rainbow member, I know it is my duty. First of all, I would take care of the victims and their family... they are way more important than catching the criminal this instant.. I know the victim family would demand justice, but justice can not be push out just because you are so eager, the worse the situation is, the more you have to tell yourself to have a cool head, when million things rush through your brain, you aren't be able to focus on anything properly... let the investigation team do their job, and I will give the utmost support to those unfortunate families, because they has the most unsettling energy with them, and they can cause great distress within entire community, as long as their mood is able to calm down, common sense will return to the community and everything would be much easier to sort out!!! That knee jerk kind of seeking revenge this very moment reaction is very very harmful, you are only chasing the tails of the criminals, and nobody except the mastermind behind the scheme will enjoy it all! Thank you! And please don't think you can not defend yourself, I had machine guns right in front of me while I was in Tibet in 2008, and many tibetan school kids too, but none of us are really scared. And it only makes me stronger than ever! Just have that awareness and you will get there, no hero is born a hero! I had never ever killed a chicken in my life, I can't! I have trouble even killing a fish! But when somebody dare to insult me, not to mention kill me, I just instantly has this anger, "how could you?! how dare you?!" Did I do any injustice to you, did I ever take advantage of you, how can you treat me so, and it is just that simple, have your anger, have your revenge, but do it smart, do it proper, that's all! Thank you again!
  5. please, Ms.yiannis, I would hope you can start your subject and enjoy your own authority, I certainly wouldn't follow you around. But now that you are here, I would say please speak for yourself, I know I can not help you, not at all! Maybe you know, maybe you don't know, but I knew that from a long long time ago! Oh, yes, there is somebody else I couldn't help either. well, I prefer not to help you two, if I am allowed to be honest! As for other people, I believe they can make their own judgement, As Gagarin would say, let us try to have peace and love. I don't think I have much love for you, I doubt there is any on the other side either, but I would prefer peace. You have your own opinion, speak it all on your own. You want to offer help, go ahead, but please leave me alone. I had heeded such a piece of advice from somebody like you. Just in case you haven't noticed, I do not participate in any discussion if there is any presence of you. I made that decision after I went through the whole psybient.org archive and I am sorry I choose not to be your friend, or part of your circle. That is my decision and I do not ask anyone to follow mine, and I hope you can do the same. Right or wrong, I do not need you to save me! And my piece of advice is clearly not for you! So you can rest in peace! Thank you!
  6. I read from telegraph of what happened in Paris, but comparing to Europe, here in Hong Kong everything seems as quiet as the day before yesterday.. I didn't know what to say yesterday, but today I found my words. so here it is... The following would not be as nice and comforting for some people's nerves, but it is very necessary, in my opinion... It seems like a routine from what we watched from TV, the solidarity show, to be honest, I felt this word solidarity had been used so much, it means very little, like certain PR stuff. All right, I wouldn't want to be so mean here, it is a public space and I sincerely sorry for what happened to Paris, and French people in all as well, I love French culture... but I hope I can offer some real help, not just kind words. I hope people can have some real fighting spirit! Not afterwards, but right on the spot! Have you watched the movie Avatar, did you see those blue skin people, are they ever scared of anyone just because they don't have some heavy duty machinery weapons?! Or just watch a little kitty, when she is pushed to a corner, she is going to fight with claw and teeth to the end!! And that is the only way to protect yourself when someone hold a machine gun and just want to finish your life! You can not run away, let alone run over other people for your own sake! Your fear is the biggest lethal weapon your killer had over you! And that is the lesson I had learned over and over, and over again! If I were in that theater, and I saw those killers, I would scream to them in my loudest voice,"How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And I would stare right into those killer's eyes and throw any weapon I have at them, don't you have a iphone, ipad or android phone, they are the best weapons you can use to throw at them! Imagine hundred of those electric bricks hit at these guys from everywhere, can these killers ever be able to hold their guns, and really, just imagine that fierce, die with you and not to surrender kind of determination from hundreds of those innocent souls, I would believe the outcome would be totally different from what we see from the media! This is something I have observed from people, most people are not used to standing up for themselves, they call police, they complain. It works in a normal situation, but there are just events that you can't dial 999 or 911, you have to reply on yourself! And the more you reply on your police, your government, or your cash for your safety, the more you are vulnerable yourself. Isn't it very self explaining?! I had encountered, more than I would want to remember, such life and death situations, I had been surrounded by nasty drunk men, I had been surrounded by scary wild dogs, ......., and I always had this belief, I would die fighting, I wouldn't surrender!!! And I am still the same today! Nasty, evil souls have all the packages, makeups, excuses for their deeds, but as long as you are not scared, you will live on! I am sorry if I will offend someone, but please don't speak I am not afraid, but the minute the gun shot breaks out, you scream, you run and you hide anywhere, everywhere, your are actually the most favorite target of the killer, fear energy attracts predator everywhere in this world. I didn't come here to encourage people to be hero, I simply want people to know the fact that you, yourself, are the most capable person to save yourself, don't waste that precious your own spirit! Thank you!!!!!
  7. I really really like Mr.Spatialize's music. I felt I need a proper writing for such nice music, very nice musical intention, very nice musical foundation, very nice musical structure! All in all, I must say Mr.Spatialize is a very nice person! Who happens to make very nice music! My English somewhat is like junior to describe all those complex feelings, so I would just say I totally agree with someone, Spatialize's music has that instant feel good factor! If you ask me "Is there anything else you would like?" I would love to hear more classical folk instruments in it. In American Chinese restaurant, there is one dish called "seafood delight", basically a mix of all the seafood you'd like to try, it would be cool to have a piece of "folk instrument delight" music! I really love all these ancient musical tools, they just have this the magical power to lift you up, and send you drifting far far, far away... I don't know if I should say this, Mr.Spatialize's music actually is perfect, there really isn't much room for improvement at this level, at least that is my opinion... And I don't think going darker would really be the solution, nice people doesn't know how to be real dark. All right, this is just my little idea, I would think Spatialize is actually a person like Mr.Piers Oak-Rhind, an all round nice guy, (isn't it interesting many of those nice guys are from UK?!), what he needs is a person like Helmut Glavar, a free spirit, very spontaneous, but not huge concern for liability and responsibility... well, I am speaking in a relative term. That person would add sparks, spontaneity to Mr.Spatialize's already wonderful soundscape country cottage! I am not sure how long it will work out, but I feel it would end up with some masterpiece. Thank you for allowing my rambling! I often speak out of my place, but I really do have good intention, too!
  8. Oh, I just found this one out, I like the idea very much, a label is like a company, something formal and I don't know how to put it into words, like I am very much like corporation commercials, the original and cool ones, but somehow you don't have the same feeling towards personal promotion, is there a word for such psychological phenomenon? Thank you! I am not a big fan of psydubs, but I like akasha (experience) very much, especially the two EPs, shamanized and the chain. At one time I thought they were the other project of Entheogenic. The sound is just so strange and interesting. I really like how they tweak the human sound samples, weird in a very acceptable way. I don't know how Akasha got to split later, but Quanta somehow lost that weird fun energy in the music. I felt it is a pity. Then it is impossible for anyone to have masterpiece after masterpiece. Maybe it is just the way it is. Hopefully someday someone can find some magic potion so that we can all learn to keep working together and keep it as fresh as ever....
  9. I just listened to Haua's two albums, it is very strange you can not even google it out. I can only click though psybient.org's link. Haua's music is surprisingly good, despite quite odd name. but russian like to be eccentric, especially those go to rainbow gathering... I am sure Haua is one of them, but his ( I assume one Mr.Haua.) interpretation of shiva shamboo is too slow, almost out of tune, maybe that is why his ohm winds album is only $9, but his first album is $14, quite expensive, for a first one, but I do agree his first album is much better. Anyway, that Kurai instrument is really nice to hear, I can almost hear somebody has to blow very hard, very palpable human touch, and the whole album is more mature and energetic. Maybe it is better to deal with subjects close to your own homeland. I think this album is as good as Airform - Flourishing Zone 2015 Mystic Sound Records, and a bit better than Translippers - Herbalism 2015 Microcosmos Records, sorry, Mr.Translippers. There is more dynamic in this album. Russia is full of new stars, do you think it is a very good thing? I hope psybient is not like ballet or gymnastics, it would be so much nicer if boys from other nations can catch up! thank you all! I certainly would love to see more girl psybient musicans, but I don't think it is a big deal for me now, working out a nice beat takes so much error and trials, I would prefer save that huge amount of time growing more useful plants, (or feeding some chickens if I can). And thank you for putting up with all the tedious work here, so the rest of us don't have to. PS: I constantly misspell Haua's name, i know it is a name worth national pride, but please don't make the rest of us too much trouble to be proper! Thanks as well!
  10. I always had this wish if I am going to do my own music, I would like to mix Tibetan music with psybient... but after trying a few beats, I am not sure I have the patience to make proper music, Ii am more good at picking the good music... Of all the pop music, my favorite is Tibetan music. Everyone of Tibetan singers has this amazing capacity to reach super high note without any trouble... it has this highness in many many meanings, high in real life, high in spirit, and high in musicality... I haven't heard any other music as happy and as positive as Tibetan music... and the melody is always so catchy, it really would be perfect match for psybient music! I know many psybient musicians add Hindi chanting samples, Hindi music is very meditative, but not as much danceable, and even better, Tibetan music dancing beat is almost the same as regular psybient tempo. Banco De Gaia's Apollo, Beat farmer's on a plain has a bit Tibetan sound sample, but not close to be enough. I love hindi music, but honestly, I can't listen too much of its pop music before I got that feeling of enough, but I just don't feel that of Tibetan music, it has the same additive-ness to me, just like good psybient music... high up with many twist and turns... here is one typical Tibetan circle dance music, don't you feel Tibetan language sounds very very musical? Isn't it a bit like suduaya's Salutation To The Planets?! Here is another very nice sample, it is actually a song for 14TH DALAI LAMA 80th Birthday, Mr.Dalai Lama is very lucky to have such a beautiful cool song for him, her voice and the music itself, is all very catchy and fresh. You see, I know there must be a lot of inspiring young psybient musician out there and I would be so thrilled if some of them can do this for me, and I am sure a lot of others would feel the same as well... Thank you so!
  11. I don't now if this is proper to say, but when I am in very very big doubt and I have no other way to seek answers, I seek help from enthogens. From my personal experience, I often than not have very good results. I would say plant shamans or plant doctors are very insightful. It could give you a good perspective why something has happened, and what is the future lying around. It would not always tell you what to do, because a lot of the times, the cure is not directly related to yourself, but about what you can do for something, somebody else, and if you can satisfy that request, that somebody, something would provide the cure for you. It is quite hard to understand in the first place, but considering we are all codependent, so it is reasonable the missing link is from somewhere you are not aware. For me personally, I only used a little hash before, one time it told me to perform a little topical surgery for myself, another time I got food poison, and it (actually it was ganja and the other plants all together) told me to find some flowers to take. That tree flowers actually are everywhere in Hong Kong but I believe it has mild poison itself, the smell isn't so good, but I was recovered right after. I just found out the name: Bauhinia purpurea, or Phanera purpurea. I wouldn't try the flower without being told at all! ( I didn't take any psy stuff for a long while now, it's not good todo in Hong Kong and the energy can be too powerful. Oh, I gave the flower tree a very big thank you later!) The following would sound even crazier, but nevertheless, it does not hurt to give it a try. From what I read, Mr.Makyo's problem has a lot to do with hearing, and I believe he is so concerned about his albums, and that unintentionally made his situation worse. You must have a relaxed mood, positive with your future to have things sorted out properly. Though It certainly would be very hard to do under the circumstance. That is why it is very important to have a good therapy session with the plant doctors. (I always recommend a fusion style, like Chinese traditional medicine), I never use hash ganja alone, but I would never mix with tobacco, I mix mostly with all sorts of fragrant dry flowers, a bit incense too, they are not psychedelic, but it smooths out the energy and compliment the medicinal power. And please, if Mr.Makyo can hear this, put his best music: Jasmine on. The whole setting is to facilitate the deep communication between the plant doctor and the patient. And once you can have a good confirmation of what will be and what you can do, that faith would enable you to recover in a proper mind-setting. Thank you! It is what I would do, and I would hope the hospital in Tokyo would be open mined to let Mr.Makyo try.
  12. Thank you, Gagarin, I am really very happy for your encouragement. It is a very nice feeling not being misunderstood! I hope I can do my little bit responsibility for psybient and psybient.org.
  13. I am leaving another comment again. I am afraid I am becoming a busy body myself. Well, I will rest very soon from psybient.org for a while. This one is like cosmicleaf collection. I am a bit honored to say something about cosmicleaf here. Cosmicleaf really is like a white swan story. It has been along Ultimae, Chillcode, Interchill, Ajana from the beginning, and Cosmicleaf is almost like the biggest star records in psychedelic ambient world in 2015, who could imagine this out back then?! The whole world would be in awe if Greece has more companies like cosmicleaf. Persoanlly, I think cosmisleaf staff needs a very good rest! Anyway, I really do like this compilation throughout, I don't want to sound so special or knowing so much, but I really think it is a very wise idea to combine cosmicleaf and plexus music. I used to skip Eguana's music, because his original style is too much like new age pianist. I think it must be in cosmicleaf he started to add beats to his music, and it just sounds so much more interesting! Somebody asks me about this one particular artist from cosmicleaf, unhappiness, it is quite an odd name in psybient. But in psytrance, you see much mind-blowing, deep in the black hole kind of names, I must cite this particular one, "thunder pants", I just couldn't help laughing, thunder pants grease in Dr.Evil's wicked olis. Oh, there is dark ambient terminology on the other hand. Sometimes I caught a glimpse of it and I wonder if these pople really enjoying the real thing. Here in Hong Kong wet market, you see a lot of butcher shops and they throw away a lot of stuff. Maybe the dark psy-ists and dark amibient-ists can help them to bring all that dead meat back to their home to worship! It would be another win-win case scenario!!! But then maybe they are just seeking for that shocking attention! I doubt they would ever think a tiny bit for that real grease, real dirt, real smell! Anyway, I didn't mean in such a sense for unhappiness, it is just the name makes me think of that sort of things. His music is quite OK, but are you really unhappy or you want people to be aware of unhappiness, a very contrary name sometimes distract people to really focus on what you intend them to be doing. Thank you! I rather hope everyone is happy, or at least trying! If you are like one of the particular smurf, oh, well, good luck to be yourself! Thank you again!!!
  14. I am very happy to make a proper comment here for one of my favorite soudcloud DJs... I downloaded a lot of DJ mixes in the library before. I really prefer these type of DJ mixes, mellow and with very nice rhythm throughout, I am not a big fan of psydub kind of exotic glitch style. It sounds too busy and too abrupt to me. Anyway, it is nice to write while listening to the very music. I knew Mikelabella and Mr.Johnny Blue, I have a lot of his collections, too. But Johnny Blue's DJ style usually is much faster, stronger, maybe it is uptempo for big boys. It is very interesting to hear Ambient Mann's interpretation of Mikelabella. Even if the cover is very dub reggae, the sound itself isn't so much so, maybe in the midsection. Oh, no, the end is very very psydub! If I had this DJ mix, I would just keep the opening section. I use MP3 cutter and Audacity to reedit my favorite part. I mean, it might not be so polite to the creation of the original Mr.(Ms.) DJ, but critical accepting is a better way for progress than blanket accepting, don't you think so? I knew a lot of people like psydub, and Kukan Dub Lagan has been psydubbing for longer than anyone I knew. But I really think psydub needs some new ideas, new directions. This is my choice of psydub, Dubtrak - Dark River Tribe (Lost In Time), the sound is just so much more interesting and engaging! A lot of psydubbing has only sounds, all sorts of strange sounds, but the music story itself is so basic and so predictable, I don't think there is much real psychedelic spirit, some people like that expression, stoned, maybe that is correct word for psydub. I hope people don't get too angry at me, but I am only speaking out for the psybient music! Well, psybient music is not just for my own taste, that does not mean I do not have a point, don't you agree?! I mean, I like music full of different sounds, like a clothes full of interesting details, but it must have a life to run though 5, 6, 7 minutes. A very poor life, even with tons of glittering glitches, it still is a very poor music life. That is my opinion! I am sorry I left such a controversial subject on Mr.Ambient Mann's DJ mix thread, I hope you enjoy the mix! As for my comment, I never ask for anyone's approval for my own opinion, you can just ignore it, or you might listen and make your own judgement later. Thank you!
  15. I am a bit late to comment on this album, I was doing some music research ( I went through all 2015 weekly poll topics) and I found translippers's youtube DJ clip. It was very funny. I have rarely seen any psybient DJ at work. I saw some pictures from soundcloud, but it is nothing special. I am not interested in that sort of pictures, one or two super-cool DJ standing high up on the stage and oceans of little figures by the afar. It is kinda silly to imagine yourself up there. You know, chairman Mao sort of image, except now it is backstage angle. Hopefully psybient does not need that kind of awesomeness! Anyway, you can check out the clip yourself, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_2ZcgMMBtY, nothing outstanding, the music was all right, comfortable, and there was this little bar (must be in St. Petersburg), like that adobe thing, and it felt very nice, warm and cozy.... i especially like the dancing girl, i like her smile and very relaxed move, "natural ambient!". It is much better to have a beautiful smile than a pretty face but no smile at all! I am very good at dancing as well! But Hong Kong is no Russia, music is just business, like everything else. Well, I heard some protests, maybe it is just me has no luck! I guess translippers is a lot more famous now than then,(the video was in 2014), I hope he still maintains that unassuming little pub kinda of style. I like translippers' music style, most Russian musicians are not into Hindi style. But his music, as quite a lot Russian musicians, they are strong at composing very intriguing melodies, but a bit light giving the music more layers and decorations... , good quality product, but packaging isn't so special, that is just my feeling though. To be honest, I believe psybient music will be very huge. There used to be a lot of rock stars growing out of their garage/street corner/basement, and sooner or later, though the dream scene would be the same, the title would be evolutionized into electronic music stars! And then we will miss psybient.org like some oldies miss their precious vinyl records.
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